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Tutoring, Homework Helper and SAT Prep in Math and Computer Science

Hi Everybody, My name is Eli, and I may be the ideal tutor for you! I recently received my Ph.D. from Capella University. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Mathematics. I tutor students in Math (pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and general Math, Caluclus), and test prep (GED, GRE, SHSAT, SAT). I teach and use the MS Office Suite(EXCEL, OFFICE, ACCESS) in my personal life and at the college level. Besides tutoring, I also have 30 years of work experience for IBM. I have experienc... [more]

Algebra 1

Place values, powers of 10 notation. Computation with all types of fractions. Computations with decimals. Common denominators. Word problems. Order of operations. Exponents

Algebra 2

* Computations involving fractions and exponents * "Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally" * Solving equations * Equations of lines * Parallel, perpendicular, parallel and vertical lines * Slopes * Solving linear equations * Quadratic equations and conic sections * Matrices * Use of word problems in formulating mathematical solutions * etc...etc.

Microsoft Excel

Data entry, SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, Sorting, Group Functions, =IF, Graphics


Lines (parallel, perpendicular, vertical, horizontal), slopes, triangles, angles, area, perimeter and volumes. Algebraic interface with geometry.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic slide creation. NOTE taking. Insertion of graphics and spreadsheets. Automatic timing. Morphging from one slide to another. Text boxes.


Place values, powers of 10 notation, order of operations, solving basic equations, solving word problems, area, volume, perimeter, coin problems.


Factoring, factor trees, geometry, trigonometry, number theory, word problems.

SAT Math

* Numbers and operations * Algebra and functions * Geometry and measurement * Data analysis, statistics, and probability (10?15%)



I have been teaching C, C# and C++ at the college level for the past 8 years. I have developed a series of PowerPoint slides on this subject for instructional purposes


COBOL is an English language based computer program. It was one of the first languages. The components of COBOL are sentences and paragraphs. To add the contents of two variables you might use ADD VARA TO VARB GIVING VARC. The data types of the variables must be defined before they are used.

Computer Programming

I have been teaching computer programming since its commercial inception more than 50 years ago. This is what I did when I graduated college in 1964. I used Autocoder, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, Visual Basic, and the C's. We initially also taught flowcharting to help the students transfer from regular thinking to the way a computer thinks. I have taught about the differences between assembly languages to modern day "macro based" languages.


FORTRAN stands for FORTRAN TRANSLATION. It was one of the first programming languages. It dealt with implementing mathematical equations. One of the key features is that it recognized a FLOATING POINT variable. A typical addition operation might be A = B + C It is used in order of operations to evaluate mathematical expressions. It was not very good at text formatting.

Microsoft Access

I teach MS ACCESS as part of an Introduction to Database course at the college level. We discuss table definition, table data population, simple and complex queries. We also discuss sorting and groups. We also look at FORMS and REPORTS. We do these items using the WIZARDS also.


I currently teach Oracle, PL/SQL, Oracle Database Administration. I discuss tablespaces and their optimal size and placement. I discuss blocksizes. We talk about composite limits and auditing. I talk about code optimization and indexing using TKPROF.

Visual Basic

I have taught Visual Basic as part of an Introduction to Programming and Logic at the college level for over 4 years. We taught macros and forms.

Microsoft Project

I have used MS Project as part of a Systems Analysis and Design course. We created a project and looked at the financial aspects using MS EXCEL. We then used MS Project to create a PERT chart for the project. We looked at a viable range of start and end dates based on dependencies in the project.