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Experienced English Language, Linguistics, ESL, and Writing Tutor

I teach Literature, Speech, and Composition to 9th-12th grade students at a private high-school in Michigan. In addition to teaching required classes, I also instruct a course entitled Multi-Cultural Voices to 11th and 12th grade students. Outside of my formal role as a teacher, I have experience working with students between six-weeks old and sixty-five years of age, as a teacher, tutor, and instructional assistant in classrooms, writing centers, and private tutoring sessions. Given my relat... [more]

American History





Since 2005, I have worked in university writing centers, often tutoring adults and more advanced learners in writing and editing. After learning I had a knack for helping others understand how to write, never writing for them, I decided to pursue English at the university level. Graduating with a BA in English Linguistics from Indiana University, I have continued to help friends, clients, and small companies with resumes, essays, college applications, profiles, and websites. In addition to freelance writing and editing, I was also a student writer for the School of Liberal Arts. Writing is much more than words on a paper! There is a craft in learning how to convey your ideas, appeal to specific audiences, and keep the reader yearning for more. Words are the most powerful tool to convey a message and it is essential that students, young and old, learn how to master the craft of writing. Improving writing skills can lead to more confidence in the classroom and boardroom, both in text and when presenting materials and ideas. Please feel free to view my education credentials and/or ask me any questions you might have.


I earned my BA in English Linguistics from Indiana University in Indianapolis. I currently teach high-school English to 9th-12th grade students. The courses I teach are: Literature, Speech, and Composition (9th grade); American Literature and Composition (10th grade); Multi-Cultural Voices (11th/12th grade); Composition and Literary Form (remedial English for 11th and 12th grade).


I have formal work experience for nearly two years as an Instructional Aid in ESL classrooms in Central Indiana as well as TESOL certification.



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High-school English teacher

ACT English

Elementary (K-6th)

As a certified substitute teacher in Indiana, I worked as a long-term substitute as well as an Instructional Assistant in K-12 classrooms. I enjoyed working in Elementary Education as well as infant and youth developmental classrooms (6 wks - 4yrs). I spent the majority of my time working in first through fifth grade classrooms, with a focus on English, Reading, and Writing coursework. I have also worked in 6-8th grade classrooms as rotational substitute, and also spent time working as a substitute in 9th-12th grade classrooms. I've worked in Gifted and Talented classrooms as well as in classrooms in which the students have learning difficulties at all age levels. I am TESOL certified and have employed such knowledge in the classroom as well.


With a BA in Linguistics from Indiana University, a front-runner in the field, I learned the frameworks of the field from amazing professors. I had a course in phonetics and phonology, and also revisited the subject throughout my studies in linguistics. I am currently studying phonology and phonics as it relates to the Arabic language. I have a strong knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet which is most beneficial in relating sounds from other languages to English for students in ESL classrooms.

Study Skills

Working with students of all ages (K-12, university and adult) in all subjects, I am adept at helping students focus on prompts, pertinent material and effective ways to study. I have tutored students for exams in my specialty areas (English) as well as others (history, science, the arts, math, etc.) and I am happy to develop study-plans for students. My hope is that even after our tutoring session has ended, my students will feel confident studying the material on their own or until our next meeting.

Social Studies

As a Liberal Arts major in college I thoroughly covered Social Studies in my coursework. I am confident and comfortable helping students understand historical and social concepts and events as they pertain to their lesson plans and assignments.


I am Director of Operations for the Premier Lacrosse Group. I am also a US Lacrosse Level I certified girls youth coach.