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High School and College Chemistry/Organic Chemistry, and more

I had my undergraduate in Chemistry and Biochemistry at NanKai Univ, Tienjin, China, my PhD in Biomedical Sciences, major in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology at Kent State University/Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (NEOUCOM). I have been tutoring high school and college students on Chemistry/Organic Chemistry and was teaching assistant in Biochemistry/Molecular Pathology and Microbiology/Immunology laboratories for Medical students at NEOUCOM. I had my postdoc tr... [more]


I have my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology.







Chinese is my native language and I have solid background grown up with it. I am good in both spoken and writing Chinese Mandarin. Now I have acquired fluent English. It would be an advantage using comparative way between American English and Chinese in teaching and hope would help student/pupil learning easier and faster. I have been used this way in teaching my kids and my American friends.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is study of the compounds of carbon which constitute the central chemicals and biochemicals of all living things and life-related materials. This subject formed my strong background and I was especially fond of it before I headed into my major, biochemistry, particularly when I met Dr. Pauling at Nankai University when he visited China in early 1980s. I was specifically fond of the stereo, chiral, bonds, and the electron cloud polarization during all kinds of reactions and synthesis as well as their applications and biological activities. I should fit this subject very well for tutoring. I had studied Organic Chemistry for two years from basic (introductions, acid-base, elimination, addition, substitution, radical, rearrangement, etc.) to advanced (synthesis of more complex organic compounds) in the chemistry department at Nankai University before becoming a biochemistry major during my junior and senior years. Nankai University Chemistry Dept was the top 1 in China then because it has several US-trained PhD chemists. They were all Chinese National Academic Members then. So even the undergraduate training was very tough and thorough. I benefited from those studies and training and formed solid concepts that I can still remember now after so many years. That also formed my tutoring philosophy to help students get through key barriers of organic chemistry so they can understand "why" better and apply in further study without too much tutoring. Yes, one can try to memorize every reaction steps without much understanding for one's exams but with understanding, one would be better off and apply the principles in a changing dynamic situation, even for life like I did. I had tutoring experience for undergraduates in fundamental organic chemistry at Kent Sate University when I was PhD graduate student at the chemistry department there in late 1980s. I did the same yesterday very effectively for a student through his whole stack of exam prep handouts in an hour with the keys that student felt very helped so he could go on with them on his own later on.


I have earned my PhD in Biomedical Sciences and have all fundamental knowledge in the fields including pharmacology. Pharmacology is a bio-science branch that deal with the study of drugs, their structures, actions and side-effects (toxicity) as well as the functional doses and related calculations. My studies and experience as an tutor of chemistry and organic chemistry are relevant to the pharmacology in terms of application of the compounds (drugs).