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Using Creativity to Tailor Teaching Methods to Each Individual Student

Greetings, I am a recent graduate from the University of South Florida and a professional tutor servicing the Tampa Bay area. I graduated from USF with a B.A. in Computational and Applied Mathematics and from Land O Lakes High School with a Bilingual IB Diploma with the recognition of AP Scholar with Distinction, while earning 52 college credits in High School. Due to my high standardized test scores in high school, I earned a 4 year, $36k scholarship to USF as well as the full Bright Future... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 is the foundation of all the math courses your student will take for the rest of their scholastic career. I have helped many students build a strong foundation by focusing on important rules of algebra, the basic question types, not being intimidated by variables, as well as understanding word problems. Once your student masters Algebra, a world of opportunity will be open to them: advanced mathematics, physics, accounting, calculus, chemistry, so much more! Due to the importance of this subject, I would love to help you or your child build as strong a foundation as possible.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2, as a continuation of Algebra 1, is another course that sets the foundation for future math courses and science courses. If you or your child is struggling in Algebra 2, I can help see if the student has holes in their Algebra I foundation and patch them up if necessary, as well as teach them methods to improve their understanding of Algebra 2. With my help, you or your child will have a deep understanding of Algebra 2, which can set them up to excel in future math courses, physics, engineering, accounting, chemistry, biology, and many more courses. Their future will be bright!


I earned straight As in high school in both calculus I and calculus II. As an engineering student, I have continued using calculus for the past 5 years. At this point in my scholastic career, using calculus is no different to me than using addition or subtraction. I guarantee my expertise and understanding of calculus will help you or your child grasp all the necessary concepts to help them succeed.


Chemistry is one of the foundations of medicine and biology, making it a very important subject to understand. As an engineering student, I have studied chemistry at the high school level as well as the college level for engineers. Chemistry has many concepts that may seem difficult at first to grasp, but I am well acquainted with them and can break them down logically to help students understand them faster. I love chemistry, both high school level and college level, and would love to help you or your child excel at it!



I excelled at Geometry in High School, and have since completed all mathematical courses up to Calculus III and Differential Equations with high marks.


As a mechanical engineering major, I took years of physics and courses dedicated to breaking down further concepts learned in physics I and physics II, such as dynamics, statics, kinematics and dynamics, which has lead to me being extremely qualified as a Physics tutor. Physics is not something you can just memorize formulas for. If you do not understand Physics, even if you have a formula sheet you will fail. Contact me as soon as possible, I have the experience to help you or your child understand and solve all their physics problems, pass their course with flying colors, and move on in their science curriculum.





Saludos! Being raised in a Hispanic home with Spanish literature everywhere, I am both completely fluent in Spanish as well as extremely literate in Spanish. I can help you or your child learn Spanish grammar and vocab, as well as proper pronunciation. I believe in immersion, so as the student learns more Spanish, I will speak more and more Spanish and will expect the same in return. This is the best way to learn a language.


Trigonometry/Precalc/Algebra III is one of my favorite subjects to tutor in. It has simple concepts which can solve so many interesting problems. Learning trigonometry is very important for physics and calculus, so if your student is planning on going to go into the STEM field, I will help them see the value of the concepts they are learning. Once a student understands trigonometry, they usually end up liking it. Once you know and understand what trigonometric function to use for a problem and what their definitions are, trig becomes extremely easy. It's just finding someone to explain these concepts well that's difficult! Hire me and save yourself many headaches.




SAT Math

When I took the SAT several years ago, I received a 760 out of 800 on the Math section. While I was heavily disappointed that I didn't get a perfect score, I did not prepare for the exam in any way, shape or form. Don't make that same mistake! Hire someone well acquainted with math and conceptual problems. If your child is able to do well on the Math section of the SAT, say hello to big scholarships! Hiring a great tutor for the Math SAT pays for itself and much more via University scholarships. I would be honored to help your child greatly improve their chances of getting into their dream University by helping them do well on their Math SAT.



Are you frustrated with getting turned down for jobs because you don't have a high school diploma or a GED? Getting a GED is a great way to help you get a higher paying job in a competitive market. I can help you learn and understand everything you need to pass your GED exam. Adem?s, tengo experiencia en preparando estudiantes para su examen de GED en espa?ol, pues si usted desea tomar su examen de GED en espa?ol, estoy aqu? para ayudarle. No muchos maestros locales est?n calificados para GED y tambi?n saben dominar el espa?ol, pues si usted necesita ayuda, mandame un mensaje y hagamos arreglos lo mas pronto posible.

SAT Reading

Physical Science





ACT Reading

ACT Math

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Study Skills

As an International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient, AP Scholar with Distinction and current University of South Florida student, I know the ins and outs for students to succeed scholastically. Don't let your child succumb to poor study skills! I will help your child figure out what learning style works best for them, what they need to keep track of and how, as well as teach them the benefits of being organized with their time and their things. Study skills are strongly correlated with time management! If any other subjects also need to be addressed, I can help them with those too! I look forward to helping your child improve their study skills.