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Math and business tutor

Hello All: I am Jim, also known as "Jim The Math Guy" or "King Tutor." I have over 30 years in the field of math education and have taught at places as diverse as prison and parole programs to accredited universities. I have owned my own tutoring agency for the last 10 years, although my major partner has a health challenge and we are slowly closing the agency. I have tutored for a recognized national tutoring service for 3 years. I am currently teaching math at the Art Institu... [more]

Algebra 1

The basics of algebra are a very interesting series of processes and procedures. In my tutoring I review essential math (whole numbers to ratios) and then begin to introduce the solution of easy equations, leading to the most difficult. I use the student's text. I bring additional supplementary material to reinforce concepts and processes for practice. My goal is to assist the student to complete the course, not to create a 'math major'.

Algebra 2

I have taught mathematics for the last 30 years. Yet, I am not a high school teacher. I teach in job training programs, trade schools, art institutes and at universities and community colleges. I cover all subjects from Developmental Math (whole numbers and fractions) through subjects like statistics, finite math and calculus. I specialize in subjects like algebra, geometry and trigonometry. I currently teach Algebra for the Art Institute of Tampa, South University and Sanford-Brown College. I have tutored high school students for the last 15 years - either through my own agency, through national tutoring services, or through WyzAnt. I also tutor for standardized tests. I live in Largo, so that arranging sessions should not be a problem.


I have taught geometry for the past 20 years. Although not a high school teacher, I have tutored many students taking geometry classes in high schools, community colleges, trade schools and at the university level. I am aware there are really two types of geometry being taught. The one just deals with areas and perimeters, while the other deals with proofs of parallel lines, circles, triangles, algebra, lines, angles, etc. I am familiar with both types and have taught both types. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering, a Masters both in Adult Education and Business administration. I have been a tutor with other agencies and with my own agency for 20 years. I tutor high school students as well as college and trade school students. I reside in Largo.

Microsoft Word


I love teaching prealgebra because it involves many basic math topics. My strength is to take complicated methods, processes and procedures and to make them very easy to understand. I do this by first knowing the student and their capabilities, their interests and their weaknesses and explaining and showing examples that the student can relate to. I have taught basic algebra, as well as higher math, for 30 years. I have tutored for an agency and on my own for 15 years. I tutor either in the local library or at the student's home (under adult supervision). My background includes time as a Chemical Engineer, Program Manager, small business owner (pet shop and advertising specialties store) in addition to my years of experience as a teacher, professor and tutor.


I have been an educator for the past 30 years. While not a high school teacher, I have tutored high school students for the past 10 years in a wide variety of math-based subjects including chemistry and physics. I have taught and tutored math classes ranging from Developmental Math (fractions and percents) to the higher level classes of Calculus, Statistics and Finite Math. I have taught at community colleges, universities, trade and technical schools. I currently teach math at two Art and Technical Institutes. I have two masters degrees (in Education and Business Administration) and a bachelors in Chemical Engineering.


I have taught trigonometric principles, processes and procedures in trade schools, building programs, technical schools, universities and community colleges for the last 30 years. I have developed two trig courses for online use, and use very practical examples in presenting trig concepts. I currently work for an art institute teaching math, including trig, to graphic artists, fashion designers and interior decorators. All of these degrees incorporate trig concepts into their designs. I have a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and masters degrees in Adult Education and Business Administration. I have taught at Pasco-Hernando Community College, St. Petersburg College, Schiller University, and ITT Technical Institute, among others. As you can see my experience is with adult students and I am proficient in presenting math concepts with real-world examples.

SAT Math

Hi. I have tutored for the SAT math test for both my own tutoring agency and at a nationally known tutoring service. I have 30 years of educational experience in traditional and non-traditional programs. I currently teach math at an art school, yet, have taught at training programs, community colleges, junior colleges and at the university level. I do use the standardized test preparation books and supplement the lessons there with additional material to reinforce concepts that the student is not grasping as well as they need to.


I have worked with students preparing for the ASVAB for the last 10 years at my own tutoring agency and working for other tutoring agencies. I am aware that this test truly emphasizes certain academic skills while ignoring others.


I have taught probability at Junior Colleges, 'career' colleges and community colleges. I have taken graduate courses in probability and statistics. My approach is very practical and I use examples that the students are very familiar with - especially related to their major or their course of study. I present the processes using a step-by-step method that the student writes down in their notes with many examples.

ACT Math

As a math teacher for the last 30 years, at institutions as varied as prisons and universities, I feel that I am qualified to instruct for the ACT math test. I have taught basic math (whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percents) to a variety of students in community colleges, trade and technical schools and junior colleges. The same applies to courses in algebra, geometry, calculus, finite math, linear algebra and statistics, among others. I have tutored for the ACT test, either through my own agency or while working for recognized tutoring services for 15 years. I live in Largo and have a flexible schedule. I work full time at an art institute and part time at a technical institute as well as tutor.

ACT Science

I have tutored for the science portion of the ACT and SAT for many years with my own agency, WyzAnt, Thumbtack and a national tutoring agency. My background as a chemical engineer has provided me with many insights into the questions that are being asked. I currently teach math classes for Art Institute of Tampa, South University, Stautzenberger University and the Ultimate Medical Academy. At these 'career' colleges I try to make the lessons as relevant as possible - to get the student through the course while understanding the processes and procedures involved. I use examples from the student's discipline to make the lessons practical. I live in Largo and have a somewhat flexible schedule. I have degrees from the University of Cincinnati (BS Chemical Engineering), an MBA from Wilmington College and an M. ED from the University of Cincinnati.

Elementary Math

Study Skills

I have been assisting students with their study skills for many years. I have taught study skills to high school students during tutoring sessions and formal classes in Study Skills at Art Institute of Tampa, ITT Tech, PHCC, SPC and other schools. I look at the completeness of the student's notebook and make suggestions to its improvement. I review time management and assist the student to set up a 'homework' schedule. I review the method the student uses to complete their 'homework' and test preparation techniques. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering and masters degrees in Adult Education and Business Administration. I have taught math at the Art Institute of Tampa and at ITT Technical Institute (Tampa) for the past 8 years and at St. Petersburg College and Pasco-Hernando Community College for 10 years before that.


I have a masters degree in business administration. I have owned and managed a pet store, a consulting business, a luncheonette and an advertising specialties firm. I have owned and managed a tutoring firm for the last 10 years. I worked in the chemical industry as a chemical engineer for 7 years. I have been executive director and director of studies for educational and training firms (both profit and non-profit) for 15 years. I have been in the adult education field for the past 30 years.


I have tutored the CLAST test given at community and junior colleges for the past 18 years. I create practice tests for students based on prior test questions and sit next to them as they think through each question. I am interested in the answers (as the student should be) but am more interested in having the student talk out their thinking and computing processes. By using this method I may more accurately diagnose student difficulties in calculations and thinking processes. This leads me to more easily propose solutions in these areas.