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Learn Spanish from Experienced Pro, or Sharpen Other Academic Skills.

After returning stateside from living in Panama for 14 years (missionary), I became a bilingual paraprofessional, working each day in a public school. I really enjoy helping kids become successful in learning. In the public school system, I have worked with both reading and math interventions. I have also taken ADD+Vantage Early Math Recovery Training . This is aimed at young elementary students who struggle greatly with basic math concepts. I also speak fluent Spanish and have worked a gr... [more]

American History




Have had several valuable and current training that enable me to help kids better, and may help them enjoy learning, too. I work with kids on reading and comprehension skills every day, also.


Fluent Spanish. Lived in Panama for 14 years Currently work as a bilingual paraprofessional. Am used to teaching ESL and Spanish to individuals and groups. Since I have learned two languages myself, I understand what the new learner faces in trying to pick up a new language. Have taken phonetics class, so I can help group understand how to pronounce language well. Can help all types of learners if they are willing to study and do their assignments.



Also can be a real help to you in understanding concepts and ideas in English poetry and literature. I lived in another country, Panama, for fourteen years, so I know how it is to have to learn another language and culture, too.


Please see profile. Am certified in ESL and much more, and currently am active in using my knowledge. I speak fluent Spanish and English.





SAT Reading



ACT Reading

ACT English

Elementary (K-6th)

I work as a bilingual paraprofessional with elementary-aged schoolchildren in a public school system each day. I have Bachelor's Degree in Intercultural Studies/Missions. I mostly work with ESL and ELL children. The paraprofessional specializes in making the hard things easy for kids by working with them in small groups or as individuals. I mostly work with kindergarten through third grade reading and literacy groups every day. Also help kids with writing skills. I have taken "Blueprint for Excellence in Writing" for elementary, and also have had "thinking maps" training, which are widely used in schools as graphic organizers. Understand the six traits and use of Common Core in schools these days. I have also taken SIOP training i.e. "Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocols", which is an essential these days for instructing in schools. I can help children with limited English-language skills, also.


I work extensively with kindergarten, first, second grades in these areas. I am a Title I paraprofessional, meaning that is a large part of what I do - phonics and reading. I can use any school-sanctioned system; including Read Naturally, RTI, and others. I am good at what I do because I have years of experience with all kinds of kids. I am pretty intuitive about what the individual may need, also. I can follow teacher's plans or make my own, if required.

Study Skills

As a bilingual paraprofessional a large portion of what I do every day at school is helping children organize their materials and their thoughts, for both studying and writing effectively. I have taken specific training called "Thinking Maps", which helps kids learn how to make and use graphic organizers to sort, categorize, glean, and compare information. I am accustomed to working with children whose thinking and work habits are very disorganized. Not everyone is gifted in this area, so it is my job to help them be able to do everything from keeping information organized to gleaning texts for information to answer questions. Also help them actually pull together information in an orderly way. I can also help them learn the difference between many types of writing so they can do the right one for what is being asked of them. Helping them establish priorities is also very important, as some can get pretty sidetracked from main point and lose time.


As far as sociology goes, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Intercultural Ministries/Studies. This means I have extensively studied how to gain cultural information, customs, religious beliefs, language learning of different ethnic groups. I can then apply this information to help me assist them with knowledge of their beliefs and culture in mind. I also lived among an indigenous people in the jungle of Panama and had to spend many months, years, studying their culture and language for the purpose of teaching literacy and Bible lessons. Sociology involves all of these aspects, combined with some economics and geographical information.

Social Studies

I work with some aspect of social studies every day as a paraprofessional in a public schools setting. Social studies can focus on current people in the United States, their cultures and area industries. It can even show how products are currently made in a certain region and how they affect the economy there. It deals with people, groups and societies. It can deal with travel and learning about different states. Social studies can incorporate more of the present and can include some geography highlights as well. I really love social studies, and being around successful teachers who captured kids' interest, taught me how to do this. This is an advantage some have not had. I like to make it live for children, because I have seen too many teachers spoil it by making it just a recitation of memorized facts. I also lived as an American citizen in another country for many years, and enjoy learning, comparing, and contrasting different aspects of culture, land, people and history.

Common Core

I work with common core elementary math every day as a Title I Math Recovery Paraprofessional. My main responsibility is to help kids reach the benchmarks required by common core in their respective grades. I also have worked extensively with Common Core Social Studies and Writing. Again, it is part of my responsibility as a paraprofessional to help struggling children reach the benchmarks required for their grade level in subjects like Math, English, Social Studies.