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I am a retired high school science teacher. I've taught all levels of high school science? in regular classes, summer school and night school. I also raised and coached my five children through Washoe County schools to graduation. I am a Nationally Board Certified Science Teacher with a minor in Special Education (Learning Disabilities). I tutored while in high school and college and over 5 years through Wyzant . I love working with people one-on-one to be sure they "get" it. I especially... [more]

Algebra 1

I teach using exercises from the student's own materials and word problems from high school level physical science materials. This way students see the real world connection.

American History

I love American history. I would love to share with student(s) my approach to learning American history from stories and physical puzzles.


I taught high school Biology. I am a nationally certified high school science teacher. I can help you understand the "foreign language" that is Biology. Whether you are taking high school, AP or college level biology, I can help you to fit it into real life so that it makes sense. I am a contributor to the WyzAnt Resources Biology section.


I am certified by the state of Nevada to teach high school chemistry and have tutored college and high school level and AP chemistry. I am a nationally certified science teacher with a BA and MS in geology. I taught high school science for 10 years and have tutored chemistry for five years. I am a contributor to the Wyzant Resources-Chemistry section.


Since science has so many foreign words, I have taught vocabulary as part of the curriculum. I have developed several tips and tricks which allow students to increase their vocabulary with ease. I would share these tips with students to allow them to increase their vocabulary and thereby their understanding of classes. I also help students with the vocabulary portions of tests like the ASVAB, GED, ACT and SAT.


I teach grammar along with writing by reading student material aloud so they can hear what they have written. I let them be their first editor. We do it on the computer because editing is so much easier (plus the word processing programs help identify issues). Then we look to see whether we agree with the computer. As a scientist, I show students that they need to learn to write journals, notes and technically for "real life." Once students start to hear different voices, the rules of grammar start to make sense.

European History

I love history. I teach history and try to make the "old dead guys" come alive by showing kids the connections to modern news. I have traveled to Europe and can tell firsthand stories about many places. I also have read historic novels and use those stories to help kids connect to history.


Geometry is one of my favorite math subjects. I love that it is concrete. It really helped me in my study of science. I am a retired high school science teacher (10 years with Washoe County). I helped my 5 kids through high school graduation. This is one of my most often requested subjects at WyzAnt.

Microsoft Word

Word is a word processing program. I have taught high school students to use this program as a way to present their work in a format we can both read. I have used and mastered Word and know many of its frills and short cuts. I can help students pass a class in Word or use it effectively in work or education. I have passed workshops through advanced Word.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I love Microsoft Powerpoint. I have successfully taught students to use Powerpoint to make stunning presentations. I can use the advanced aspects of Powerpoint and share my skills with others.


I have taught pre-algebra in high school. I teach using real world applications. I understand adult learners and those who learn differently. Don't be afraid of math/algebra! I am more than glad to teach at whatever pace is best for you.


I love to read. I love showing people how reading opens up the world to them. I have mastered classes in teaching reading in the content area of math and science, which is very different from reading fiction. I have been successful in teaching science concepts out of science fiction and fantasy. I have been successful at getting students who refused to read at the beginning of the semester to increase their reading level because of stories we read together.


I teach writing as a way to verify understanding and comprehension of reading. I first teach sentence structure. Then I teach the 5 sentence paragraph: Topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and conclusion. This formula is then the foundation of a one page paper and so on. I found this to work for all age levels, especially short answer and journal entries for my science students while teaching high school for over ten years.


"Space the last frontier" with Kathie Z. as your guide learn about our solar system and beyond. Follow fascinating scientists like Steven Hawking to science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury to decide what we can learn from NASA's mistakes. Plus you will pass your Astronomy tests :)


Geography is connected to geology, in which I have a BA and MS. It is also connected to history/social studies, which I love. The skills needed for success are concrete and fun to teach.


I tutor English by using the content of other subject areas. I help students understand vocabulary from their math and science classes. By discussing their assignments, students improve their oral and written language use.


I taught ESL students in regular education science classes. I trained in SIOP to enhance the content area learning of 2nd language learners. I have personal experience of studying other languages.


Students love studying psychology because it is one way to help us understand ourselves and our relationships to others. I am skilled at helping students to understand complex concepts.


Learning about the human body is fun and personally meaningful for your health. Let me help you learn and remember how our bodies work.


I have studied human physiology and biology. I have good skills in helping students to understand complex concepts and present the concepts in the student's preferred learning style.

SAT Math

I have my SAT students study from the guide books. The SAT tests logical thinking and basic through higher level math skills.

World History

World History is the story of people. I love helping students understand the world around us based on the stories of the past. I have traveled internationally and enjoy explaining world history in terms of culture and travel.


I am confident in coaching all subjects of the GED since I am a nationally board certified science teacher. I successfully raised 5 kids who graduated high school. I can coach students in test taking tips after teaching high school for 10 years. I am confident that I can coach you for the new computerized version of the GED. Please see my references from GED students. I also understand the other high school equivalency exams like the HISET.

SAT Reading

Reading in the content areas of science and social studies is critical to success on the SAT. Reading is also a key building block to writing well. I have lots of techniques to help students do well on the SAT reading test.

Physical Science

I taught high school Physical Science for 10 years, preparing students to pass the science proficiency exam. I am a nationally board certified science teacher. I teach using a variety of methods. My favorite way is the one that helps the student learn. I try to link student interest to the material to be mastered so that the student not only passes the test and class but develops a love of science in their life. I am passionate about sharing science.


I am a geologist with both a bachelor's and master's in geology. I worked in the mining and environmental fields as well as taught high school physical sciences for 10 years. I am a nationally certified Earth & Space Science teacher. I have taught geology at the college level. I love working with students to help them understand the concepts of earth science, specifically geology. As much as possible I used real world examples to make the concepts concrete.


The ASVAB is a test of general knowledge. It requires good test taking skills. I am a good test taker and good at communicating skills to others. I enjoy sharing these skills with others. I have strategies to reduce test anxiety.


I taught Ecology to high school students. I attended several outdoor education courses which I incorporate into my lessons. My examples are from real world situations. I love working with people to help them understand the environment and specifically Ecology from their own perspective.


The PSAT is a gateway test which gives students a preliminary look at the SAT. It is also a pre-qualification for the National Merit scholarship which can provide money for any college in the country. It is NOT a test to cram for. I use the SAT guidebooks and share test taking tips to reduce anxiety on test day.

ACT Reading

Vocabulary and reading in context are key to passing the ACT reading test. I have several techniques for helping students to do well on the ACT reading test. I teach test taking strategies which reduces test anxiety.

ACT Math

The ACT math tests logical thinking and basic high school math skills. I have my students use the practice manual and review typical problems. I help kids overcome test anxiety so they are prepared.

ACT Science

I have a BA and MS in science. I taught high school science for over 10 years and have successfully tutored high school and college level science for an additional five years. I have test taking strategies which help reduce test anxiety for the ACT.

Elementary Math

I have taught math at the high school level and understand how to present the building blocks to help elementary students build math fundamentals. I use a variety of teaching methods to enable students to get from wherever they are to where they need to be for success.

Elementary Science

I am a scientist and am passionate about sharing science. I use a variety of teaching methods. I am not as crazy as Bill Nye nor do I have a magic school bus, but I try to make it as much fun as Ms. Frizzle. I am a nationally board certified science teacher and taught high school science for 10 years. I love getting kids excited about science.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a retired science teacher and a National Board certified Earth and Space sciences teacher. I taught public school for over 10 years and understand the Common Core standards. I want kids to enjoy learning and to know they are smart in many ways. I am confident that I can assess students at the elementary level and help them master the skills needed for success in school because I raised 5 kids and have been tutoring for 5 years since I retired. I have worked successfully with kids in every grade level k-6. I can also help kids find their strengths and learn coping strategies. I love working with kids one to one.


I have taught my sons to read using "Hooked on Phonics". When teaching science, I used phonics to teach the "foreign" terms to my high school science students. I was certified to teach ESL students in a "SIOP" which is an inclusion program within my subject of science.

Study Skills

I taught Study Skills in a class setting and as part of a science class. I use those tools to teach students to become more organized in their studies. Included in study skills for core classes, I teach test taking skills and ways to counter test anxiety.

Special Needs

I taught high school Special Education classes (math and science). I took several classes toward Special Education certification. I understand how to write goals for special needs students and how to develop specialized curricula designed for how special needs students learn. I feel confident in my ability to tutor students who learn differently.


I have taken classes and taught students with ADD/ADHD. I was the chapter president for the local parent support group. I would be sure to teach such a student 1-1 and take lots of breaks so that they have the opportunity to stay on task & focused. I raised 3 sons and now 2 grandsons with ADHD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have taken classes in autism and taught high school students with high functioning autism. I have also taught archery to autistic students. I am a retired high school science teacher. I taught high school Special Ed. and took several classes toward SpEd certification. I have raised and taught many children with a variety of special learning abilities including autism.

Hard of Hearing

I worked with hearing impaired students at the high school level. Recently, I discovered that I have moderate hearing loss and now use hearing aids. I have new empathy for persons with similar issues and can share my personal strategies. I taught high school Special Ed. and took several classes toward SpEd certification. I developed strategies that allowed them to be successful. I feel confident that I can tutor hearing impaired persons.

Social Studies

I love history and am certified to teach American and European History as well as geography. I am a nationally board certified high school teacher. I taught for 10 years before retiring. I feel competent to teach social studies to others in a tutoring session.


I co-taught biology with the high school nutrition teacher in a cross curricular program. I have taken nutrition and health classes from my pediatrician, at the fitness center and from the hospital. I have tutored health and nutrition at both the high school and college levels.


I have taken knitting and needlework classes. I have taught my daughters to knit & sew. I am a creative person and can teach others.

Microsoft Publisher

I have mastered Microsoft Publisher and taught high school students to use it as a way to present their work. I am competent to tutor others. I taught high school science for 10 years. I used Publisher to develop handouts for parents and students. I took and passed a workshop on Microsoft Publisher.

Common Core

I taught WCSD High School science (physical and biological) for over ten years. I was ranked highly qualified and earned my National Board Certification in science. Since retiring, I have been tutoring K-12 plus college level science and have learned the Common Core standards for each grade and subject. I have coached kids enabling them to pass their end of course exams.