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Christopher D.


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I recently graduated from the University of Iowa as a graduate student with a Master's Degree in Chemistry. I worked as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. In addition, I had multiple students as a tutor while as a graduate student. Also note, I was a mathematics and spanish minor as a Chemistry Undergraduate at the University of Iowa. I am willing to travel a little and I have a fairly open schedule. ... [more]

Algebra 1

When I was in grade school, I tested into advanced math and was able to take Algebra before high school. I minored in mathematics as an undergraduate. I have tutored a few in different areas of mathematics (calculus and pre-calculus)

Algebra 2

I minored in mathematics as an undergraduate. Many concepts from Algebra 2 appeared in my later courses and were applied consistently. I excelled in my Algebra 2 course in high school and still have a passion for the material.

American History


In high school, I began my sciences early on with Biology as a freshman. Since then, I have taken advanced level science courses. In college, I was a Biology major before becoming a Chemistry major, but I excelled in many upper level biology courses. I have not tutored in Biology as of yet, but I still enjoy learning and teaching what I have learned from my experiences.


I was a Chemistry major as an undergraduate and received my Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the University of Iowa. I then went on to receive my Master's Degree in Chemistry from the University of Iowa. I have much experience tutoring for multitudes of college level and high school level chemistry courses.


The use of vocabulary has no bounds in communication. In grade school, I excelled at our vocabulary tests and I loved to find ways to incorporate what was learned into everyday speech. I find it very important to be able to understand all the English language has to offer beyond the minimal.


Proper grammar is skill that I believe should be acquired by everyone. Communication is universal and as such, accuracy and clarity must also accompany it. This is what I stressed growing up in my English courses both in grade school and later in my college courses. I hope to be able to pass along this importance to whomever wishes to improve their own skills.

Microsoft Excel

While as a graduate student, I used Microsoft Excel to prepare many spreadsheets for presentations. I am familiar with Excel 2003 through 2010. I have had to chart/graph sources of data and create many formulas within cells to find relationships with the data found. I have also assisted others with understanding the program further, so tutoring this topic is familiar to me.


Geometry was the first course I took while in high school and I still have a love for the subject. I did not have the opportunity to further this subject with Trigonometry. I received high marks from my teacher and assisted other students with the subject, though not as a tutor.

Microsoft Word

As a graduate student, I used Microsoft Word on multiple occasions for research papers as well as for document writing as a student organization leader. I am familiar with Word 2003 through 2010. My experience has allowed me to also teach some of these skills to colleagues upon their introduction to the use of Microsoft Word.


Like my skills with algebra, I was accepted into the accelerated mathematics program and took prealgebra in the 7th grade. These concepts are very familiar to me as I use them on a consistent basis at my full-time job. I have assisted with these concepts with students, but not on a tutoring basis.


As an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, I minored in Spanish. I am proficient with speech and grammar as I have taken writing, literature, and culture courses with exemplary marks.


Even as a science major, writing is a crucial aspect of communication. As an undergraduate and graduate student, my writing ranged from basic essays to full scale lab reports. For both cases, clarity and specificity were important to best convey data and/or thoughts and opinions. I have acted as a proofreader for my of my writer friends due to my keen skills with proper writing.


Growing up, learning grammatical accuracy was an important step to my current prowess in communication. I take these skills very seriously and I am always on the lookout for improvements in how I write and speak. I performed exceptionally well in my English courses growing up and continued to excel in college, thought it was not my major.


One of my all time favorite classes while in high school was anatomy/physiology. I loved learning all about the human body and dissection labs. I excelled greatly in this class.

Physical Science

Having a background in the sciences, specifically chemistry, physical science is a favorite and specialty of mine both to learn and teach. With bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry, I am very familiar with physical science concepts.


Spelling has always been a part of my daily skills that I seek to keep finely honed. In grade school, I entered many spelling bees and performed fairly well. I loved the challenge of spelling words correctly and making sense of them phonetically.

ACT Math

Elementary Math

I have excelled in mathematics since I was in grade school. I minored in mathematics in college and I am very familiar with basic concepts to assist with elementary learning.

Elementary Science

Being that my area of expertise is the sciences, I am well versed in this level of thought. I loved learning about science as a child and excelled in every science course I have taken through graduate school. My bachelor's and master's degrees are in chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

As a graduate student at the University of Iowa, my division of specialty was Organic Chemistry. I received both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Iowa in Chemistry, with Organic Chemistry as being my most taken courses and best grades. I have tutored for Organic Chemistry for more than 2 years and I am well prepared to continue my tutoring.


Similar to my Ballroom Dancing experiences, Tango is a dance I am very familiar. I have placed in past competitions and I have also taken some Argentine Tango classes, which are of a different "style". Tango is a smooth/standard dance that I have much love and respect for and I hope to continue learning and teaching it.