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Experienced Multilingual Business and Academic Tutor

I hold a BA degree in Modern and Classical Languages, having focused on French, Spanish, and Old English and a Minor in Journalism and Communications. I also held a double-major for three years in Astrophysics (Astronomy) and French, meaning I use both sides of the brain easily and foster critical and creative thinking in my learners. I have a strong math background. I have lived, studied and worked three years in French Canada. While there I studied sociology, communications, theology, r... [more]

American History



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is but one of several software data analyzers that I have used over several years working in the IT field to build, audit, and manage databases. My knowledge of this software is somewhat extensive and diverse, although not exhaustive. Given my strong university math background, I have learned to use Excel in many diverse ways to help with real-world application in my own varied career. I am happy to help others learn this software to make their life and business simpler by seeing data in a whole new way!


B.A. Degree in French and Journalism & Communications; Foreign Exchange Student to l'Universit? Laval, Qu?bec, CAD; Foreign Student at l'Universit? de St.Paul, Ottawa, ON; French Interpreter Guide - Beyond the Destination; French Interpreter as needed; Professional Tutor through a self-owned tutoring service; Tri-Lingual Technical Agent - IBM Network Printer Division; 25 years fluency: Written, Spoken, Reading, multiple dialects.


Geometry was always my favorite math in high school, and I always got straight A's in that subject. It came in real handy in college as I advanced in deeper levels of spacial mathematics in the study of astrophysics. Literally, when you understand the principles of geometry, reading and understanding the Cosmos and spacial reality becomes much more clear. Geometry is to sight what words are to concepts. Knowing the real-world application of geometry always helps the student to move beyond memorized theories or equations and allows him/her to see their surroundings in a whole new dimension. Let me help you SHAPE your understanding of the world.

Microsoft Word

Given my father was a programmer and computer technician, I started dabbling in (literally inside) computers in the late 1970s and learned to build them, fix them, upgrade them, troubleshoot them and then naturally transitioned into software technical usage and application. For the past 25 years I have offered my Consulting Services as a PC & IT Technician on the side. I started using word editors (before they became known as word processors) in 1984 on one of the first ever hp laptops. I have since learned about 5 word processors: MSWord, MSWorks, Wordperfect, Write, and Lotus Notes 123. I have used MSWord from the late 1980s and my skills have grown and kept pace with every version. I have used word for complex data merging, building search engines, creating complex graphic layouts and desktop publishing, data tables and template documents, and numerous other functions. I have also used it in French while living in French Canada.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you know or have a feel for what you want to create but feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and the order of how to build slides for a presentation? Creation of such presentations are only limited by the imagination. Having worked with hundreds of software packages over the past 25 years in a Consulting venue, I am happy to share my knowledge and marketing intuition on how to build an effective layout design. Indeed, I have worked extensively building presentations in various versions of PowerPoint and other similar software. Additionally, I use multiple video graphic software packages, including Flash to build interactive websites. Let me help you find the confidence to move forward today!



I was raised in a Latino Culture near Belen/Albuquerque, NM and actually started my first Spanish lessons in elementary school. We were farmers in an Hispanic farming district of the middle Rio Grande valley where I grew up speaking Spanglish. I later took accelerated Spanish courses at UNM after returning from a French Canadian university exchange program. One of my beats at the University of New Mexico Daily Lobo (43,000 circulation) was in International Affairs, where I covered Latino Cultural Affairs. Sometimes I volunteer my services as a Spanish interpreter through Church. As a Tour Director and Tour Guide, I also offer foreign In-bound tours in English, Spanish & French. During the summer of 2006, while working for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, I offered my Spanish skills to inform and entertain Latinos. I also worked in Spanish IT Technical Support where I helped customers and colleagues in Spanish interpretation needs. While living in Denver back in 2003, I worked as a Spanish Teacher at St. Vincent de Paul School. The year before, I volunteered my services in Toronto, ON, Canada as a Multilingual Interpreter and Information Specialist for World Youth Day Organization. I also worked as a Transportation Coordinator. As a private guide in Alaska, I also offered narrated tours on-board the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad in Spanish. In Colorado, I utilized my language skills at Club Med Copper Mountain Ski Resort as a Transportation & Excursion Manager. I was also certified in Bilingual Education by the Departments of Education in both NM and Colorado as an Educational Assistant. Needless to say, my Spanish language experience is diverse and numerous, including residency in Venezuela and Mexico where I worked and volunteered my services.



