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Jeff S.


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Jeff S from Warren

I came to education as a second career and always enjoy seeing the light bulb go on when understanding reaches the student. I look for ways to reach each student where they are, and take them to where they want to go. A lifetime of experience in business and education, I have a good background in many basic studies. I have been a classroom teacher in robotics and social studies and have been a learning lab teacher and supervisor for all subjects in a computer and adult education environmen... [more]

American History

Cert teacher in MI, RX--all social studies.



Microsoft Excel

European History

General Computer

From robotics to spreadsheet/databases, my experience can help you reach your goals with technology. I enjoy using computers and other education technology so much so that I have been working on my PhD in educational technology.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


Reading can be a challenge, but there are several ways to help a struggling reader! Part of the MI certification requirements focus is in reading. This is the key to be able to understand all subjects! I have completed case study reviews and had occasion to write one myself. I outline methods and strategies for developing reading skills that will translate to all subjects.





Speaking and understanding can be difficult for ESL students. I look to help with understanding in enunciation, meaning and overall understanding through student interest areas. My background with taking foreign languages also has helped me understand some of the difficulties of learning a language to communicate in. I would be able to do tutoring online as well. There is a new live option with WyzAnt!

Government & Politics

I have an undergraduate degree in political science and economics, government and social science teacher in both k-12 and college level courses.

World History

As a social studies teacher, I am qualified for any of the social sciences but do have a special affection for history both local to world. Being an immigrant to the US, I tend to see things a little differently sometimes. Seeing the other perspective makes the stories of the past come alive, it is not just dates but reasons and motives that make the difference!



GED prep is a broad based test you must spend time preparing for. Core subjects are important and you must figure out how to use and augment what you know with techniques and information from the test prep course.


I've completed a BA and ME and over 1/2 of a PhD. I've used basic and applied spelling tools as well as had personal experience.

Elementary Math

I have a background in education that includes math for GED and general applications. Elementary math was not a major, but has always been incorporated in my lesson plans as part of projects in robotics and other areas of interest.

Elementary Science


Economics was my undergraduate minor and I have taught economics classes in college.


Economics was my undergraduate minor and I have taught economics classes in college.


I have an educational background in Michigan, and am a certified teacher for MI. Phonics use was what I learned on as a child and have used in many educational circumstances. This gives me over 40 years' experience as a student/teacher.

Study Skills

I am a certified teacher in MI. The use of techniques for retaining and retrieving information. How best to study is to be efficient in your efforts to learn new information. Study skills are the basis for education (or should be) and I have several techniques that have proven successful with a variety of students.


The relationship of people and the transactions they use to create and exchange goods and services with each other. I have a Master's degree in administration science, have owned a small business and been an employee of small and large companies. My accounting classes were 4.0.

Microsoft Access

I am a volunteer Access manager for a local nonprofit, and created (and continue to redesign according to needs) a program for reporting and statistics/paperless file system. Ongoing. Recently I had a student in Access with a very good recommendation. i am a former computer teacher for charter school in Detroit and am working on a PhD in education technology.


The behavior of groups. What people do collectively and the reason for that action is the purview of sociology. My sociology class credits number approximately 30-35 in both graduate and undergraduate classes. I have taught sociology at the college level.

Social Studies

Social studies is the umbrella of subjects like history, economics, geography, and political science. I am certified as a social studies teacher in Michigan (expired). MI certified social studies teacher-all subject areas.

Political Science

My undergraduate degree is in political science so I bring that basic understanding to many new applications. Understanding political science is the best and worst of history, sociology and economics rolled into one! I have further bolstered study in my graduate education and teaching credential as well.