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Biology, Math, and Statistics tutoring

Puzzled about how the Krebs and the Calvin cycles fit in with the carbon cycle? Want to know how muscles and nerves function? Frustrated by the difference between standard deviation and standard error? Need help on ANOVA, ANCOVA, and linear regression? Ever wonder how economic numbers are seasonally-adjusted and why? Need advice on analyzing data for a science project? Let me help. Academic Background I am a Ph.D. student in Environmental Sciences with a specialty in forest ecology an... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

I have successfully passed algebra, including Algebra II, on both the high school and college levels and have tutored Algebra II for several years.


I have successfully taught general biology for both biology majors and non-majors at several community colleges and four year colleges in Ohio and elsewhere. I have also taken advanced courses in nearly every sub-field covered in general biology, from molecular genetics to ecology.




Pre-algebra forms the basis of all scientific analyses and statistics and I use it frequently in my work as a scientist.


This course was a prerequisite for the statistics courses I completed in graduate school. I am current on this course. I just completed a college-level precalculus course to fulfill a continuing education requirement with an overall grade of "A."



I have taken one undergraduate and three graduate-level statistics courses, ranging from basic statistics (descriptive statistics, student t-test, linear regression, and nonparametric tests) to advanced multiple regression techniques (multivariate regression, logistic regression, splines, ANCOVA, etc.), time series analysis, and spatial statistics. I frequently use ANOVA, ANCOVA, multiple regression, Poisson regression, logistic regression, time series analysis, and spatial analysis in the course of my own research.


I have taken courses in animal physiology and taught animal physiology and human physiology on the collegiate level.


I have taken multiple courses in ecology, including general ecology, population ecology, and ecosystem ecology. My current research is in forest ecology, specifically forest succession. I have also taught ecology courses and labs.


I have taken numerous zoology courses, including animal physiology, animal behavior, mammalogy, herpetology, parasitology, and vertebrate paleontology. I hold a Master's in the ecology of small mammals and have taught animal physiology and freshman biology courses that include animal taxonomy, physiology, behavior, and ecology.


I have taken courses in plant physiology, taxonomy, and identification. I am currently earning a Ph.D. studying forest ecology, specifically the development of floodplain forests, and have taught courses in basic plant physiology and anatomy.


I have taken one undergraduate statistics course covering basic statistics, one 500-level course covering multiple regression and ANOVA, one 700-level course on biostatistics, and an 800-level course covering advanced multivariate regression, time-series analysis, and spatial statistics.


I have taken college-level courses in genetics, molecular genetics, and microbiology, have taught freshman biology courses that included genetics and have taught labs specifically for genetics courses.


I have 16 years of experience using Macintosh computers for scientific and general use, with emphasis on the iWork office suite.