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Every Student Can Succeed in School!

I love to teach! I love to help students learn! I am a fully qualified teacher, and I have taught children, teens, as well as adults. I also work with GED students, graduate students and English as a Second Language students. In addition, have coached a lot of writers with their books. I have just completed my PhD degree! My students not only enjoy their tutoring sessions but find personal success and achievement. Here's what I believe. I believe that every single child and student can fi... [more]

American History

I am a strong history tutor, specializing in raising grades in World History, US History, Social Studies, and Civics. I make sure that my students not only improve their grades, write excellent papers and essays, but understand and enjoy their history classes. We have fun and the results show how effective I am as a history tutor. Please take a look at all the testimonials in my profile and the strong student satisfaction as indicated by my over 700 5-star rating.


I LOVE vocabulary. The words we use improve virtually every aspect of our lives both in school and outside school. Vocabulary is very easy if you make it fun with games, apps, challenges, and exciting reading filled with context clues. That's how I teach vocabulary!


Grammar is such an important part of English and can make a huge difference in standardized test results. It often seems like a very confusing subject, but it is really easy. There are lots of shortcuts and ways to simplify grammar. I will help you prep for tests, work with you on perfecting your homework, and help you write essays that make you a grammar rock star!

European History

I love history. And can help my students love it too! I create a plan that helps students understand the unique events and patterns in European history - the historical figures, the dates, and the geography. I show students learning skills that they can apply to their homework, assignments, essays, and tests. Please visit my profile to review all my testimonials and over 700 5-star ratings.

General Computer

If you are just getting started, I'm a perfect tutor. With patience, and practice, together we can get the basics nailed down quickly so that your comfort level and confidence go up along with your computer skill set. You will learn basic tools and programs and begin your exciting journey to master the computer.

Microsoft Word

Whether you are a beginner or migrating from a Mac I can bring you up to speed in Microsoft word quickly and effortlessly. You will be writing reports, essays, creating interesting visuals and more using this powerful tool.


Reading is such an important subject all through school. If you are struggling a bit I can help. I have worked successfully with students on helping them score extra credit with homework assignments, submit stronger essays, and do better on tests. Reading is a skill you need for every subjects. Let's work together to polish your reading skills!


I am a writer myself as well as a writing coach. I have helped students improve their writing skills at all academic levels from elementary school right through graduate school. Whether you have to write a short descriptive essay or a PhD dissertation - the skill set you need is fast and easy to learn.


Geography is such an exciting subject. It is vast, and can often be confusing. It is also frequently linked with history and social studies. I can help you unravel the changing global landscape, explain the different countries and regions and how they interact on the world stage. I can prep you for tests, essays, and help with your homework.


My passion is helping students raise their level of English - grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing. I am a teacher and writer myself, and bring loads of patience, amazing resources and a plan of action that results in more confidence for students.


Whether you need to pass the TOEFL for academic or professional credit, or simply improve your confidence level in conversational English, I will be able to help. Working with students to not only strengthen vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure, I also offer in-depth cultural skills to help you more quickly and easily feel at home.


Literature is a subject that will play a major role in your entire educational life. I love literature! And my students grow to love it too. I can help you with all the major components of literature, the tools which are used, the building blocks. I can help you with your literature homework, essays, and tests. You can accomplish all this and more, quickly and without stress.

World History

I have tutored several students in World History and AP World History and helped them improve not only their final grades, but their scores on essays as well as homework, and quizzes throughout the year. I have a special way of teaching world history that is engaging and helps make it more contemporary for today's students.


I have a PhD and a Master's degree, both of which mean that I have had a great deal of experience in preparing for standardized tests like the GRE, and especially the essays required for the exam. As you can see from my testimonials, there are several GRE students who have expressed great satisfaction at their GRE results after tutoring with me.


As a published writer myself, a writing coach, and publishing consultant, I am very familiar with all the proofreading tools which play such an important part in the completion of a manuscript. Proofreading gives your special work that final, all important polish and lets it shine!


