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Dan C: Tutoring English writing, English writing college level.

I am a University of Phoenix alumnus with a Master?s Degree in Elementary Education, and an Ashford University alumnus with a Bachelor?s Degree in Social Science. I am also a musician and a private music tutor. I have toured extensively abroad, performing as a hired musician and a recording engineer. Philosophy on teaching: Each student learns differently, and there is data that needs to be collected about the student before any instruction. Teachers need to know how the student learns ra... [more]

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I have received my Masters Degree in Elementary education. In my 3 months of my student teaching experience, I have increased the students' automaticity rate in multiplication facts by 50%. Each student learns differently, and there is data that needs to be collected about the student before any instruction. Teachers need to know how the student learns rather than teaching them, such as in a teacher-centered instruction. The lesson plans would be detailed for the student to execute. At first, the data on the student?s learning abilities is applied to the content so the student can learn for themselves. Then, the student can engage with the tutor to rely on comprehension. Keeping the student motivated is generally the strategy for student-centered activities. Maintain the instruction in perspective with the student?s social background and community may generate a positive result, whereas instructing academics in general will draw the student away. By modeling as a learner, the tutor can share interests with puzzles, geometric figures, reading dynamically, or any other academic activities that the student can relate to according to the student?s surroundings. The strategy opens up the student?s abilities and disabilities so it is easier to detect in the early stages of tutoring. When instructing in pre-and post- assessment tests, it is important for the student to see the actual test to determine his or her weaknesses. Using a rubric, the student can see what improvements they need to make. When the teacher gives back a test in a timely manner, the student is motivated about what they missed, and compare it to the rubric or from conversations with the tutor. This strategy may intensify their work habits, developing the student into a lifelong learner.


I have more than twenty eight years of experience in music. I have been privately teaching Bass guitar and beginner electric, acoustic guitar since 1990. I have an uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age, and a remarkable ability to play pieces in a historically accurate way. I have flexibility, energy, and ability to practice daily. I have a high degree of self-motivation- practice without supervision and a profound ability to listen to everyone's suggestions as well as an excellent team member when rehearsing and performing. I have an excellent ability to respond quickly to verbal directions and aural cues. I have an unmatchable ability to express self through music and an uncommon enthusiasm for and ability in music and teaching. I have excellent organizational skills and the profound ability to communicate musical concepts and instructions clearly.


I have a masters in Elementary Education. My student teaching experience has made phonics lessons fun as students comprehend through pictures that they are asked to draw. Through tutoring with my twins, they have recognized words phonetically through visual and repetitive speech.