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Learning Strategies Specialist

To prospective students and parents: I am a retired certified teacher with over twenty years experience working with students, grade six through adult. My training, including a Master's Degree, includes all social studies subjects and reading. My approach to working with students is to first assess each student's specific needs and learning goals and then address each, taking into consideration the learning style of each student. My main goal in working with students is to help them thi... [more]

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Elementary (K-6th)

I have a teaching certificate for grades 6-12 in Illinois and am considered highly qualified in the areas of Reading and Language Arts based on completed course work and actual classroom teaching in middle school, which included 6th graders. My training in Reading included course work and a clinical experience where I was exposed to younger students and I feel very qualified to use my skills in teaching Reading, Language Arts, and Writing to students in the upper elementary grades.

Study Skills

I have extensive experience teaching learning strategies to high school and adult learners in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I have done this in the classroom and as a tutor. I can also teach these skills in any subject except advanced math to most age groups. I use the content area and integrate the following items into my teaching, as appropriate: Schema (prior background knowledge that can connect to the subject), vocabulary, time management, prioritizing learning activities, collaborative learning, information resources, and metacognition (thinking about your thinking). Before establishing a study skills learning program, I first assess where each learner is, what the learner wants to achieve, and the time and resources available to me. At that time I discuss a proposed learning plan with the student and seek a commitment from the student to pursuing the program.

Career Development

I believe I can help students plan activities that will lead to following a specific career path. This is based on my experience as a classroom teacher, and more importantly as a trainer and manager in the insurance industry. My work in financial services gave me the opportunity to move from an entry level sales person to a trainer, supervisor, and eventually an independent business person. This real world experience along with my exposure to career education programs in a high school setting qualifies me to collaborate and mentor students who are seeking to find and follow a career path.


While working in the financial services industry, I participated in extensive training in the areas of marketing and consultative selling. I also marketed financial products to clients and trained many sales people in these areas. I worked for and received training from The Principal Financial Group, Aetna Life and Casualty, and Mass Mutual. I continue to maintain a part time practice and market insurance products primarily to seniors.

Criminal Justice

While a high school teacher, I was trained in a program known as Law Focused Education. The purpose of the program was to integrate legal education into standard courses at all levels from K-12. I developed a special course for 9th grade Social Studies students that included both criminal and civil law. The course involved visits to court and various agencies related to law enforcement as well as speakers who came to my classroom. I also trained other teachers in this program during summer workshops. Much of the criminal portion of the course involved the study of landmark Supreme Court cases and how these cases apply to the real world of criminal cases. I also am acquainted with several attorneys and have served on a criminal jury in U.S. District Court, participating in a week long trial.

Social Studies

I have a bachelors degree with a comprehensive field major in Social Studies and a masters degree in secondary education with an emphasis in Social Studies. Course work included content courses in various Social Studies areas. I have also taught Social Studies courses in middle and high school and have tutored adult students at the community college level after retiring from public school teaching. I am well versed in all areas of the social science including History, Geography, Economics, Law, and Political Science. I am certified to teach in all these areas and am considered "highly qualified" by the state of Illinois based on courses taken and teaching experience.

Tax Accounting

I have worked as a volunteer for the nationwide AARP Tax-Aide program for five tax seasons. To do this, I have had to take courses and pass tests each year prior to tax season. I am also a CLU and Chartered Financial Consultant based on completing these courses through the American College, located at Bryn Mawr, PA. I am a licensed insurance agent and have worked either full or part time in the industry since 1977. I have also taught financial courses in the past through a partnership between GM and the United Auto Workers. Tax law has been a major part of my work in the insurance and financial services industry.