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Hello to you all, I am looking forward to working with you and assure you that I have many things to my credit that will make me your favorite teacher ever. I am an elementary school teacher with a BA in Liberal arts and a Clear Credential in K-6th grade. I believe I can help you individualizing a plan just for you. I especially love teaching phonics, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, reading, writing, math, and arts. I do many project based designs in education as I believe you should be ... [more]


Vocabulary is my forte. I always encourage students to have a dictionary handy at all times to look words up. It is my favorite challenge to students to engage in hourly word researching to build Language skills and enhance reading and writing skills. I have taught Language Learners as well and my students always learn to appreciate my challenges. I use language development in writing as vocabulary editing is often necessary and gives them another chance to look words up in the dictionary. My students construct their own dictionaries as our time together develops.


I have taught grammar at many different grade levels. I have taken special course work for teaching grammar at Redlands University in a "Reading First Program" and passed my TEP's for Reading and Grammar. I have also taken several units with Houghton Mifflin Programs for teachers specializing in grammar development for elementary school students.


I am certified as a reading first teacher. I also have taught 2nd-5th grade reading and have fantastic test and assessment scores to prove the successes of my students.


I have been trained and certified in Step-up-to-Writing program development and Houghton Mifflin's Story development programs. I teach everything from sentence syntax, to topic sentence development, to supporting details or opinions, and plot development. I like to teach by example so we do it together one step at a time. When we write, it is always for project based amateur publishing so the students gain a sense of pride in their writing works. I also teach imagery and illustration for story writing to enhance creativity and story sequencing.


I maintain that I have a current and valid CA. Clear Credential for Elementary K-6. I also have 6 years' experience as an elementary school teacher. I have in fact taught this subject and all other subjects to many different grades for 6 years. Please qualify me to tutor these subjects. I would gladly show you a copy of my teaching credential. Thank you for your consideration.


At CSUSB I completed 28 units in psychology and child development. I have a passion for psychology as I was going to major in it, but went with Liberal Studies and a teaching credential instead. Psychology and child development are of special interest to me as many students have to learn about their own developmental progress, learning theories and styles, and how to set goals and achieve success.


I have written several stories and have a few published works. I love to read literature and have taught literature in all grades K-12. I often incorporate drama, storytelling, and read out loud strategies to help with comprehension in literature development.


Spelling starts as phonics lessons. Many students don't get the proper introduction to phonics and the rules that govern spelling. I love to teach spelling and vocabulary and I am familiar with many different techniques for the acquisition of spelling basics. I also ran the Spelling B at the Charter school where I taught, and it was a great experience for all who participated.

Elementary Math

I am a certified, credentialed teacher K-6 and have 6 years of teaching experience teaching all grade levels. I have taught elementary math at k-5th grade levels for at least 5 years. I know the state standards and can write objectives for each individual student and assess their progress and success in math. I also teach math basics in a very hands on and project based way so students are not just learning the basics, but able to see where they apply to everyday uses.

Elementary Science

Being a certificated K-6 teacher, I have enjoyed teaching science in every classroom I have ever taught. I know the State Standards and can write objectives and assessments using experiments and projects to enhance a student's understanding of science. Science is fun and should be a hands on experience. I love creating projects for students to test and theorize about, to enlighten them on new scientific possibilities. Also, science fairs are annual events and highly supported by me as a creative way to get students to enjoy science.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a California Clear Credential K-6, a reading first certificate, and 6 years of experience as a teacher.


I have a current and valid K-6 CA. Clear Credential. I have passed all the tests mandatory for all subjects and all grades K-6. Phonics is an integral part of elementary teachers credentialing. I also have 6 years of experience as a teacher teaching phonics.

Study Skills

As a credential K-6 teacher with 6 years' experience, I have taught study skills to several different grades. I have also taught study skills as a part of STAR testing and State Standards practices.

Hard of Hearing

As a teaching requirement I took 2years of a cultural language to qualify for my credential. I chose ASL as my language of choice. On my transcripts at CSUSB it will show all credits passed for this. Transcripts are available if requested.


I have taken and passed Sociology requirements for my BA and have quite a few extra units of Social Studies from Redlands Univ. where I continued my credential units. I passed Sociology with an A. I have done my own studies on social environments and how students learn together.

Social Studies

I maintain that I have a current and valid CA. Clear Credential for Elementary K-6. I also have 6 years experience as an elementary school teacher. I have taken and passed Social Studies requirements for my BA and have quite a few extra units of Social Studies from Redlands Univ. where I continued my credential units. I passed Social Studies with an A and have taught this subject at 3rd, 4th , and 5th grade levels. I have done my own studies on social environments and how students learn together. I also hold a certificate for "Capturing Kid's Hearts" which is a program for kids that develops good social behaviors and practices. I also have taken C.L.A.D. training classes to help develop good social interactions with other student's and study habits.


As a requirement for my teaching credential I had to pass the nutrition section of child Development. I did pass this requirement, and have taught nutrition as a State Standard for 4th and 5th grade for 6 years.

Art Theory

I have taken art theory and color theory as a part of my AA program in art school, and passed with A's. Upon request I can show transcripts to that effect.