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Hi all! My name is Regina and I am currently in my second year of studying for a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction (with an emphasis in Music Education). I completed my undergraduate degree in December 2011 in Music Education, so that is my main area of knowledge; however, I minored in French during my undergraduate as well. If you have not been able to tell yet, I love languages as much as I love music. I grew up in a bilingual home (English and Arabic) and I was exp... [more]

Algebra 1

While math has always been an easy subject, algebra has always been my favorite. I not only excelled in algebra while in school, but was able to help tutor classmates and friends.

Algebra 2

American History




Microsoft Excel

European History


While pursuing my undergraduate degree in music education, I minored in French. My love for French came from my mom's family (over the course of the last five generations) and I heard it used as a child before studying it more formally in high school and college. I am advanced in my understanding and abilities in this beautiful language.

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


Music Theory





SAT Math

World History



Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

Most of my formal teaching experiences have been working with the K-6th age group. In addition to spending half of my student teaching experience in an elementary school (teaching music), I have also worked in elementary Bible club programs. I also spent a semester doing practicums at the Child Development Center at the University of South Carolina. I believe that children at the elementary level succeed more at learning through hands-on learning activities and the use of concrete teaching aids. The use of such items is part of my educational philosophy and I will strive to use such resources as necessary.

General Music

Since music and music education is my passion in life, along with being the subject of my undergraduate degree, I can help with any needs you may have when it comes to music as a whole. Whether you want to learn about music or obtain help for a specific topic, I can help.


I was a piano major while I pursued my undergraduate degree in music education. In addition to having studied classical music, I am a pianist and keyboardist at my church, proficient in hymns and contemporary music. My rule for accepting a piano student, especially those who are young, is that they have started school. While I use the Faber Piano Adventures series, I am also willing to work with any materials that you may already have. I take all levels of ability.

Study Skills

School has always been an area in which I have excelled as I have come up with creative ways to study that suited my needs. My study skills enabled me to take Honors and AP courses in high school, to graduate valedictorian of my class, and served me well throughout my undergraduate and graduate coursework as well. I believe that study skills should be individualized and that students should be encouraged to learn in a way that makes sense to them. If you know your learning style and can come up with strategies that help maximize your learning, success will follow suit.

Web Design

I currently work in an office where we use technology as an important element in our strategy and marketing. As a result, I have had to become diverse in my skills and was trained by our webmaster (who is outsourced) in elements of our web design. I have also worked with sites such as WordPress, Blogger and Weebly to create web pages and blogs for my personal use.


Part of my coursework during my undergraduate studies was a semester of trombone. I quickly developed proficient skills due to my history in playing the trumpet. During my master's degree in education, I taught lessons at Music & Arts, including in trombone.


While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I minored in trumpet. Because of my background in band instruction, I have taught trumpet using my own curriculum, mainly materials that I feel will help that specific student develop the necessary skills. I use some of the traditional method books, such as Arban's and Clarke's, to teach the trumpet, as well as materials that correlate to band study methods in schools.


I took one semester of logic at the collegiate level and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because of my in-depth experience with algebra (including tutoring), logic was easy for me overall. In addition to understanding logic, I have also been successful at tutoring math. I believe that any student can succeed in logic if they are taught in a way that they can personally understand.


For a year, I worked for a company that specializes in choral-orchestral concert tours and music academies across Europe, the Mediterranean and the US. While my tasks were varied, one of my many titles was "Public Relations Coordinator." I worked heavily with the promotion and marketing aspect of the company through building a clientele base using telephone, email and social media. I also supervised our intern and various projects, including several promotional videos.

Microsoft Outlook

During my undergraduate degree, our email system was based on the Microsoft email system. I also currently have resources to find more obscure information with Outlook.

Social Studies

I have always been interested in history, geography and culture. Not only did I take an academic interest in those subjects (such as taking AP US History in high school), but I take every opportunity to travel and immerse myself in different cultures and experiencing the effects of history and geography outside of textbooks. I believe that, in order to understand ourselves and others, we need to understand how our pasts have affected our present lives and philosophies. My philosophy regarding teaching social studies is to use a variety of resources, both tangible and interactive, to allow the student to gain as much as they can in a fun and exciting way. I will primarily focus on the topics that the student is studying in class, but will present additional information if the student is ready.

Music Production

Since graduating from my master's degree, I have worked for a company that specializes in concert tours and music academies across Europe, the Mediterranean and the US. In addition, I have worked as a church musician, both in children's music productions and for special instrumental needs. One of my goals in life is to have my own music-industry business, both for teaching and for performance.