Saralynn A.

Saralynn A.


Bothell, WA 98011

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$35 per hour.

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Sewing instructor

I am a professional dressmaker/ tailor and have been in business for more than 20 years. I have been involved in teaching/sewing as a volunteer for most of my adult life in various forms and enjoy the opportunity to introduce others to an art that can be not only fun and economical, but with practice and work can also become a career. Sewing, just due to its very nature, is better in a hands-on situation and such I would be planning to meet with students personally. Before the first le... [more]


I was taught basic crochet, embroidery and crewel work by my invalid grandmother as a young child as she was embarrassed that she had "failed" in her teaching of my mother, her only child. I still have several examples of tablecloths and such that we worked on together. My mother wasn't totally inept. Though she was primarily a fantastic gourmet cook, after my grandmother passed, she was determined to carry on the legacy that my grandmother and I shared and as such signed us both up for needlepoint classes for several years. I still have examples of this work as well. Other than passing on these skills to my four daughters & granddaughters (or at least attempting to in a couple of cases), I no other formal education in needlework-- just a love and appreciation of the results' beauty and design. My teaching plan starts with acquainting the student with the supplies and the variations thereof. Though some supplies would not be suitable for a beginner, a knowledge of all the possibilities and an understanding of each variation limitations and uses gives the student the knowledge to make supply choices that are within reach of their skill level. From there, we will be working on small samples of the basic skills so to practice these skills until the student is familiar with the stitch/procedure involved and then to keep a good sample of their work for reference later. Further lessons go into an initial project using these practiced skills. As the lessons proceed, more complicated skills, finishing (framing, making the project into a garment or such, etc), and integrating these skills into other areas of crafting would be introduced. The time frame for this would vary on the time that the student has available for lessons and homework as well as possible physical limitations of the student. Needlework involves skills that many in our society feel are outmoded. This, however, is incorrect as many professions have actually sought teaching in these areas to improve eye-hand coordination, improve the ability to focus, increase self-accomplishment and provide directed stress relief. Some of the most famous athletes, musicians, writers, etc. have been famous for creating special projects and then donating them to many charitable organizations. Needlework is for everyone.