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Undergraduate Math Tutor - 7+ years Experience

I tutored all levels of undergraduate mathematics at UT-Austin for 7 years, through UT's Learning Skills Center. My experience includes tutoring both engineering and business calculus students, as well as students in differential equations. However, I also have helped students in pre-calculus, linear algebra, college algebra, and survey math courses outside of the sciences. My tutoring goal is to determine what level of competency a student has with their mathematics course, and to pro... [more]


I was a participant in and teaching assistant for the Emerging Scholars calculus enrichment sections, offered at UT-Austin. I tutored both business calculus and engineering/science calculus while at UT-Austin, for 7 years. I really enjoy tutoring calculus, especially in areas where students typically stumble, such as applications of integration, and infinite series.


With regards to geometry, I have used the subject extensively in pre-calculus and calculus, both as a student and as a tutor. It comes up in other math courses, too, such as a "Proof Without Words" course that I took at UT-Austin that was shot through with Geometry Pictures, Theorems, and Proofs. I have tutored all levels of college mathematics at UT-Austin for 7 years, through UT's Learning Skills Center. In addition, I served as both student and teaching assistant for a UT course reviewing K-12 Math concepts, taken by secondary teaching candidates. Finally, I earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, with coursework in secondary mathematics education.


I'm quite proficient at calculus, through tutoring others in it for 7 years, where the students had all levels of mathematical ability. Because of that, I'm also very familiar with the material taught in pre-calculus which is usually assumed as a student's starting foundation, going in to calculus. Finally, through my studies and competitions in mathematics, both in high school and in college, I have a fairly deep understanding of the algebra, geometry, and trigonometry concepts that are often developed further in pre-calculus.


I've used trigonometry extensively as both a student and tutor of engineering calculus and differential equations, as well as through physics. I think it's fun and interesting to verify trigonometric identities; and I'm fairly adept at mathematical proofs.

Differential Equations

I tutored Differential Equations for 5 years through UT's Learning Skills Center. I also earned a degree in Mathematics from UT, with course work in Real Analysis solidifying my strong background in calculus, which is a significant portion of the mathematics needed to understand Differential Equations.