Dennis L.

Dennis L.


Tyler, TX 75799

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I am an associate instructor and a PhD student in the Personal Financial Planning Department at Texas Tech University. I have a Master's degree in Economics from OSU and a Master's degree in Mathematics from UT Tyler. My Bachelor's degree is in Information Technology and Computer Science from Qujing Normal University in China. I have taught more than 20 sections of mathematics, economics and personal finance classes in UT Tyler, OSU and Texas Tech. Right now I am living in Lubbock, TX finishi... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2


I have a master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Tyler and taught calculus labs as a teaching assistant.


Microsoft Word


SAT Math


ACT Math


I was born and raised in China and finished my bachelor's degree there. I have a certificate to work in Chinese broadcasting stations and teach Chinese. I worked in Campus Radio Broadcasting station from high school until college. I was awarded best debater in the debating team of my school. Although I have been in the States for 4 years, my university in China still periodically flies me back to China and give speeches to different universities and schools.


I have a master's degree in mathematics at UT Tyler and are currently working on my PhD degree in Economics at OSU. I am qualified to teach business calculus, statistics and other math related business courses.


I have passed the China National Second Level C Programming Certificate Test and obtained the certificate for C programming.


I am a PhD student in the Economics Department at OSU and have completed 2 different graduate level Econometrics classes.

Linear Algebra

I have a master's degree in Mathematics from UT and am able to teach linear Algebra.


I have taught calculus 1 and 2 and did numerous research using mathematica at UT Tyler while I was getting my master's degree in mathematics. My mathematica skills are oriented towards teaching math courses. For example, when I teach Calculus 2 Lab, My students are required to master the following skills with mathematica: 1. Use Mathematica to plot functions, solve equations, create tables and solve problems from Calculus. 2. Find the length of a curve. 3. Apply the Monte Carlo method to find the area under a curve. 4. Apply techniques of calculus to find volumes, probabilities and work. 5. Understand the convergence of series. 6. State the comparison test and use it to solve improper integrals. 7. Use a power series to approximate functions.