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Highly Qualified Writing/Speaking Tutor, Dozen Books Published

Although I won the Funniest Person in New York City, I am serious about making certain that you reach your potential. I attended the University of Nebraska and majored in speech, minoring in English. Teaching English for 27 years, however, prepared me to tutor students who were struggling with composition outside of the classroom. Helping those students gain admission to the colleges of their choice might have been the most meaningful part of my lengthy career. If you need to cure Coll... [more]


In my bestselling textbook on the applications of communication, I wrote a section for every chapter on vocabulary building. In an ideal word, each child would fall in love with those words. Learning the power of words would follow naturally. Unfortunately, we don't live in that perfect world. If students, though, can associate the meaning of each word with something they like, their attitude toward vocabulary changes. Sometimes students can use cards to drill but it's largely about seeing the words while making a positive association that better guarantees strong working vocabularies.


Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Updike said about my writing that I had "a lively style that can take care of itself." Let me help you breathe new life into your style. Have had twelve books published and that has given me a great deal of experience with learning how to edit. I can teach you how to edit your own work. If you treat the written word with respect, you are well on your way to significantly improving your writing.


A former State Teacher of the Year, I taught English for 27 years in four different states. My experience in teaching both in private and public schools gives me the background to better serve you. Having published a dozen trade and textbooks means that we can focus on what it takes to be a successful writer. Since I am familiar with fiction and nonfiction, exploring literature will be a more meaningful journey. Please join me on that journey.


If you teach literature for 27 years you have what the Greeks called a "storehouse of knowledge." Furthermore, my experience in writing twelve published books has given me an understanding of how literature is born. The plot is grounded in you contacting me, the action follows as we discuss the important elements in a book, and the dialog begins with me thanking you for making the tutoring process a pleasure.


When I took the PSA many years ago, I received a perfect score on the verbal part of the exam. You would hire me if you realize that almost every tutor is weaker in either math or English. English teachers have the skills to help a student ace the reading comprehension questions as well as the writing and usage inquiries. My suggestion would be to use the Khan Academy web site for math. It's free and the student can focus on math questions understood. A simple practice test in a Math for the GED prep book is a student's best bet. Reading comprehension questions are less specific. They do not require calculation, they require judgment. My 27 years of tutoring experience is a lifetime of making such judgments.

SAT Reading

Having co-authored a book on SAT reading that was a bestseller on Amazon, I believe should give you some comfort. I will teach you about the principles and strategies necessary to maximizing your potential. We will use practice exercises so that you will understand exactly how to increase your score. Let me help you begin your journey to excellence.

SAT Writing

Since I co-authored a book on the SAT essay that reached #1 on Amazon in its category, you will know that you are working with an experienced tutor. We will focus on the principles, strategies and practice exercises necessary to help you maximize your potential. The approach we use will be customized for you based on your areas of weakness.


I have taught English for 27 years, often to non-native speakers. My experience in teaching English prepared me to tutor students in reading and writing. Having co-authored the bestselling speech textbook in America has prepared me to tutor students in speaking and listening. In fact, I wrote an entire chapter just on listening. Moreover, I have had a dozen books published and that has given me extensive experience in writing questions that require comprehension ability. Finally, I have co-authored four books on standardized tests and two of them reached #1 on Amazon in the test preparation category. So I understand what is at stake and how to help students maximize their potential.


ACT Reading

The fact that I co-authored a book on ACT reading that reached #1 on Amazon should give you some comfort. I will work with you on the principles, strategies and practice exercises you need to make certain that you maximize your potential on this part of the ACT exam. We will diagnose your areas of weakness and then design an approach to help you master the necessary skills.

ACT English

I co-authored a book on the ACT Essay that was a bestseller on Amazon. Couple that experience with my 27 years of teaching English and you will begin to understand why you might want me to be your tutor. The twelve books that I have had published prepared me to help you. Furthermore, my work with topnotch editors gave me an extensive background in the subject of English. Let me share what I learned.

Study Skills

Developing study skills requires careful analysis. Much like visiting a doctor, each student is diagnosed to determine the right protocol. Often the student needs help in mastering time management. If the student is not interested in the subject, I use different strategies to change attitudes. When the student is personally invested in the outcome, chances are greater that there will be marked improvement. A plan must be created based on the uniqueness of that child. I have had the good fortune to work with students who had almost every imaginable challenge. For example, many students suffer from aliteracy. They can read but they don't. Most can overcome aliteracy if the tutor introduces students to materials that are both worthwhile and engaging. The goal is to work hard but to make learning joyful.