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I am a very passionate individual who cares about tutoring and assisting others in their own growth. My background is in Higher-Education, Instructional Design, On-line Education and Tutoring. I am a dynamic and results-oriented professional with 10+ years of experience in on-line training, tutoring and management of learning (University-level teaching and substitute teaching). At present, I hold a Masters in Instructional Technology (M.S.Ed) and a Masters (M.A.) in Organizational Leadership.... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I have more than 15+ years of experience working with Excel Spreadsheets. Not only do I have a Master?s degree in Technology, but I also have an Associates Degree as an Office Professional, and a MOS Certification in Excel, so I am considered an Expert. I have taught 2010, 2013 and 2016 at McHenry County College, Upper Iowa University and Kishwaukee College for the past five years. I am fluent in creating Excel spreadsheets, extremely patient with my learners as Excel can be confusing and stressful; therefore, I create many mini lessons breaking down the content so it is easier to learn. I begin with the simplest tasks like learning the Ribbon and how to navigate through an Excel Spreadsheet then we work on adding text into each cell. We work our way up to adding charts, formulas, inserting functions, images, webpages and making the spreadsheet look professional. At every step of the way, I model how to use Excel in a slow and clear way, so that my learners are not lost. I can tutor all versions of Excel such as 2003, 2010, 2013, as well as, the most recent version 2016. I love creating excel spreadsheets that have all the formulas and calculations all ready added into the cells so all I have to do later is add the data and charts. I teach students more than one way to add or calculate a formula as there are many different learning styles and everyone learns differently.

General Computer

I have taught Computer Literacy and Computer Digital Media at McHenry County College from August 2012 to August 2017 and at Kishwaukee College from August 2016 to August 2017. I introduce the students to Computers, the internet, hardware, software and I teach them how to set up a Microsoft account using OneDrive and how to stay safe online. In these classes, the students also learn to navigate through Windows 7, Windows 10 and learn how to use many types of application software?s. Finally, I teach them about networking and security, which also covers how to keep your information private.

Microsoft Word

I have used Microsoft word for more than 15+ years for both my professional and educational background, so I can say that I have expert experience working with a word processing software. I can tutor all versions of Word such as 2003, 2010, 2013, as well as, the most recent version 2016, as I have been teaching for more than five years in this area. I also have a MOS certification in Microsoft Word. When I teach Microsoft Word, I begin with introducing the terminology, then I model how to use the ribbon, tab by tab, and then I demonstrate with the students how to do each task; as they practice each command they become familiar with the Ribbon and the basic commands, so they are ready to create a word document. Students learn how to format documents such as Memos, block and modified block style letters, essays, and other various types of short and long reports. I teach students how to format title and reference pages, add tables, borders, shading, columns, page numbers, images, and so much more by the end of the class the student should be an expert Word user.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I have more than 15+ years of experience working with PowerPoint Presentations and an educational background M.S.Ed. in Instructional Design, Certified Technology Specialist, and a MOS certification, so I am considered an expert in this field. My extensive knowledge of designing a PowerPoint has allowed me to create presentations for professional growth, educational growth, demonstrations, orientations for new hires, faculty training, administration seminars, tutoring and teaching. As a teacher, I have designed PowerPoint Presentations to instruct, communicate important information, and to collaborate with others. I can tutor you for you know how to create a PowerPoint Presentation that communicates your ideas clearly, as well as, the presentation looks fantastic. PowerPoint's can be used across platforms like Google Docs, shared links, or shared in the cloud; A PowerPoint can also be exported as a video, to other formats such as a PDF, or DVD. Finally, A PowerPoint is more than just words and images placed on some slides, as it is a Powerful way to share your skills and it should be designed with some thought and purpose behind every presentation.


For the last five years, I have taught students online and face to face Business Administration classes such as Computer Literacy, Office procedures, Keyboarding, Transcription, and various other Technology classes. I have extensive experience writing academic lesson plans, designing curriculum and using assessments to gage where a student needs more assistance. I am fluent in Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 software programs. As a business-owner, I have hands on experience promoting a business, calculating taxes, writing business plans and grants, marketing and social media.

Desktop Publishing

I have taught college students in an online class how to use and navigate through the Desktop Publishing Software. Students learn how to create professional looking business publications, flyers, brochures, advertisements, mailing labels, newsletters, business cards, and various other projects. I teach them how to create professional looking web pages using Microsoft Desktop Publisher. In addition to this, I teach the students the importance of using instructional design principles that demonstrate a visually appealing and legible publication, how to collaborate ideas with others, and how to pay attention to details like margins, font sizes, and the overall appearance and accuracy of their work in order to meet strict deadlines. Lastly, I have prepared instruction manuals, how-to-guides, and PDF flyers for administration and faculty.

