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Computer Tutor -- Friendly & Very Experienced

I started using and programming computers in 1982. I have many certifications (both college and trade), and 22 years of professional experience installing, setting up, using, programming, administration, and trouble shooting networks, hardware, software, and operating systems. I have 5 years of tutoring and training of groups and individuals. I worked a few years as a Computer Desk Librarian at public library, helping the general public learn to use Information Technology in a safe, effectiv... [more]

Microsoft Excel

I have more than 20 years of personal and professional experience with MS Excel. I have been tutoring this subject since 2009.

General Computer

I have been using, building, supporting, programming and administrating computers since 1983. I am a certified Computer Network Administrator. College educated. I can train on OS, Hardware, Software, Networking, and the internet. Paced to accomadate the learner.

Microsoft Word

I have used ALL versions of Microsoft Word since it first came out -- Both professionally and for personal use. From creating a formal business letter, to mail merges, to creating a manuscript for publication -- wide breadth of experience that I can translate to you at your pace.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I am highly skilled not only with MS Power Point, but the compatible and free versions of the same type of program through 'Libre Office' and 'Open Office' suites for Linux. From putting together a slide show of family photos to developing multimedia media rich speaker presentations, I can teach you these programs at your pace to advanced level.


Networking (Computer)

I am a Certified Computer Network Administrator with over 20 years of Networking experience. I am familiar with virtually all aspects of Computer Networking: Protocols, techniques, security, hardware, OS, and software. I am very good at taking a complex concept and boiling it down into an easy to understand lesson that is given at your pace.

Video Production

I am thoroughly knowledgeable about home video production. From how to frame a shot, lighting, to editing, and rendering. Strong experience with MS Windows 'Movie Maker', Linux 'Open Shot', and Linux 'Kdenlive'. Also very experienced with supporting program for DVD Rendering and Burning, Audio Editing, and Photo Editing.

Desktop Publishing

As a self employed business owner I had to learn how to design effective flyer's, business cards, and other media to build my business. I have strong experience in various MS Windows based and Linux based desktop publishing softwares, with the ability to transfer my knowledge to you at your pace.


I have been using the DOS command line since DOS 6.2 (20 years ago). I start a person off with basic file and directory commands and expand from their at their pace.


I have been a Linux user since the 1990s I can teach everything from picking the best distribution of Linux to meet your needs, how to install applications and drivers, to the command line.

Microsoft Access

I have been using and programming access since it first came out both professionally and personally. I am able to teach it in such a way that makes it easy to comprehend and apply.

Microsoft Outlook

I have been using Outlook since it first came out both as a professional and also as a home user. I can teach any aspect that you want to learn from configuring an account to working with contacts and the calendar.

Microsoft Windows

I have been using MS Windows since Windows 3.11 both as a desktop administrator and consumer. Deeply familiar with all aspects of every version of Windows since then. I can tutor in any aspect, at your pace.

Microsoft Publisher

For the past five years, as a small business owner I have had to do my own desktop publishing. From making business cards, fliers, and news paper advertisements, I have developed a strong set of photo editing, drawing and layout skills for use with MS Publisher and "Open \ Libre Office" Draw programs.