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Michael P.


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Video-Photo-Communications Performance Professional

With a start in TV production in the US Air Force, a degree in broadcasting from a local state university in northern California, and 28 years at the University of California as a Producer and Director, a wealth of varied skills and experience are embodied by Mike P. This award-winning videographer and photographer is a recognized expert in his field and loves nothing more than a class of students, including Nobel prize recipients who don't know how to turn on their cameras, all eager to le... [more]


Born into a family of educators, I was raised speaking the General American Dialect with proper grammar and non-regional accent. This, in spite of living in Florida, Louisiana and Texas. As a public speaker, broadcaster, and professor, I have always maintained high standards of grammar usage and pronunciation.

General Computer

I had a personal computer in 1984. I've used every computer operating system (OS) since then. I've taught my kids when they were young and my parents in their 80's and anyone else needing help navigate their computer and the Internet. I'm experienced and patient. You will be confident in computer use in no time at all.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I've been using PowerPoint since Version 1 in 1990 for Windows (3.0). The current version of PowerPoint is #15. In addition to the usual purposes, I've used it for TV production with heavy media applications including HD video, links and audio files. I currently use it for college classes I teach on a desktop (Win7) and a laptop (Win8).


It's amazing how language changes in one's lifetime. Music, social media, our classmates do all sorts of things with our language. But at some point, you will need to know how to write and speak English as it is commonly accepted in school, job interviews, and in many work and social situations. My parents are both retired college professors and I've worked at the University of California. You can't live and work through that environment without being able to communicate in proper English. If you are concerned about your ability to communicate in American English, I can help.


Learning English is not easy. Yet for much of the world it is essential for success in business, transportation, tourism and other fields. I have worked with ESL students all my life. I can help you improve your understanding of the rules of English grammar and, as a professional narrator, can serve as an excellent example of someone who speaks the general American dialect.

Adobe Photoshop

There are over 350 tools in Photoshop. You only really need to use a dozen or so to accomplish just about anything you want to do in photo-editing software. The interesting thing is, there are several different ways to end up with the same result. What kind of photo-editing do you want to do? Straight, accurate high-resolution print processing or photo retouching including color correction? While any photo processing skill takes time to develop, learning from a professional will help amp up your ability to work with Photoshop and get the results you you desire.

Elementary Math

As a retired college professor with three school-aged children in the home over the past 20 years, I've helped students get through elementary, middle and high school math homework. Each student is different employing different methods of learning.

Elementary Science

As a retired college professor with three school-aged children in the home over the past 20 years, I've helped students get through elementary, middle and high school science homework including general science, biology, and chemistry. Each student is different employing different methods of learning.


Born into a theatre family, I grew up performing in professional theaters around the country. The Oslo in Florida, the Stephan Foster Story in Kentucky, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival just to name a few. I've made my living with a combination of photography, television, and theatre activities. I worked in the American Conservatory Theatre as a stage manager and the Eleanor McClatchy Performing Arts Theatre as technical director. In five seasons at Chico's Court Theatre I performed in 32 plays and musicals. Theatre is an art, a science, and a passion. Let's discover which to lean toward and build on that.

Video Production

I began my work as a television producer and director in the US Air Force. I made over 300 instructional videos in 3 years. After college and working in theatre for several years, I returned to television and worked at the University of California for 28 years producing educational videos. I won several Telly Awards for non-broadcast television and many Communicator Awards for educational video production. I was the first person to use digital video editing equipment (1990) at UC Davis. I've worked with people throughout California producing videos. I can make good video from camcorders costing $300 or $30,000. It's not the equipment that matters as much as the story and the techniques used to tell that story using video. I routinely work as a writer, producer, director, videographer, sound tech, and editor on productions large and small. I work with elementary, high school and college students all the way up to retirees. If you want to make family videos, win a contest, or become a pro, I can help.

Microsoft Windows

I recently retired from the communication and information technology unit of a division of the University of California. In my 28 years there, I installed the first personal computer network (XT286 + 6 PC 8088 units) at the UC Davis campus. My teaching experience includes all operating systems on personal computers including Microsoft and Apple since 1984. I currently use Windows 7 (desktop) and Windows 8 (laptop) daily.