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Stephen E.


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I have years of experience successfully managing and operating a design business. I also have years of experience at the corporate level writing and creating graphics for custom designed "How to" manuals for an outsourcing company. Part of that experience was the successful training of entry level and management level personnel in my area of expertise. I have sponsored homeless children similar to Big Brothers through an organization called "Children's Village" located in Dobbs Ferry, Ne... [more]

Microsoft PowerPoint


I have years of experience researching many varied subjects for writing projects. I enjoy reading books, daily news reports, current discoveries in the sciences and events in the creative arts. One of the most joyful things I have accomplished is to sponsor orphans from an organization called "Children's Village". It is very similar in nature to "Big Brothers". Children as well as adults need to be reassured and encouraged to learn new things. They need to know that they are very good at some things and need to improve in other things. That goes for all of us.


Elementary Science

I have a good knowledge of earth and space science. I grew up in New York and attended many of the skyshows and classes at the New York Planeterium which is part of the NY Museum of Natural History. Math and science go hand in hand. Learning the basics of adding, subtracting and multiplying can be a rewarding experience. Once mastered it is a "confidence builder". First a few examples to show how it's done. Then the student is given some sample lessons to be walked through and then on their own. The science lessons are taken from the student's books and discussed back and forth. Interaction and reassurance of their of progress are essential elements in passing along the knowledge.

Study Skills

My experience in preparing for many different professional and personal scenarios has proved successful. I am extremely organized and methodical in my approach for researching and creating procedures to accomplish my goals. I have created step by step procedures for entry level personnel leaving nothing to the imagination. I have utilized and/or created logs and forms; electronic and hard copy, to record progress and prerequisite requirements to advance step by step. I have compiled all the above to create customized manuals for entry level personnel in the outsourcing industry. Additionally I have successfully trained entry level and management level personnel in my areas of expertise. Study procedure: 1. Retrieve/research necessary information 2. Take notes of pertinent information 3. Review above to confirm and/or retain information 4. Prepare a quiz/test asking questions of fact and related areas. 5. Review results of test/quiz to assess needs of the student, i.e., strong and weak areas. 5. Prepare a second test/quiz to follow through on progress.

Hard of Hearing

I am hard of hearing myself. Today most people use the term "hearing impaired". I attended the New York League for the Hard of Hearing between the ages of 6 and 10 years of age. I studied lip reading and speech. I wear hearing aides today and I am experienced in interacting with other people who are hearing impaired. I am well educated through life experience and research in the various aspects of this condition.