Microsoft Access

I have more than 15+ years of experience working with Access Databases. Not only do I have a Master?s degree in Technology, but I also have an Associates Degree as an Office Professional, and a MOS Certification in Access. I have taught Access classes at McHenry County College, Upper Iowa University, Blackhawk Technical College and Kishwaukee College for the past five years. Access can be a bit intimidating since there is so much to learn, so in the beginning of each class I walk the students through a few basic processes, which include how to navigate the learning management system, how to locate their Instructional Materials, how to locate videos and of course the Microsoft links for each video in case they can?t get it to open. I also demonstrate how to open and download the videos so they can watch them as needed later for review. I use a lot of examples, hands on demonstration and tutorials both printed and narrated videos with step-by-step instructions so students don?t get overwhelmed. Each unit is broken up into smaller units. I have taught this class many different ways and showing the students where everything is in the beginning seems to work the best. Next, I walk the students through the Ribbon slowly explaining each tab and going a littler deeper each time we come across a new function and again reminding them how it relates to building a database or table. I introduce new vocabulary as needed to reinforce the term. Throughout the course I use hands on learning, demonstration and discussion. Now the students are ready to build their first step-by-step database.

Microsoft Outlook

I have many professional years of working with Outlook email as an administrative assistant and I have used it in my own personal life over the years. Outlook has great features to keep you organized. I have taught it for the last five years at McHenry County College along with my Computer Literacy class. In this class, I start out by introducing the students to Outlook email and assisting them in setting up their account and accessing the rest of the Microsoft 365 in their OneDrive account. I make sure the students can navigate through the ribbon and all the tabs, I teach them how to be organized, how to manage their important emails, and how to search for older emails. I even teach them how to create new folders in Outlook, move files, send attachments, and set up group contact lists. I even show them how to schedule appointments and invite others into a group meeting and add others to the calendar. Outlook is a great email tool that allows you to send out group emails, collaborate with others online by sharing files, create notes and share them in OneNote, and invite others to a skype meeting. Outlook is more than just an email service, it allows you to stay connected on the go as it has many features that make it easy to get your job done as quickly as possible with one click you can send out group emails, collaborate with others online, schedule meetings with others and share files all from your phone.

Microsoft Windows

I have taught Computer Literacy and Computer Digital Media at McHenry County College from August 2012 to August 2017 and at Kishwaukee College from August 2016 to August 2017, as well as at Blackhawk Technological College. I introduce new vocabulary and teach them what each item is called and how to use the desktop buttons. In addition, to those skills I teach them how to explore Microsoft Windows version 7, 8 and 10. The students learn how the operating system works and how to navigate through the desktop; they learn how to use their taskbar, window titles, detail panel, locate their files in the library, and they learn how to organize their files within the folders and subfolders. I teach them a few different ways to create and name new folders, save files and where to find them later. The students learn common Window Shortcuts and navigation such as how to resize windows, how to view files differently such as by list, details, large icons or small and how to sort them by date, type or in alphabetical order. The students learn more than 100 shortcut commands to help them learn how to use the Windows operating system at a more advanced level of learning. Not to mention, I teach the students how to multitask using more than one screen at a time, so they can have more than one software application open at the same time.


While I owned an operated my own daycare, I home-schooled my 4 children and taught them at home from August of 2001 to June of 2006. During that time, I taught all subject matters K-12 (as the boys were only 15 months apart so each had their own grade level), which included teaching subjects such as math, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary for each grade, history, art, science, literature, and general computer skills and typing. I developed and designed written lesson plans and graded all their work. I used the Alpha Omega curriculum and various other resources as needed to challenge them and to make it more engaging. The children learned how to use the computer and the internet so they could do some research which made it fun while they learned. I combined learning, studying, technology, traveling and other outings so they would always be interested in learning. As an example, we took the children to the Dells and while we were there they learned about the state, the region, and some history of when it became a state, what type of people migrated there and other interesting facts that we found on our trip. Each child had their own guidelines to write an essay. The children had regular assessments in all subjects and they took a variety of classes at Hallstrom Christian based Home school. I also taught a class there such as mythology, and assisted other teachers with grading and other activities as needed.