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Stephen M.


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English-writing, grammar and Music-piano, voice, composition

Education has become my passion in life. I have spent the last 23 years on staff at Jackson College teaching music (including piano, voice and musical composition) and also conducting seminars on successful writing (including grammar and punctuation). In 2004, I founded the Jackson Studio of Music Arts and have since then taught hundreds of lessons to people from as young as four years of age all the way up to 75 years of age. I am comfortable with all ages, and I enjoy helping people learn ... [more]


As a lover of the English language, I enjoy helping people learn how to use correct grammar and punctuation. I have written three books and routinely write articles for my church.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

As a college educator, I use Microsoft PowerPoint almost everyday of the week. I am very knowledgeable about the program and enjoy using it on a regular basis.

Music Theory

As a musical composition major in college, I understand a great deal about music theory and how it applies to music writing and ear training.


As a published author, I know first-hand what the term, "writing" means. It is an art form that few people the take time to master. It involves editing and rough-drafting and then even more revising! It can be painstakingly slow, or it can sometimes come upon a person like flood gates opening. There are techniques that I can teach you to help you become a better writer instantly. Good writing is in your grasp. You can write better.


I am Certified in TESL- English reading, writing, listening and spelling. Completed practicum (60 hours) with Oxford Seminar at MSU on October 22, 2016. I have conducted several workshops on successful college writing at Jackson College.



Learning how to master spelling can be a glorious feeling for any student-young or old. I have written three books and I thoroughly understand the English language and its sometimes crazy rules for word spellings. But keep in mind, to be a better speller, takes patience and practice.

Ear Training

Being able to sing back what a student has heard is an absolute must for a developing musician. Ear Training, also known as Aural Skills, will help the student to better grasp the idea of singing in tune and being able to recognize the differences in pitches and chords simply by hearing them. The instructor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Composition from Spring Arbor University.

General Music

As a college music educator, Dr. M. has a firm grasp of the fundamentals of music. This class teaches the basics of music from how it is put together, overviews of each musical period, musical terms used in musical scores and discussions of several major composers including Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others. The lessons will be a combination of lecture and PowerPoint presentation.


This class teaches the proper way to play the piano. Beginners through advanced are welcome. Dr. M. has over thirty years of piano experience and 23 years of accompanying the award winning show troupe, The Starfleet Ambassadors at Jackson Community College. He enjoys greatly teaching others to be successful on the piano as well. Each student is expected to practice each day and make progress on a monthly basis. Lessons will include the following: Learning scales (Major keys, all three forms of the minor keys), proper technique, appropriate literature and at least two recitals per year which are required.

Voice (Music)

This class teaches the proper way to sing. Each student is expected to practice each day and make progress on a monthly basis. The following will be taught: correct breathing technique, correct diction, correct posture, correct tone production (includes jaw position, head position, chest position and laryngeal position), correct and realistic musical choices for vocal performance. The instructor has a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance form Spring Arbor University and taught vocal music at Jackson Community College for over twelve years. One of his vocal students won the Jackson County Rose Queen pageant and competed in the Miss Michigan pageant, ranking third overall. Another student of his won the Ms. Senior Michigan pageant and competed in the National Ms. Senior America, ranking in the top ten.