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Experienced Science Tutor

I am an experienced biology professor with more than twenty-two years of teaching and research experience. I have a MS and PhD in Microbiology, a Masters in Public Health and a graduate certificate in Advanced Bioethics. I also have experience helping students with test preparation and improving test taking skills. I enjoy teaching biology and preparing instructional materials for biology. Many of the instructional materials help break down concepts, making it easier for students at different... [more]


I teach biology at both undergraduate and graduate levels at Cleveland State University. I have over twenty-two years experience in teaching and curriculum design. I also have experience preparing instructional materials that facilitate learning. I can help you understand different areas of biology (cell structure, cell chemistry, function of DNA and RNA, cell biology, gene expression, genetic engineering, human organ function and organ systems etc.). I can explain both theoretical and experimental concepts, help you with comprehension and also help you with effective test preparation.


I enjoy working with students to improve their reading and writing skills at all levels (elementary school to college). I teach students how to read research protocols, scientific articles, textbooks and other general texts. I also work with students on correct pronunciations of scientific words. I currently teach college students at Cleveland State University in areas that require extensive reading and frequent presentations. I encourage students to practice focused reading as a way to increase reading comprehension. I also work with students on grammar and vocabulary to enhance reading comprehension. Let me work with you on your reading.


I can work with students in different areas of language arts to improve reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and composition. In addition to using focused reading to help improve reading comprehension, parts of speech and proper use of vocabulary will be explained. With these strategies, students can identify story lines, characters, story context, type of narrative, learn to draw conclusions and answer questions related to passages read from various sources. These strategies will also help students become proficient at writing essays and research reports.


I enjoy helping students who speak English as a second language, prepare for podium and poster presentations. I like to use a natural approach when working with students. Words are sounded out and enunciated in English, to distinguish words with similar sounds. I encourage students to pay attention to speech and word inflections when speaking, as they become fluent. As a research scientist training students in research, emphasis is placed on communicating scientific terms and concepts clearly, both orally and in writing. I employ phonetic sounds and spellings to help with pronunciation. I encourage repetition of word sounds before students practice delivery of their presentations and also before the written draft is completed. I also use examples of "everyday" words for illustration. Correct grammar is reviewed as students practice their presentations. I have helped students prepare for presentations delivered at national scientific meetings and conferences. I will be glad to work with potential students using similar techniques to improve both formal and informal communication.


I teach biochemistry at Cleveland State University. I can work with students in the areas of protein structure, lipid &carbohydrate metabolism, enzymes, nucleic acid synthesis, gene expression, recombinant DNA and biotechnology. I have have over twenty-four years experience as a research scientist, working in the areas of immunology, cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. I have published over 30 scientific research articles and have prepared and received federal research grants.

SAT Reading

As part of my research in biology at Cleveland State University, I write and review research articles on a regular basis. I also work with students at different levels to improve their reading skills by reviewing grammar, sentence & paragraph structures, vocabulary and organization of text content. These elements of reading enhance reading comprehension and help with analysis of passages. I can help you prepare for the reading portion of the SAT test.

SAT Writing

I enjoy reading and writing. I also enjoy teaching students how to write in different styles. I teach an undergraduate seminar course in biology at Cleveland State University that involves teaching students how to read and write effectively. I taught an undergraduate course (Writing in Biology) on writing this past summer. I enjoy teaching students how to write essays, term papers, critiques, laboratory reports, proposals, resumes, job applications and cover letters. I write and review research articles on a regular basis. Let me help you with your writing. Your writing will improve and you will be well prepared for the SAT writing assessment.


I have a background in microbiology and currently teach microbiology at the college level. I can help students understand microbial (prokaryotic and eukaryotic) taxonomy, morphology, metabolism and genetics. I can also help students learn about viruses and parasites. An important component of microbiology concerns the knowledge of cultivation techniques, gene expression, microbial biotechnology, microbe-host interactions and host defense against infectious diseases. I enjoy teaching microbiology and would like to help students understand these important concepts. I can also help students prepare effectively for tests.

ACT Reading

I can help you improve your reading and writing skills for the ACT reading assessment. I enjoy reading and writing. I also enjoy teaching students of all levels how to read and write effectively. I teach students how to analyze passages in books & articles and also how to write clearly. When I work with students, I emphasize the correct use and understanding of grammar and vocabulary as a way to enhance reading comprehension. Let me help you with your ACT reading test preparation.

ACT English

My area of teaching is in the sciences. However, I love seeing students gain confidence in their use of correct grammar and vocabulary in their writing and speech. I enjoy teaching students how to write effectively. I teach an undergraduate seminar course in biology that emphasizes good writing skills. Students write papers and prepare PowerPoint presentations on topics in biology. In other courses, I work with students on poster presentations. I will work with you on grammar, sentence basics, parts of speech, vocabulary, paragraph structure, punctuation and reading comprehension. I will be glad to enhance your understanding of English. I can help you prepare for the ACT English assessment.

ACT Science

I teach different areas of biology at Cleveland State University. I am also a research scientist. I teach students how to analyze passages from research articles and textbooks. I also teach students how to interpret data (e.g. tables & graphs) and also how to comprehend scientific content in articles and reviews. I can help you with ACT science preparation.

Elementary Science


In the elementary grades, understanding phonics (the sounding out of words) is crucial for the development of reading and writing proficiency. The sounding out of words is not the only skill gained from phonics, since children need to recognize and associate the sounds with word patterns, families and endings. Proficiency in spelling is also dependent on such associations. I am a biology professor and research scientist, with a passion for reading and writing. I worked with my children on phonics and also volunteered in their elementary school, working with other children in the second to fourth grade. I volunteered and helped the children with reading, spelling and phonics. I will help students understand the relationship between the alphabet and sounds. In particular, I will teach the sounds of the consonants and vowels individually and in diphthongs and digraphs for consonants and vowels. I will use flash cards, games, books and short writing activities to help students recognize words and their sounds. I will also have students identify written blends in individual words, word families, word endings (including phonic word endings), and spelling patterns.

Study Skills

Efficient time management and consistent attention to prioritizing "study to-do-lists", leads to efficient use of time in a student's busy schedule. I enjoy working with students at all levels (elementary school to college), to get more organized. I work with both undergraduate and graduate students helping them with time management and effective strategies to help with test preparation. I have also helped elementary school and high school students organize study materials and prioritize homework completion. I assisted in my daughter's elementary school helping her teacher work with students to effectively complete reading and writing assignments and showing them how to use these skills at home. I currently help students in my courses plan and prepare for class lectures, so that they can listen effectively and make the best use of class time. I also currently work with students to become efficient at taking notes, preparing flash cards, keeping pace with the amount of work assigned and rewriting notes. Most importantly, I can help students learn how to prepare for exams, prepare for and give presentations and how to initiate and complete projects. I will be glad to help students learn these skills.