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Creative writing, prose writing, Latin and French - Let's learn!

It took me twenty years to finally figure out that what I really wanted to be when I grew up was a teacher. And here I finally am -- the University of Phoenix has conferred my Master of Art in Education degree, and I couldn't be prouder, of me for earning it and of my family and friends for supporting me for so long. My bachelor's degree is in Latin, I have a more-than-working fluency in French, and I'm a published writer (short stories), and an aspiring novelist and screenwriter. I'm exci... [more]




I've loved French since middle school, namely for three decades now. It's the subject I've always found myself returning to in order to fill my semester requirements or to give me an intellectual challenge. I think I enjoy French so much because I love Latin so much, and French is nothing more than Latin with a face lift. I've studied French grammar, phonetics, literature, writing, reading, and the culture and history of the francophone world. There are few things I enjoy more than bantering about the weather or about a current event in French with a fellow francophile.

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Latin in one of my real intellectual loves in life. I consider a giant jigsaw puzzle that's a lot of fun to piece together. There are few better feelings than finally, after hours of struggling, successfully translating some lines of Latin into good, solid, even elegant English. I've taken many classes in Latin language and literature, including plays, poetry, and mythology. I've studied the morphology of Latin at length and feel strong in my knowledge and command of the language's grammar and syntax. Few things bring me more pleasure than sharing my love of Latin with someone else.



I consider writing my one, true, innate talent -- it is what I was put on this Earth to do, and do well. I enjoy engaging in all forms of writing (creative, prose, epistolary, extemporaneous), but creative writing (short stories, novels, and screenplays) are my real love. To date, I've been published over twenty-five times with my short stories, and I'm actively at work on novels and some screenplays that are shaping up to have some real commercial promise. Beyond the commercial, though, the potential of making a decent living at my craft, I write because I have to, I wake up each morning and I have the first idea for that day just as importantly and just as automatically as I have the first conscious breath. Sure, writing's hard and solitary and, most of the time, unrewarding, but there's an excitement and a joy at having created characters and situations and a whole world for them to inhabit and change that just doesn't compare to much of anything else.


I've always considered myself well-read. I've read some of the classics, to be sure (The Sun Also Rises, Captains Courageous, The Count of Monte Cristo, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tuck Everlasting), but my tastes also run to the new and exciting and off-beat. Classic, pulp, or offbeat, though, what I do do is, I read voraciously. I'm like Alex Trebek: "What's your favorite book, Kerry?" My reply: "The three or four I'm currently reading." Not only has such a lifetime of ravenous reading given me a true command of English, but it's the only reason I'm any sort of writer -- I truly believe you cannot write if you do not read.




I am a lifelong reader and a published writer. I am also a lover and scholar of the Latin and French languages. All of this experience has left me with a strong command of English grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. I bring this command to bear in all my copyediting/proofreading assignments.

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I have been pursuing higher education for a long time, during which time I have learned and honed many study skills. I have discovered that study skills include your physical environment (your desk and environs), your digital environment (how you organize your computer, your data, and your presence on the Internet), your time management, and your dealings with and responsibility to your loved ones and friends, who must understand the blood-sweat-and-tears undertaking - to say nothing of the effort, time, and money - to which you have committed yourself. Success will diminish with a degradation in any of these four areas. I have discovered all this to be especially true now that I have undertaken my doctoral studies, simply because the level of reading and writing have left me with all the more constraints on my time to meet my obligations, to say nothing of simply having a few minutes to catch my breath.

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I have created a number of sophisticated databases in Access over the years, which I continue to use to this day. I am versed in tables, queries, and forms. Whenever I need to use a mail merge, I use Access to create my data file for that task, so I am acquainted in using Access in conjunction with the other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite.