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Everything Math, Science and Chinese

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives." ~Clay P. Bedford I earned a Ph.D. doing Genetics research at the University of Utah. Knowledge is always fascinating to me: a concept is not just a concept, it has an infinite number of aspects to be understood and appreciated. Any simple idea, be it Math, Physics, Biology or Chinese, is interconnected with all other ideas through ... [more]

Algebra 1

Most people are visual thinkers. My approach to Algebra is very visual. I use size, shape, and symmetry to represent math equations and problems. Once the problem is fully understood, the answer becomes straightforward. The logic behind math is simple and mathematics language is beautiful. It is fun to discover the deeper meanings of this subject.

Algebra 2



Calculus is elegant. It offers a unique perspective to simplify complex problems. I have tutored Calculus up to some topics in Cal III. Associating geometry and physics meanings to mathematical operations helps students visualizing what they are doing and how amazingly simple the system can be. It is a great tool for Physics and Computational Sciences.


Chemistry is no mystery. Once the student understands the logic behind the math, all the operations to balance an equation or calculate stoichiometry become reasonable and require no memorization. The same goes for many other topics of Chemistry. This subject can be so much fun. If you are struggling, let me show you how you don't have to.


General Computer


Microsoft Word


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Human body is a fascinating 'machine'. The principles of Physics and Chemistry rule the machine yet the internal regulation does wonders the ordinary machines can't even dream of, even if they could dream. The key to mastering this complex system is to figure out what is the major force at any certain situation. I can help you simplify the system so that it makes sense. I had an offer to teach Human Physiology to Pre Nursing students at Westminster college. Eventually I had to turn it down because of personal reasons. It would be fun to be able to really teach it.

SAT Math


Adobe Photoshop




SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science

Classical Physics is pure logic. Once the problem is properly dissected into constants and variables, the answer usually is quite straightforward. Yet the skill to dissect a problem seems elusive. I teach classical Physics by doing thought experiments, sometimes real ones when they are not too explosive. Bringing everyday phenomena into lessons help students to make connections and understand better. Naturally, better understanding translates into better problem solving techniques.





ACT Math

ACT math is NOT tricky. It tests basic math knowledge and its applications. I have helped students improve their scores at ACT math by analyzing their errors. Being aware of their weaknesses is the first major step towards better scores. Once the students notice their own patterns, they can avoid making the same mistakes in the future and perform much better at the test.

ACT Science

ACT Science tests only very limited scientific knowledge. Once those are in place, the test is essentially reading skill test. Students need to be able to find information in tables, graphs, and paragraphs first. After that, students are required to analyze the logic behind the phenomena. The more difficult questions are inferring from the knowledge and make predictions. Correct thought processes can cut down time and improve accuracy for all of those problems. It is important to learn and practice them ahead of the test date.

Elementary Math

Working with elementary Math is fun. It is very rewarding to see the students discover mathematical logic themselves and apply those math concepts in real life. Those concepts, in turn, lay a solid foundation for a successful life in the future.

Elementary Science


I am a Chinese from mainland China, left the country in my 20s. I am very good at reading, writing and conversational Chinese. These skills are hard to lose. Also I am teaching my son and husband Chinese at home. Being able to explain and make sense those Chinese characters and expressions helps me to teach. The most effective way of teaching is when the material makes sense. I am great with children and they like me a lot. This helps in a tutoring situation as well.


I earned a Ph.D. doing Genetics research at the U. Genetics is a test on how well a student can reason based on a set of criteria. It usually starts with very simple rules, with the advancement of learning, more complex rules are introduced. The simple rules are the key to Genetics, the complex rules can be explained as variations of the simple ones. In a nutshell, Genetics is very elegant. I love the subject and know it better than the back of my hands. Let me show you how everything fits perfectly in Genetics as a completed Sudoku puzzle.


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