Jody F.

Jody F.


Ottawa, KS 66067

Will travel 40 miles

$40 per hour.

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Programs & Processes (really!) Used in the Work World

I am so optimistic in my ability to help you! Why? Try 20+ years experience in Training & Coaching, Project Management, Process Improvement, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing. I customize the lesson to meet YOUR needs, & help you stay accountable. Each lesson has creativity, care, & FUN! Let's get started!... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I use MS Excel almost daily for everything from budgeting, to comparing cars to buy. I have even used it to keep status on a complicated project. It's a wonderful tool and I can help you use it to cut your work time greatly!

General Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

I first learned PowerPoint in a 3-day training session. I have been certified to train PowerPoint at my company. I create presentations regularly for a corporate environment. I have learned many of the shortcuts available in PowerPoint to make an elementary presentation visually "pop".


Raised in America's Midwest by a mother who graduated with an English Major and a father who was a high school faculty member, proper English pronunciation was required at all times, including at the kitchen table and socially. Since I also travel frequently, I know the challenge in attempting to communicate where my words are not understood, and can empathize with the frustrations of not being able to get my message across in a new language. I am patient, creative and fun while helping you confidently master the English language. Let?s get you started!


I am qualified to tutor business as I have a double Bachelors Degree in Business & Marketing; I've spent 20+ years in corporate environments contributing to training, marketing, sales, product development, distribution & communications. I also possess entrepreneurial experience & coaching. After uncovering a participant's objectives, I begin with big picture & refine from there.

Career Development

I have facilitated 3-day courses such as "Managing Personal Growth" and "Helping Others Succeed". I've also mentored over 25 individuals in advancing their careers. Helping someone determine what they want to do, then helping them put together a plan to achieve that goal is a strength of mine.


I am qualified to tutor Marketing as I've spent over 20 years in business devoting much of my time defining target markets then determining how to connect with them. I've tested direct marketing, e-marketing, specialty advertising & event marketing. I understand benefits & pitfalls of each approach.

Microsoft Outlook

I use Outlook daily and have for over 15 years. I am able to demonstrate techniques to manage Inbox; schedule appointments for self or with others (in physical location or via MSLync); update Contacts and manage Tasks. I have helped beginners understand the basics and also advanced users with effective techniques for this tool.

Microsoft Windows

I use the entire Microsoft suite of products, so am very adept at MS Windows. I have taught new users how to manage MS Windows, and also helped troubleshoot advanced users.

Microsoft Project

I manage all projects via MS Project. Project size ranges from an afternoon meeting to the Super Bowl sponsorship/events. I have used and taught this tool for over 7 years.