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Accounting and General Math and Test Prep, Online or In Person

Hi! My name is Kori. I was a staff accountant for the past 5 years at a local CPA firm, and now I own my own accounting business! I was born and raised in Rhode Island and got my degree in accounting at Rhode Island College. I have also taken some graduate accounting classes at Oklahoma State University. I remember in elementary school helping other students learn long division after school hours. While working on my Bachelor's I was a paid tutor for the university. In my free time I find mys... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra can be a tough subject for students to grasp because it is technically a new language, the language of math. It can look so foreign and confusing. I do my best to show students what each problem means in real world terms and I teach them how to translate and talk out each new problem.


When I was a freshman in high school my biology teacher saw potential in me and recommended me for a genetics research pilot program at the local university. I learned a lot in that program, including that day-to-day scientific research work is boring. I did, however, keep my love for biology and genetics and I stay updated on the latest advances in the field.



Microsoft Excel

I use Excel every day for my accounting job and for my own personal finances. I've taken plenty of Excel training courses and trained a handful of people myself. I can show you how to make pivot tables, graphs and formulas work for you!

General Computer


Geometry is one of those subjects that, if explained properly, can be understood by anyone. And because it is one of the few math subjects that people actually use as they get older, I think it's important for students to actually understand it instead of just being able to pass a test. Geometry is one of my favorite subjects because it is so easy to see how it is used in the real world. A picture can be drawn for every problem and an equation can be written for every picture!

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint



I started reading when I was 4 and I was into chapter books by 1st grade. I would often get into trouble as a kid for staying up all hours of the night with a book and a flashlight. I believe it is important for kids to learn to love books. They can be such a great source of entertainment and knowledge.



One of my favorite experiences in elementary school was winning the geography bee in 4th grade. I taught myself a song to help me learn all of the states in alphabetical order. I used flashcards to memorize all of the state capitals. And I had a sticker book that helped me to learn the flags for every country. My favorite flag design is still the oddly shaped Nepalese flag (aside from the American flag of course!).


SAT Math



SAT Reading

SAT Writing

Physical Science


ACT English

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Managerial Accounting

I have my four year degree in accounting, including Managerial Accounting, and have worked for 2 small CPA firms in OKC, and now own my own accounting business.

Financial Accounting

I have my four year degree in accounting, including Financial Accounting, and have worked for 2 small CPA firms in OKC, and now own my own accounting business.




I have worked in business and with small businesses for the past 10 years. I have helped businesses with their accounting, sales tax, payroll, filing systems, tax preparation, paperless office transitions, and technology implementation. I have helped businesses to make financial decisions using calculations and projections, I have prepared budgets, and I have reviewed expenses to find ways to save money.


I have been using and teaching QuickBooks for small businesses since 2009. I am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. My specialty is QuickBooks clean-up and repair - fixing issues in a business' books when they can't find the mistake and prepping the books for the tax return.

Microsoft Access

I use Access on a daily basis as part of my job as an accountant. I have built databases and queries that link directly into Excel.

Microsoft Outlook

I have been using Outlook since it was first launched. It has changed a lot over the years, but my regular use of it has kept me up to date. I can show you how to schedule meetings and send invitations, sync your calendar with external programs or devices, create mailing lists, and customize everything so that it works for you.

Tax Accounting

I have worked for a small CPA firm for 4 years. I prepare taxes for individuals, S Corps, C Corps, partnerships, trusts, and non-profits. I have worked with CCH Axcess, Lacerte, and ProSystems FX software. I have trained new employees to prepare taxes.