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Experienced and Knowledgeable Ivy-League Tutor

I am determined to help students to succeed in the classroom! I graduated from Harvard University in 2008 and am looking to provide intensive and personalized academic tutoring to students from all backgrounds. Education serves as a critical tool to facilitate the development of future leaders that will revolutionize the world! As an experienced tutor, I work diligently with my students to nurture their gifts so that their educational experience is fun, engaging, and rewarding. I have v... [more]

Algebra 1

I believe that I am qualified to tutor in Algebra 1 due to my significant tutoring experience while teaching this subject. I have experience tutoring students to complete their end of course examination in Algebra along with preparing students to complete Algebra problems that were on standardized tests such as the STAAR examination. My experience in Algebra includes assisting students in the classroom and completing in-home tutorials as well. I am a believer in practice and repetition, therefore I encourage my students to work additional problems outside of their coursework to help them to gain a better understanding of the material.




I am qualified to tutor in Geometry as I have significant experience tutoring in this subject. In college, I worked as a tutor extensively in Algebra and Geometry, and prepared students to perform well on their final examinations and state mandated performance assessments. I prepared students to complete the mathematics portion of the MCAS and STAAR exam, and this included Algebra and Geometry. My tutoring methods involve explaining the critical concepts and providing my students with opportunities to work practice problems to increase their understanding and to increase their confidence.


A strong foundation in PreAlgebra helps to lay the foundation to learn higher mathematics such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, etc. I work diligently with students in PreAlgebra to help them to understand and master the critical skills in this area. Learning effective strategies and having extensive opportunities to work problems are essential to succeed in PreAlgebra!



Elementary Math

As an elementary math tutor, I work with students to build a solid foundation in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I strive to make sure that my lesson plans complement what the student is currently learning in school and focus on his/her problem areas as well. My tutoring experience includes preparing students to complete required state exams such as the STAAR exam.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I believe that I am qualified tutor Elementary (K-6th) students due to the fact that I have more than 10 years of working with students in this area. I accrued a multitude of skills and strategies and educate my students on critical areas such as reading and pronouncing words correctly, making inferences and drawing conclusions, and helping my students to identify the main idea and themes within the texts that they read. Additionally, I work with students in elementary mathematics and help them to master the fundamental skills to excel in this subject area such as, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing single digit and multiple digit numbers, and working with fractions. Furthermore, I instruct my students on taking great notes and critical test taking strategies to help them to pass required state examinations such as the STAAR test and MCAS, respectively. I believe that it is imperative to build and to cultivate the basic skills, which creates a solid foundation for the students as they continue to grow as learners.

Study Skills

With over ten years of experience in tutoring students in a wide variety of subjects, I believe that my biggest strengths as a tutor are my ability to improve my student's problem solving, critical thinking, and studying skills. I am a proponent of active studying techniques, meaning that I will work diligently with my students to continually improve their ability to absorb and to readily recall important concepts to help them to improve within their subject area. Rather than passively engaging with the material, I help my students to make study flash cards, to take better notes when reading the text, to make create mnemonic devices to remember specific concepts, and to create practice questions to continually test whether they understand the material. When studying, I want my students to focus on the bigger picture and to analyze how the parts of the text or problem contribute to the larger main idea or concept that is being tested. Lastly, I encourage my students to be become more efficient with their studying time. I believe in breaking their studying time in to smaller portions, which allows them to concentrate solely at the task at hand and to maximize their ability to learn. These techniques tend to facilitate the biggest improvements observed in my students.


I have significant experience working with students to help them to prepare for this critical test, which includes one to one tutoring, group tutoring, and online tutoring as well. I work diligently with my students to educate them on successful studying and test taking strategies to maximize their scores . Additionally, I reinforce my students' understanding of the essential concepts that they will be tested on by providing them with supplemental activities such as practice problems, quizzes, and tests. I encourage my students to actively engage with the subject matter that will be presented on the test and try to simulate the testing conditions that they will experience during our tutoring sessions. As a result, my students tend to be more comfortable with the test and to effectively apply the strategies learned to perform well.