I double majored in French and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico. I was fortunate enough to work as an Intern at the Physics and Astronomy department and also pursue some astro-photography, putting to practical use many of the theories and concepts I was learning while helping to pay for my tuition. I reached the 300 level of astrophysics courses before deciding to focus on just one Major as an Exchange Student to a foreign university and on a minor in Journalism & Communications. I am always eager to share my love and enthusiasm for Astronomy and Cosmology stemming from my on-going personal studies.



English is my first language, then Spanish, then French, then Portuguese, then Italian. I grew up in NM speaking Spanglish, also. English grammar was one of my favorite subjects throughout school and I received straight A's through high school, graduating third in my class of 243. Although I am not a great English speller as a result of learning other languages, I do see nuances in the language that most others don't catch. I was also a published poet in high school and freelance writer since, having gone on to study Communications and Journalism at university, with training and experience as a journalist. I love to read all types of literature.





ACT Reading

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I was certified for three years as an Educational Assistant through the New Mexico Department of Education for teaching pre-Kindergarden through 12th Grade in the New Mexico Public Schools. This required Accreditation at the University of New Mexico. I was also certified for three years as an Educational Assistant (with a bilingual endorsement) through the Colorado Department of Education for teaching pre-Kindergarden through 12th Grade in the Colorado Public Schools.


I was trained extensively in phonics in both Spanish and French during my university years. Hence, I am well versed in the theory and application of phonics, regardless of the language. Phonics was also a subject that I excelled in during my early school years.

Voice (Music)

I lettered and received multiple ribbons and awards from competitions during my two years in high school Chorus. I later sang in the University of New Mexico Chorus, where I received accredited classical voice training. I have since performed in front of an estimated 25 million viewers on TV and at concerts through my 300+ performances in Up With People and through two professional Barbershop Choruses. I have also sung in A Capella groups. Thus, my repertoire includes more than eight years of vocal training and professional and semi-professional performances in venues that span nine countries.

Web Design

After studying basic programming in high school and later teaching myself the basics of visual basic programming and html, I began to explore my creative side. I have combined my photography background and my interest in graphic-arts with website design. I now offer my skills as a professional webmaster through my PC Technical Consulting company.


I have learned, used on the job, setup and taught the usage of Quicken, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro. I am very fluent in programming these software for complex accounting needs. This Spring, I taught the owner of the company I worked for as a Contractor how to use QuickBooks Pro.


I am certified in Socio-Cultural Religious Anthropology and Theology by St. Paul University, Ottawa, ON, Canada, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA. My studies were conducted in French and English, and they covered the mythos and ethos of indigenous cultures around the world.


I consider myself an amateur archaeologist. As an Internationally Certified Tour Director and Tour Guide. I conduct research and continue my personal studies in archaeology. For example, I attended the three-day Pecos Archaeological Conference of the Four Corners Region to improve my skills and broaden my training. My tours incorporate creative and diverse commentary in various languages on Archaeology, Geology, Astronomy, Anthropology, infrastructure and local cultural customs.

Desktop Publishing

I have experience as a self-taught graphic artist, including work with and/or thorough knowledge of: Quark, PhotoShop, Flash Slideshow Maker, PaintShop Pro, MS Publisher, AVS4U, PowerPoint, and many other types of software. This is in addition to proficiency in multiple word processors, including MSWord, WordPerfect, Write, and others.

Microsoft Outlook

I have used MS Outlook Express and, now, MS Outlook for more than 12 years. I have also set up complex rules and alerts, connected various email servers, created scheduling and tasks. I have taught colleagues and clients how to use this software, both in a corporate setting and through my business as a PC Technical Consultant in Hardware and Software repair, maintenance and usage.

Microsoft Windows

I was trained in DOS before the invention of Windows and have since thoroughly learned and taught every version of MSWindows. I offer Windows tutorial training for the common user through my PC Technical Consulting business.