Jennifer S.

Jennifer S.


Tampa, FL 33603

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$40 per hour.

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Kindergarten-college! "The 3 Rs," social sciences, up to ConLaw & LSAT

I left the field of law after 8 years, finally realizing that the law is not where I want to be- and teaching is not only a gift I have, but a passion! I'm currently a substitute teacher and I'd love to help with your tutoring needs! I have two children, both with very different educational needs - through this parenting experience, I've become adept at finding what motivates them to learn what they're having difficulties with. One of them is, and has been, a straight A student for five ye... [more]


I scored 100% on WyzAnt's certification exam. My college minor is in Mass Communications, and I have an excellent command of the English language. I look forward to tutoring you or your child!


I scored a 100% on WyzAnt's certification exam for grammar. I look forward to tutoring you or your child!


I scored 100% on WyzAnt's certification test. As a paralegal, it is imperative that I have a full understanding of documents in front of me. I am well equipped to tutor you or your child in how to improve in reading comprehension!


I scored 100% on WyzAnt's certification test. One of my strongest areas in both college and my professional career is the ability to write clearly and concisely. Additionally, I excel at self-editing. I believe I can be of great service to any individual needing help in these areas, and I look forward to tutoring you or your child.


I scored 100% on the WyzAnt certification test. I look forward to assisting you or your child in English.

Government & Politics

In 2001, I received my degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida. I love government studies and all social sciences, and look forward to helping you or your child improve in these subjects.


I scored 100% on WyzAnt's literature certification test. I love literature and look forward to tutoring you or your child!


I scored a 162 on the LSAT, and plan on going to law school in the near future. Not only can I help you learn concepts and how to set the games up, I can give you pointers on how to prepare and what to expect from the actual experience. I'd love to help you do great on the LSAT!


As a paralegal, much of my work revolves around making sure that what I submit to the Court is perfect in every way. I am an excellent proofreader and look forward to sharing my expertise with you or your child!


I scored 100% correct on WyzAnt's spelling certification exam. I am confident I can assist you or your child in both increasing their vocabulary and becoming a spelling champ! I look forward to working with you.

ACT Reading

ACT English

I scored 100% on WyzAnt's certification exam. I am a paralegal who has taken the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test), and have excellent Reading Comprehension and writing skills. My English skills are excellent, and I believe I can assist you or your child in doing well on this exam. I look forward to hearing from you.

Political Science

My Bachelor's degree is in Political Science. I received mostly A's in my degree area, and never less than a B. I am very familiar with all three branches of the government, and am especially familiar with the judicial area of our government.


I have two children with whom I spent their first formative years. Before they went to pre-school, they were already writing their names and the alphabet. Additionally, I am a substitute teacher, and frequently work with K-5 students; handwriting is a big part of my job. I keep manuscript tablets in my car for handwriting assignments at schools where supplies are limited, and would be able to supply them to any students who needed assistance.