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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein Robert Louis Stevenson said, "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." SAT/ACT/PSAT/GRE/GMAT/Praxis/SSAT/LSAT/GED/MCAT/ASVAB/ESL/ESOL/TOEFL/TEAS/HSA *Proven track record boosting test scores and class/course grades. *I strive to master best practices for individual student achievement! Hello! I welcome the opportunity to guide, mentor, tutor stu... [more]

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My services include review and evaluation of patents and intellectual property, especially as this applies to business strategies for market position, business valuation, and protection of processes and inventions. I also studied property law, constitutional law, torts, civil procedure, contracts, and legal methods and reasoning. While not a practicing attorney, I consult regularly with a variety of government agencies, businesses (including start-up ventures), and individuals requiring assistance in these matters.


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Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is used to qualify you for military service, and for military specialties and programs. It covers general science, mathematics, knowledge of words, paragraph comprehension, electronics, automotive and shop, mechanical comprehension, and assembling objects. My review course is designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to help you improve your abilities in any areas needed, to equip you to perform at your highest level of achievement. I cover test-taking techniques, problem solving methodologies, and best practices for success. We do lots of practice problems so you become completely familiar with the test format, putting you at ease on test day. We begin with some diagnostic exercises to assess your areas of strength. Then we discuss and practice ways to improve your performance on each section of the test. I combine subject matter discussions with practice questions and immediate feedback to maximize the efficiency of the learning process. Then I administer previous tests to allow us to identify which areas require fine tuning, and we review that material in more detail. Finally, you're ready to ACE the test!





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Elementary (K-6th)

I enjoy the opportunity to tutor at the K-6th grade levels and to create an excitement and interest in math, science as well as reading and writing. I am test-certified in elementary math, science, reading, spelling, and vocabulary; and I also tutor study skills, organization, and planning for K-6th grade students. Much of my experience with K-6th was in teaching music theory and performance skills. This was extended to teaching students with attention disorders, allowing them to focus on the achievement of musical competency.

General Music

I've been tutoring music for years. This included private piano lessons, music production of demo tapes for college applications, songwriting, and music theory training. After completing the courses for a BA in music, and in between other graduate studies, I studied jazz composition at the University of Delaware. During that time I toured with an organ combo, performing six nights per week, all over the country. I also performed in a wide variety of venues in 17 countries. I broadened my musical experiences by writing orchestrations for a Boston-based theater group. One of our productions was performed off-Broadway in New York as well. I consulted for Time Warner and assisted in their first offerings of MIDI sequences on the internet. I then completed a recording technology program and operated a home studio based on orchestral sampling, MIDI sequences, and performance-oriented arranging of jazz and popular music. My diversity of musical experience lends itself quite nicely in my music teaching and tutoring endeavors. It led to my developing, for liberal arts curricula, a course addressing the "physics of music". So I welcome the opportunity to assist musicians at all levels in their creative endeavors.


I performed professionally on the piano and organ for 32 years in a variety of combos, bands, and as a solo performer. I also taught piano lessons in a studio for several years.

Study Skills

I can assist students with study skills, class preparation, note taking, review and reinforcement, organization, and cognitive processes. I studied emotional intelligence quotients and developed innovative teaching methods which I applied to special needs students and their learning to play keyboard instruments. I also studied neuroscience and the development of cognitive processes, long-term potentiation, and the biochemistry of memory.


I completed a graduate business degree in the 1980s at Johns Hopkins University. More than a decade later I was asked to write the curriculum for an MBA program forming at a private liberal arts college, and I served for several years as the director of that program. This academic business experience served me well in both industrial and government roles, as I applied a variety of business skills in the workplace. I taught business courses for years at the graduate university level. During that time I consulted for various business entities, writing business plans, assisting in venture capital presentations, and serving on five start-up ventures. My diverse business experience lends itself nicely in the teaching and tutoring of business subjects.


I developed a comprehensive tutoring package for the MCAT, having recently tutored a student in his MCAT preparation. Having studied the pre-medical curriculum some time ago, I also took the similar dental admissions test (DAT) and scored quite well. I am familiar with all the study guides available; and my approach is to augment those guides with lots of insights of my own, as part of helping the MCAT student achieve their very best score possible. I have extensive background and degrees in physics, biochemistry, coursework in general chemistry and biochemistry, and experience in applying this material to a successful MCAT performance.

Career Development

I assist students from high school through college graduate levels in resume and CV preparation, writing cover letters, interviewing skills, and career counseling. I also assist in identification of graduate degree programs most suitable for individual goals and career aspirations. As a life mentor/coach I find that "another set of eyes" on the process proves quite beneficial for personal goal setting and career planning. I also advise student athletes preparing to participate in NCAA-governed sports in college.

College Counseling

As a former director of an MBA program, I counseled lots of students applying for graduate school. Recently I've also been tutoring through WyzAnt, helping students prepare college application essays, resumes and CVs, and identifying the right schools for their interests. I would very much like to do more of this type of tutoring, as those processes are very important to a student's future.


Several of my prior professional positions were in business development and marketing. As part of my graduate business degree I studied marketing management methodologies. I successfully applied these techniques in the operation of a defense contracting firm which I ran for several years, and in running several venture capital-based start-up companies. I also owned a marketing communications company and taught marketing management in an MBA program for a few years.


Tutoring for the Praxis exams is the perfect opportunity for me to apply my multidisciplinary background to the reading, writing and mathematics skills training and Praxis test preparation requirements. I provide subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that you need for beginning teaching. I assist in identification of individual goals and matching teaching requirements for the state of MD. We begin by assessing specific exam content, test taking strategies, and problem solving methodologies, tailored to the individual's needs and required focus. Practice test questions are administered as the basis for further refinement of your specific needs. I've demonstrated significant success in tutoring for test preparation as well as improvement in scores needed for success. My one-on-one teaching and focus on individual success is based on many years of teaching experience, coupled with a firm commitment to my students' success.


My content-specific tutoring skills include the TEAS test. My broad range of subject matter on which I tutor is substantiated by my multidisciplinary education, subject certifications, and student testimonial. Since the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) covers reading, math, science, English, and language usage- and since I have tutored in each of these areas- I am fully qualified and eager to help you with this exam. I provide study materials, test taking strategies, practice questions, and assessments of your progress in the preparation process. Proper preparation will ensure your ongoing success in the pursuit of a career in nursing. I look forward to assisting you in this regard! As you know by the time you face this test, there are four subject areas: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. My instructional tutoring includes practice problems to familiarize you with both the material and the format for the questions you will see on the test. I suggest individualized strategies for test taking success, pacing your work, and selecting the right answers. This is developed as I observe your problem solving and deductive skills. My extensive background in test prep is very helpful for the TEAS challenge. I have the following degrees: PhD Electrical Engineering, MS Biotechnology- Biochemistry, MS Electrical Engineering, MAS Business and Finance, BA Physics and Music.

Electrical Engineering

After completing a physics degree I attended graduate school to obtain both the MS and PhD in electrical engineering. My emphasis evolved from solid state physics, to integrated optics and magnetics, and finally to semiconductor devices and materials. My initial research involved ion implantation of semiconductors. I then focused on magnetic memory devices and optical computing. I published two books describing the diversity of applied optics in the field of electrical engineering. I am qualified to teach a wide variety of electrical engineering disciplines. In fact, my tutoring and teaching experience includes 19 different courses in the field of electrical engineering.