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Charles N.


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American and African-American History Expert

Hello: I?m Dr. Charles and I look forward to sharing this opportunity to work with you. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am from Madisonville, KY, originally and my mother is a retired school teacher. I worked as a civilian for the U.S. Army as a buyer after receiving my masters degree in Public Affairs. I left the government to become faculty with a local college in St. Louis, MO, and have been a full-time educator since 1994. My teaching philosophy has been one where I try to help... [more]

American History

Microsoft Word

I have had to learn Microsoft Word and various Office Suite products over the years as college/university faculty for my courses and to assist my students.

Government & Politics

World History

My particular areas of expertise are: U.S. history, World Civilization and African-American history. I particularly like European and Asian history and how both were influenced by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in some ways.


I have experience awarding federal government contracts which required me to know federal contracting laws and that was also developed through taking a formal course on government contract law. My doctoral studies included courses in: Legal Issues for African-American Businesses, Procurement and Acquisitions Management and Legal Issues for Small Business Organizations have also taught business law at the college level.

Study Skills

Study skills are important and I have worked with college and graduate school students to help them organize their course material by color-coding their daily notes, how to read text chapters or articles by focusing on the important sentences in a paragraph and how to read assignment instructions to make sure everything is covered. Serving as a Wyz-Ant tutor with an MBA student, we work on organizing her notes and class assignments on a weekly basis. With my assistance, she earned an ?A? in the first course I worked with her on and is on her way to the same grade with the current course in which I?m tutoring her.


I hold a Ph.D. in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I founded my consulting practice in 1990 and as a full Professor of Management, I have taught business and Management courses at the university level for over twenty years.

Career Development

I have had over twenty years experience as a career consultant assisting clients with resume writing, job search strategies or preparing for interviews. It has been a pleasure to have presented workshops or seminars on these topics to the Federally Employed Women, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, KY State Conference and for the Hopkins Country Library Community service program.


I have taught business and management subjects for over twenty years including basic marketing. In many of the entrepreneurship programs, I've taught, students were required to submit either a business plan or a marketing plan or both which I had to evaluate for correctness and/or potential effectiveness. My business plan in my doctoral program required a marketing aspect. I have lectured on/taught Porter?s Five Forces product differentiation concepts. I?ve served as a paid consultant writing advertising copy for Fleming Communications (St. Louis, MO).

Social Studies

I hold a B.S. in history and Political Science. Social Studies was one of my favorite courses in Jr. High school and I have published articles on historical information. Currently, I'm a full Professor of Management with Mid-Continent University.

Political Science

My undergraduate degree is a dual degree in history and political science. I have volunteered to work in political campaigns, served as a legislative intern for the 1984 KY General Assembly and I keep up with political activity through reading Time, Fast Company and watching political themed shows on television. My master in public affairs is actually a graduate degree in Public Administration. I also have taught the following courses at the college level: POLS 121 American Government and Politics, POLS 116 State and Local Government and BSAD 0400 Business and Government Relations.