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Personalized Chemistry, Math, and Science Tutoring Available

Hey guys, John here, just a little about me: I completed my Associate's degree with honors at Collin College and transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas to study chemistry. During my transfer, I was accepted to the UTD Summer Research Program where I worked with the Ferraris research group on supercapacitor development & fabrication. I stayed onboard through the rest of my undergrad, was selected to present my work at the 46th ACS Meeting in Miniature at A&M Commerce, and went on to... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra is required for many higher-level topics in math, science, business, and finance, so students will benefit from a strong foundation in algebra early on. Sessions emphasize methods of problem solving for linear equations, polynomials, inequalities, rational functions, radical functions, word problems etc. for course mastery, and to equip students for success in later courses.

Algebra 2

Skilled mentor with experience working at all levels of high school & undergraduate math. Algebra 2 further develops concepts initially encountered in Algebra 1 and is required for higher mathematics. Students will benefit from a no-nonsense approach to problem solving in plain, direct language that simplifies work.




Career scientist and educator with years of experience mentoring at the high school & undergraduate levels. General chemistry sessions focus on problem solving, concept reinforcement, and chemical vernacular. Topics include periodic trends, Lewis structures, VSEPR theory, dimensional analysis, stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, electrochemistry, ions and solutions, chemical equilibria, thermodynamics, and biological applications.


Experienced with physics at the high school & undergraduate levels, including standardized tests (AP/ACT/SAT). Focuses on developing both systematic and creative approaches to problem solving. Brings a wealth of knowledge from different scientific fields to make sessions fun and interesting, leading to mastery.



Organic Chemistry

Career scientist and educator with years of experience mentoring at the high school & undergraduate levels. Organic chemistry sessions focus on name reactions, reaction mechanisms, and retrosynthetic analysis to build mastery. Main topics include hydrocarbons, stereochemistry, substitution/elimination reactions, functional groups, spectroscopy (IR, NMR), aromaticity, and organometallic reactions.