I have helped students successfully complete their GED and go on to great jobs and colleges. I am familiar with each of the sections of the GED test. And I am very patient. In addition I make sure my student and I are a team. Together we work out a timeline, subject emphasis, and a solid strategy to get through the test as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

SAT Reading

If you read my testimonials you will see that I have helped students with the SAT and I can help you. It will not take as long as you may think. And it doesn't have to be stressful. I will introduce you to several strategies that will give you some vital support in the SAT

SAT Writing

As a writer myself and a writing coach, I have helped many students do well on the writing portion of the SAT and prepare for their essays. There is a certain formula for crafting a strong SAT essay and I offer my students that formula plus some very useful tips so they can feel confident and achieve their goals.


The TOEFL is a very challenging test. I have helped students improve their outcome in virtually every section of the test, from speaking, to writing, to reading comprehension and more. The academic passages required need a special set of tools for comprehension. The writing sections are much easier with a formula, and the speaking become stronger with taped rehearsal.


I have strong testimonials from former students and their parents about how well they do after tutoring with me for standardized tests, such as the PSAT. Whether it's writing, language, grammar, comprehension, or vocabulary help, know that I can help you achieve your goals.


Spelling is often a tough subject for students, but I can help with tips, strategies, vocab skills, and spelling shortcuts that will help you improve your spelling skills, quickly and without a lot of stress. I can also help with the spelling you will need for your homework and your essays and tests.

ACT Reading

I am a strong ACT tutor, specializing in raising scores on all standardized test. My focus is on language, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. I also provide a solid template for those who wish to write the ACT essay. Please take a look at all the testimonials in my profile and the strong student satisfaction as indicated by my over 700 5-star rating.

ACT English

I am a strong ACT tutor, specializing in raising scores on all standardized test. My focus is on language, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. I also provide a solid template for those who wish to write the ACT essay. Please take a look at all the testimonials in my profile and the strong student satisfaction as indicated by my over 700 5-star rating.

Elementary (K-6th)

I began my teaching career in an elementary school. I was successful in significantly improving scores especially in language arts I also played a role in reviewing and editing grammar materials for use in public schools. I have elementary students successfully and improved their language, math, and other skills. Please take a look at all my testimonials from satisfied parents and my over 700 5-star reviews.


I hold a Bachelors of Education degree (as well as a PhD) which qualifies me to teach elementary school and middle school subjects such as phonics. In addition, I recently completed a post graduate course in education at Harvard!

Study Skills

I have earned two undergraduate degrees: A BA and a B.Ed both from the University of Toronto and my Master's Degree at Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary. I am currently working on my PhD. I am a professional teacher and writer and include among my study skill credits the following: I have researched in-depth topics on finance, education, and new technology and these have all resulted in published books; I have received straight A's in all my courses for my Master's Degree including academic writing and research skills; I have a strong background in online research, not only for myself, but also for the many authors who seek my services as a professional writer.


I am the founder and manager of a nonprofit organization for business owners interested in virtual worlds. We currently have over 4,000 members. In this capacity I organized all the business documents, prepared the marketing plans, and financials. I also manage a remote team of assistants and interns. In addition, I ran a consulting firm in the area of publishing. In this capacity I worked with publishers and writers to ensure that books were written, edited, published and marketed. One of the authors who engaged my firm ended up on the New York Times bestseller list. I am also the editor of a book on virtual leadership for businesses and organizations. I hold a Master's Degree and am currently working on a PhD Degree in the area of leadership.


In addition to being a professional teacher and coach, I also run a new technology association with over 4000 members. As the Executive Director, my online marketing skills have grown this organization from a handful of members to over 4000 in just three years. In addition, I have used my marketing and media skills to create a series of articles, which have been published in national publications. And finally, I have developed strategic marketing plans for authors which resulted in six figure publishing deals for them with major publishing houses. Finally, I have been the executive producer and host of my own TV series on PBS, a project which I conceived and marketed to them successfully.

Social Studies

Social studies is the study of human society, considered as an educational discipline. I am a graduate of the University of Toronto with a double degree - a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. I have just completed my Master's degree. My areas of specialization were history, sociology and women's studies which involved political and social history in the area of equal rights.