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Efficient Math/Physics and Electrical Engineering Tutor/Instructor

I am an instructor with an active dual Massachusetts certification, in Physics and Mathematics and a CAGS (is a pre cursor to a doctorate) degree in Educational Leadership (Cambridge College 2011). I taught High school classes, in Physics, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (Robotics) as a full time teacher, for more than ten years. I also taught College courses in Physics (MS degree), Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (MS degree), as a full time Professor. I furthermore taught abo... [more]

Algebra 1

I taught an Algebra College course for twelve participating (future) nurses. It was very successful.


Problem solving in Physics is very straightforward, when properly taught, and that is what I focus on in my classes/ tutoring sessions. As we work on concrete problems, many of the Physics concepts, underlying the problems? background, are explained, always in context with the problem at hand. You shall be able to solve problems, right from the start, gradually advancing in degree of difficulty, and following a systematic approach, that reduces "guessing" to a minimum. This is a very time efficient approach and one that produces immediate results! My credentials: I am, Massachusetts, certified in Physics and Mathematics. I taught eight years High school Physics (In greater Boston area). I have MS degrees in Physics (University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart - Germany and in Electrical Engineering (University of Florida, Gainesville - Florida. I taught over forty College Courses in Physics, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, I also taught these same courses as a full time College Professor, in Boston.


I enjoy teaching High/Middle school and College students, regardless of level. I recently taught a College Algebra class for nurses, very successfully (A's and B's throughout). I also tutored very advanced College students in Electrical Engineering. Regardless of a student?s capacity or subject matter, my attention is absolute!


I taught Trigonometry in both High school classes (Calculus) and College courses (Physics). I am certified in both Physics and Mathematics and also possess extensive tutoring experience. I also taught High School Physics and Mathematics, for about eight years. I experienced "Real Life" Trigonometry, for more than fifteen years, as an Industry Physicist and Electrical Engineer. If taught properly, Trigonometry is easy to understand and apply: After reviewing some basics: measures of angles (degrees, radians), arc length and unit circle, we define trigonometric functions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent) and start working with their respective Circular functions (Defined on the unit circle). We then move into solving trigonometric equations. We then learn about trigonometric identities and use them to simplify trigonometric expressions. Finally we learn how to work with trigonometric functions of two angles (Addition/ subtraction, double angle and half angle formulas), inverse trigonometric functions and Solutions of triangles.

Electrical Engineering

I have a MS degree, in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Florida, ten years of Industry experience as an Electrical Engineer (IBM, TELLABS, ACR ELECTRONICS, AEG - TELEFUNKEN), US patents and Publications (IEEE) in my name. My MS degree (University of Stuttgart/ Germany - Thesis gave rise to two separate publications in Physica/ Holland), will come handy in answering questions in Semiconductor Physics, as part of the Electrical Engineering curriculum. Among my College students in EE I count students at Boston University, UMass and Oxford/ UK University (see testimonial)! I am a senior member of the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a title this earned for significant contributions to the Engineering profession). My US patents in Eletrical Engineering: Digital Frequency process for low frequency measurements and Luminous Display Circuits. I have further publications on the field, in Germany and France.