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Patient and friendly tutor for elementary and middle school students

I love: fractions, castles, circles, messy projects, semicolons, and stories with endings that are happy and sad at the same time. I taught in an independent middle school for ten years. We focused on integrated project work, so I have experience with math, reading & writing, science and social studies. I also work with younger children on reading, and I believe in a healthy balance between phonics and "whole-language" reading instruction. My specialties have always been finding books for ... [more]

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ACT Reading

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Elementary Math

Elementary (K-6th)

I was a sixth grade teacher for ten years, and before that I worked with children from kindergarten through middle school as a volunteer with my church. I was also a camp counselor (and later the camp director) for an elementary-age summer camp and after-school program.

Study Skills

I was a classroom teacher for ten years and I know from experience that different students have different "study styles." Finding the right organizational strategies and the right practice-motivators are key.


I was a middle school teacher for ten years and had many students with ADD/ADHD. I have a lot of experience working with kids whose attention may be more broadly scattered or more intensely focused than is considered typical. ADD/ADHD presents a huge challenge for kids in traditional classroom settings, but it can also come with some very interesting strengths that are not usually recognized in schools.

Social Studies

I was a social studies teacher for ten years (6th grade). Over the years we did deeply focused project units on: Early Humans, Early Civilization, Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, WWI and WWII, and on the future: an imaginary human settlement on Mars, in which students integrated what they'd learned all year about governments and social organization. Themes we covered included the effect of geography on culture, the persistence of Greek and Roman thought in modern society and government, the functions of fear, pride, and poverty in civic unrest and war, and the ethical use of democratic forms in a diverse world.


I've been teaching knitting and crochet for several years, and I helped organize one of the largest knitting groups in the triangle. Knitting gives me a sense of peacefulness and creative energy at the same time, and it's a skill that I'd love to share with others!