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Anna's School of Microsoft Office Wizardry

Would you like to dazzle your friends as a software wizard? Learn how to whip up Excel charts, create colorful Word documents, and design presentations that will make your buddies laugh, smile, and admire your tricks...and that will set you up for successful interviews and jobs! I've survived and thrived in offices run as companies and nonprofits. I know which kinds of reports will impress a teacher or a boss, which formulas show the difference between a pro and an amateur, and which format... [more]

Algebra 1

Understanding Algebra can help you handle daily activities such as exercising, cooking, commuting, grocery shopping, drawing, reading or home furnishings, etc. Don?t let fancy terms like factorization, quadratics, polynomials, etc. overwhelm you. If you understand these concepts, Algebra can be a lot of fun! While I have more than 20 years of working experience in business, I find myself using Algebra each day. Let me show you how you can use Algebra to solve your daily problems or just impress your teachers with A?s on exams!

Microsoft Excel

I have almost 20 years of professional experience using MS Excel. With my guidance, one can learn how to quickly design and format data, create formulas, organize the financial budget or statistical data to track and compare historical trend with user-friendly graphs and charts. You can generate the most compelling reports in your class or office painlessly! Become even more skilled: sort and filter data, use pivot table, link external data to create a massive database right out of this single MS package. My approach is friendly, clear, and convenient, enabling you to learn what you want at your preferred pace.

Microsoft Word

I have more than 25 years of using computers and Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word. I use Microsoft Word in a school setting, business environment and personal organization for my day-to-day paperwork and correspondence. Microsoft Word has also helped me and my students to present their ideas in a professional manner. It integrates very well with other business software such as Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. You will not regret spending the time learning it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have been using PowerPoint for presentations for more than 25 years. It will help you get your points across effectively and professionally.


I hold a CPA license and have been in the Accounting industry for more than twenty years. I helped a few businesses and nonprofits in bookkeeping and accounting with QuickBooks in the past and was a Treasurer for one of them. I myself also have been assisting my husband's business in accounting for its revenues and expenses for years. One of our recent projects is to migrate its accounting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. It is important for businesses to understand the advantages and disadvantages of working with the cloud-based environment and how to adapt to it. With business experience in providing various examples, I believe I can coach business owners on how to select online solutions available to them and how to present their financial records quickly from any device and at any time.

Microsoft Access

I have more than 20 years of experience in managing massive databases in for-profit companies as an accountant and nonprofit organizations as a program coordinator. Not only do I have experience in setting up and maintaining databases, but also in training my staff on how to do that. It is important that trainees understand the relational aspect of the data. There are seven aspects in Microsoft Access ("MS") one should be familiar with: tables, relationships, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules. Once the primary key and foreign key(s) are identified in each table of data, one can generate reports based on the relationships of the data in a very meaningful manner. One also needs to learn how to use MS Access to clean up data before analysis. I have collected many sample databases to help trainees to practice. Trainees learn how to use queries to retrieve data and even detect patterns. They can use MS Access to analyze any database no matter what industries they are in, e.g. customer relations, donations trends, purchase orders, inventory budget, etc.

Microsoft Outlook

I have more than 20 years of professional experience using MS Outlook. With my guidance, one can learn how to quickly find and filter messages and contacts, organize your day-to-day tasks in Outlook, flag daily activities, set up reminders, and connect your messages with your calendars. Become even more skilled: customize fonts, set up attractive e-mail signatures, automate out-of-office messages before you travel, categorize your messages for easy retrieval, and create the page views you like the most to see all your Outlook information. You can become the most efficient and organized Outlook expert in your office! My approach is friendly, clear, and convenient, enabling you to learn what you want at your preferred pace.