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Language Arts, Writing, Essays, College Applications, Resumes

Students don't often get the phonics and writing foundations they need. They are often encouraged to guess and memorize shapes of words instead of sounding them out. After completing a sound phonics program any child --including challenged children -- should be able to sound out ANY word--even at the end of first grade. Many kids are pushed into "special ed" where they also get failed teaching methods. Even after years they are struggling to read. Even dyslexics with visual and audio process... [more]

American History

I am very knowledgeable about American History and my master's degree studies included late 18th and 19th century U.S. history. I come from a family of historians and I have visited the battlefields/national parks on American soil. It has been a lifelong interest.




I have been a proofreader and copy editor for over 30 years and I have taught others--children and adults-- the best ways to learn grammar quickly for 15 years. I have been a copy editor for a young adult series of books and I have taught language arts for over 30 years.

European History


Nowadays children don't often get the phonics and writing foundations they need. After completing a sound phonics program children should be able to sound out ANY word--even at the end of first grade. Phonics is the branch of linguistics that deals with the sounds of speech and their production, combination, and representation by written symbols. If your child "guesses" at words in the second grade up then they probably need remedial phonics so that they can excel at reading and comprehension in the higher grades. Remedial phonics can happen at ANY age IF the person is willing to learn. I am an advocate of teaching your child to read before they might learn poor methods at school. At school where they are encouraged to guess and memorize shapes of words instead of sounding them out. If you would like to teach your own child or grandchild I can show you how and I have low cost proven phonics systems available (text and workbook) which get excellent reviews. I can also help your older child learn successful essay writing methods and study skills, prepare research papers, discuss books, write footnotes, etc. I am an experienced tutor recently relocated to Ventura County. I have tutored language arts for decades and I have contributed to preparing published phonics and literature curricula using successful methods (First Reader / Turbo Reader and Lost Classics Books for youth). I have a teaching credential for K-12 with particular area of interest in art. I also have an MA degree. My own children are 17 and 15 and they have read at college level since 6th grade and they have taken classes at the local community college since they were fourteen.


I'm a language arts tutor and I have done research and written for persons of national stature (Hon. Togo D West, Jr., Leonard Garment, Phyllis Schlafly). I have done research papers working in law firms and written articles for education publications and given speeches on topics from education to public policy. I can help with college and graduate school applications as well as essays and research papers. My own children are college students who excel in writing and get the highest grades in their classes. They were home educated by me. I can quickly show you the best formula for the five paragraph essay and guide you through any research and writing assignments. I have three college degrees/certificates (M.A. degree, all PhD coursework) and a paralegal certificate.




I have worked with ESL clients for 20 years from beginning language studies as well as advanced English speakers. My own writing, speaking and diction skills are excellent and I have worked for numerous distinguished employers as a research writer and proofreader. I am also available to work remotely to help clients with writing.

Government & Politics

World History


I have proofread books and I have worked for writers and lawyers as a proofreader for short documents for over 25 years. The best way to learn to write well is to look at how your own writing is proofread and I believe in sharing that with my clients in google docs if possible


SAT Reading

SAT Writing

I have been a proofreader and copy editor for over 30 years. I have helped numerous persons improve their scores dramatically on college entrance exams. I can help you perfect your grammar over a few weeks and I am an excellent writing coach. I know what they are looking for and I can help you learn to organize thoughts before you commence writing your essay.



I have been preparing persons to take standardized tests, including the ASVAB, for 15 years. I have been employed to help companies using my own writing and reasoning skills since 1984. I have written two company handbooks and summarized complex written documents into easily readable form. This ability, and test-taking tactics, is what I am good at teaching for those who aspire to do the best they possibly can on the ASVAB. I am pleased to reduce my rates to those hoping to serve in our armed forces if you can meet me close to my home which is Port Hueneme. The ASVAB currently has 9 sections and I am happy to work with you on each area of testing with special emphasis on verbal expression.

Art History


ACT Reading

ACT English

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I have assisted in the formation of a respected phonics system, First Reader/Turbo Reader. I have subject qualifications in science, writing and reading. I have many years experience tutoring K-6th graders. My own children were homeschooled by me and they are now taking college courses as teenagers who would typically be in high school.


