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Highly Effective Educator available for Tutoring in Multiple Subjects

I am a public school teacher licensed in Elementary Education, Special Education Moderate Disabilities K-8 & 8-12, and Mathematics grades 1-6, 5-8, & 8-12, as well as certified in Sheltered English Immersion. I currently teach mathematics full-time at the high school level, but previously worked as a literacy teacher and continue to tutor in both areas. In addition to teaching for 12 years, I've tutored students professionally for 10 years in grades 1-12. My tutoring experience includes ma... [more]

Algebra 1

I am licensed to teach through 12th and currently teach high school math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and some Pre-Calculus.

Algebra 2

I have been teaching high school level math for several years. The last 2 years I have taught an Honors Algebra 2 course in addition to inclusion math. When teaching Algebra, I encourage students to list out all of their steps until the sequence becomes concrete. I also check for understanding by asking, "What is the goal?," What will you do next?," and "What does that represent?"


Undergraduate degree in English. Have completed research projects on best practices for vocabulary building. Experience includes tutoring students grades 3-12 in vocabulary using context clues. For high school students, we work on the "top 100 words every high school student should know" and use prefix-root-suffix building blocks to determine meanings of complex words.


Bachelor of Arts in English. Experience tutoring students grades k-12, including composition & grammar/syntax.


I currently teach High School Geometry and previously taught middle school math where we start to really lay the foundation for Geometric concepts. I have tutored both middle school and high school students in geometry and often use geometric solids during my instruction. Understanding the properties of shapes is key to understanding geometry- I will help you understand angles, lines, and postulates so you can be successful in this subject!


I currently teach high school math and have previous experience with middle school math where Prealgebra is embedded throughout the curriculum. I have also tutored several students in mathematics, including prealgebra. I have access to many math databases and am familiar with the new math standards.


Bachelor of Arts in English, Masters in Education/Special Education. Experience with general reading strategies (phonics, blends, chunking) and reading comprehension. Focus on text to text, text to self, and text to world connections. Tutored students grades k-11 in reading comprehension.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Undergraduate work included author studies and compositional writing. Have tutored students grades 3-12 in writing from basic paragraph structure to full essay development including students in advanced placement classes. Most recently, I have been assisting high school seniors with college admissions essays and college students with essay writing using an online format.


Undergraduate degree in English. Graduate Degree in Education. Recent tutoring experience includes tutoring students through grade 12 in reading comprehension and writing, including support with college entrance essays and studying for AP English exams. Vocabulary building, grammar and syntax practice, and development of figurative language understanding are other areas I have tutored.

SAT Math

Former district Math Coordinator with experience teaching math through grade 12. I have been specifically tutoring in the area of SAT prep for the last 5 years so am familiar with the new format of the test. I've had very favorable results with my students. I highly recommend use of College Board practice tests.


My major for my undergraduate degree was English. I have completed author courses on Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson as well as Children's Literature courses. I have tutored students through AP level English including comprehension, comparison, and writing about literary texts. During work with literature, I concentrate on vocabulary development, figurative language, and text to text connections. Many of the conversations I have with my students focus around how the literature makes them feel and what aspects of society are reflected in the particular work.


As a former English major, I am well accustomed to proof reading, revising, and re-reading everything from paragraphs to thesis's. My experience includes both face to face and on-line editing support, looking carefully at sentence structure, grammar, and syntax.

SAT Reading

I have tutored 8 students, including my own son, with preparation for the SAT reading subtest- my son scored 710. Using College Board's question of the day and SAT prep book, I have successfully supported students with vocabulary development by mastering prefixes and suffixes. Additionally, I provide in depth lessons on grammar and syntax.

SAT Writing

I have tutored high school students with SAT prep for the last 5 years. I teach my students strong paragraph development with varies sentence structure and criteria for writing a persuasive essay in preparation for SAT. I focus on revision and editing and have students correct my own writing so that they can identify which revisions are stronger and which parts are incorrect.


I am a licensed teacher who has taught and tutored math through Trigonometry. Algebra is one of my best (and favorite) subjects, so I can offer step by step tutoring to help you master this topic for your ASVAB exam. In addition, I have taught English so am able to support you as you prepare for the Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension sections. I have tutored 2 other students with ASVAB so have developed a series of activities and lesson plans to review for the math knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, vocabulary, general science, and electrical sections of the test.


I am a former literacy teacher experienced with phonics, word families, and visual spelling activities. My students have been most successful learning spelling patterns when physically building words with letters and filling words into boxes that help them visually remember a word's "shape". When helping older students to edit their work for spelling, I encourage them to read their work out loud and use backward editing.

Elementary Math

I hold a specialty license in Elementary Math 1-6. I have served as a district coordinator and have taught at the preschool level for 2 years, in an elementary classroom for 5 years and in grade 6-8 classrooms for 3 years.

Elementary Science

Teacher of summer S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses with elementary, mathematics, and special education licenses is available to tutor. I studied science as an undergraduate and frequently assist with teaching science at my elementary school.

Elementary (K-6th)

I hold a teaching license in Elementary Education.


I am licensed in Elementary & Special Ed, and I taught Kindergarten Literacy for 2 years.

Study Skills

I have tutored for SAT & MCAS. I teach executive functioning, organizational skills, and study skills to students.

Special Needs

I have a License in Special Education Moderate Disabilities. I am currently a Special Education Teacher for students in grades 6-9 who receive services in the pull out setting. I provide consultation to general education teachers including inclusion services. I am familiar with writing and implementing IEP's, following accommodations, and recommending strategies to assist struggling learners.

College Counseling

Since 2013, I have been privately working with students on their CSS profiles (Common App). During this time, I have helped students revise their entrance essays, research scholarship opportunities, and prepare for entrance exams. I have previously accompanied students on college tours, including helping them to prepare a list of relevant questions to ask on their visit. As an academic teacher and parent of a current college student and high school senior, I have both an educational and parental perspective to help you child and you through this task.


I have a Masters degree in Special Education, with a license in SPED.


As a former Montessori teacher, I have taught handwriting as part of a regular school curriculum. Lessons include work with regular script, D'nelian, and traditional penmanship. I generally follow explicit teaching of letter writing with: anti-clockwise letters, stick letters, clockwise letters,diagonal letters, hook links, etc. However, I can also follow Handwriting without Tears if that program is familiar to the children. Focusing on fine motor skills is a critical component to supporting hand writing development, so I will often include fine motor activities within our lessons.

Common Core

As a licensed teacher and former District Coordinator, I am familiar with all aspects of the common core. I have developed curriculum maps and led Professional Development for teachers to help them transition to the Common Core. I have many resources for parents as well.


My son is a non-traditional learner who attends online school. I serve as his Learning Coach, logging his attendance, tracking his assignments, and offering assistance in each subject. Additionally, I have tutored 2 students who were home-schooled.