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Effective English and Career Exploration Tutor

I am certified in Elementary Education and Secondary Education in English, Reading, ELD and Career Exploration. I have tutored and taught K-12 grades in Special Education for the last 10 years. I have taught non-readers in the Wilson Language system that is phonic based program for non to emergent readers. I have taught Elementary K-5 grades in a resource pull-out environment for special education for 2 years. I have also taught 7th grade English in a resource English class as well as Engl... [more]


I am a certified Special Education teacher (Cross-Categorical) that is highly qualified in Elementary Education and Secondary Education in the area of English, reading and writing. I have taught K-5 special education students in reading and writing. Depending on where a student is at, I may use a phonics based program after assessing his reading level through a reading inventory program. I have also taught 7-12th graders in English including ELD students.


Elementary (K-6th)

I am a certified Elementary special education teacher and a generalist K-5 teacher. I went to Pima Community College in a Post-Baccalaureate program to obtain an Elementary Education certification. I am considered highly qualified in Elementary Education in the state of Arizona because I have taken the 24 credit coursework along with the Elementary proficiency state test and Content state test.


Being a special Education teacher, I have taken classes in Phonics. One of the most successful courses I took was Wilson Language System That starts with sounding out the alphabet then moving to simple three letter words and the rule that goes with these words, moving on to sentences with these words, to reading paragraphs. I move up to higher level words with the rules and their exceptions in the same way as the lower words until we get to the multisyllable words that include breaking these words into syllables. This system is student driven instead of teacher centered. It moves fast from alphabet recognition to reading paragraphs and eventually reading trade books. I like this program because the teacher guides the students into questioning instead of providing the answers.

Special Needs

I have a Master of Art In Learning Disabilities from the University of Arizona. Graduated in 2007. I have taken the state test for Cross-Categorical certification. I have been teaching Special Education students for the past 10 years. I am a first-time candidate for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/Exceptional Needs Specialist in the area of Mild/Moderate Disabilities for the 2012-2013 school year. I entered all of my entries and tests and am waiting for the results.

Career Development

For the last three years, I have been working with Special Education students as a Job Developer/Transitional Specialist teaching career exploration classes. Presently, I am in a two year grant for transitioning training from high school to post-secondary career and college readiness. I work closely with the College/Career counselor in my high school with Career and Technical Training teachers, community colleges, state colleges, and private colleges along with Vocational Rehabilitation services. I also conduct career interest inventories, skill assessments and other related career/college assessments including coordinating the ASVAB for seniors.


I am certified a a Cross-Categorical Special Education teacher that understands ADD/ADHD students. I have taught them reading, writing (Elementary) and English (Secondary). I have taken individual classes while getting my Master's in Learning Disabilities in the area of ADD/ADHD as well as workshops on engaging students (Kagan Training) and Differentiated Instruction conferences.