In 1993-94 I assisted in preparing the phonics curriculum, First Reader (which was followed by Turbo Reader) for Pere Marquette Press. I was trained in the Louisville Catholic School System to use the Charles L Shedd alphabetic kinesthetic method for teaching phonics. This is useful for all students and is particularly helpful for those with reading difficulty (dyslexia, ADD etc). I have been using this method to teach phonics since the 1970s.

Study Skills

I have tutored different learners who are home educated for the past 16 years and have experience with different styles of learning and study techniques including auditory, haptic and SQ3R. Study skills must be tailored to the kind of learner you are. Note taking techniques can also be tailored to the best way you learn. There are many effective ways to learn information and to prepare to excel in your classes. I have studied at 4 major universities while pursuing advanced degrees and also teaching at these universities. I have much experience also as a home schooling parent whose children attend college in their high school years and who must learn to adapt their ways of learning for most effective study skills.

College Counseling

I have been counseling student and coaching them with college essay help for twenty five years. I have two college degrees and two specialized certificates and I have personally attended four different colleges on five different campuses (one was overseas) in three states. I was an instructor in two fields on three different campuses. In the 1990s I lectured extensively on college education issues while writing for the Education Reporter, a newspaper with a national circulation. Since the year 2001 I have also been a language arts tutor for students who are writing their essays and preparing for the TOEFL and the SAT exams. I have been practicing in the states of California and Florida.


I have a minor in archaeology while pursuing studies in the history of art in Italy. I participated for a season at the archaeological Etruscan/Roman excavation site of Cetamura in Tuscany,Italy. I assisted the staff archaeologist at The Clio Group, Philadelphia while doing research in prehistoric and historic land sites in the Philadelphia area.


Since the 1970s when I learned Charles L Shedd's methods to help tutor my younger siblings, I have been studying techniques for teaching persons diagnosed with dyslexia. Kinesthetic and tactile methods are well known for teaching dyslexics. I vary the tasks in each lesson to avoid frustration for my pupils and also to maintain interest level. I am creative and patient regarding the necessity to learn the unique ways each individual prefers to learn. One of my main goals is to make the learning fun as most children diagnosed with dyslexia have already suffered while learning. I use a very simple, time-tested program to teach reading and writing. I have a teaching certificate as well as a master's degree. one of my special interests is art therapy which I often incorporate into teaching a child to read.


In the 1980s I had given well researched but, I think, not very well presented or interesting speeches. I have studied speech since 1992 when I began to research the successful elements of a compelling speech presentation. I was asked to debate issues of public interest on television and radio stations. I have given many dozens of speeches in numerous settings including presidential campaigns, congressional campaigns, United Nations meetings and smaller forums where I lectured on education issues. I know what it requires to deliver a speech and I know how to train individuals from my own research and experience on the subject.

Social Studies

While working on my B.A. and M.A I did an integrated study of the social sciences and humanities and took courses in history, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, and psychology. I have contributed to a monthly education publication about how social studies is taught in schools. I have been a liaison to government agencies for an employer in Washington, D.C. and I have worked on several local, congressional and national political campaigns all of which gives me a considerable depth of understanding about the subject of civics in the United States.


I studied film and photography history at UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara. I organized a festival of silent films at UC Riverside. I team taught three film studies courses at UC Santa Barbara.


I studied architectural styles in Italy for two years while pursuing a master's degree in the history of art. I worked as an architecture history consultant in Philadelphia and facilitated the listing of numerous historic structures on the National Register of Historic Places. To prepare for the National Register I prepared detailed descriptions of the sites to describe architectural style and significance.

Art Theory

I have a bachelor's and master's degree in the the history of art which includes art theory and studio art. I also have all the coursework completed for a PhD in the history of art. I have taught these subjects for three years at the college level (University of California campuses)


I have an extensive background in language arts at all levels. I have helped persons prepare for English language arts exams for 20 years. I am experienced with requirements of both the IELTS and the TOEFL. The IELTS is a British English exam and I am familiar with differences in British and American English, having studied in England for my postgraduate research.


I have studied both the Palmer and the D'Nealian methods of handwriting and I have taught both methods for 15 years. I have a teaching certificate in art for grades K-12 and this is most useful in teaching students to draw cursive letters. D'Nealian is the style of writing and teaching cursive and block print handwriting. It is a derivative of the Palmer Method and was designed to ease the learning of cursive and print handwriting. I can use workbooks or appropriately lined paper to get any age child educated and practiced in handwriting. I also teach correct sitting and pen/pencil holding forms.