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College Psychology and Elementary Reading Tutor

Naturally a teacher, I have always enjoyed telling stories and exploring games and academics with young children. I have directed and taught in child care centers, and I am a former college adjunct professor for Mary Baldwin College, specializing in psychology and sociology. Since 2002 I have been a professional tutor in public schools, privately, and now in the Williamsburg public library. I belong to Virginia Professional Educators which recognizes qualified teachers. My teaching philos... [more]

American History



Helping college psychology students with their research paper required my stringent attention to grammar. Also my public school tutoring of elementary students focused on reading and writing correctly. Grammar - the art of placing words properly both verbally and in written form - is an important means of clear communication.


I have enjoyed tutoring 2nd and 3rd graders in the public school system in small groups as well as individually. I find that students of this age become especially fascinated with the discovery of learning.


In addition to completing graduate courses with honors which required me to research and write many essays and theses, I have also taught undergrad students how to write their college papers. One of my best references is from a high school teacher in New York whom I tutored during her senior year at the College of William and Mary. Having recently taught K-3 reading and writing has helped me simplify those basic foundation skills. Assisting middle school students, who have fascinating emerging adult identities, has added a creative flair to my experience. The latter experience likely helped motivate me in 2007 and 2009 to publish two children's historical fiction books, which are now also e-books, and the first two of a series.


All three of my children, as well as myself, are honor students in academics. I have taught college undergraduate students study skills and helped them improve their reading, writing, and literature research. I served as a tutor for several years till 2009 with University Instructors in Richmond, VA. I assisted students K-College in language arts and math. My best professional reference is from a College of William and Mary graduate whom I tutored in 2004-2005. She is now a successful high school teacher in New York.


I have helped Vietnamese, Russian, and Spanish adults and children improve their English skills. Speaking often to one another with easy words is the most effective way to learn English, rather than concentrate on grammar rules that often change. Children "speak" their native languages well. Then picture books with words introduce them to reading and writing. The same method is very helpful with adults.


I taught four psychology courses for Mary Baldwin College in Virginia until 2008, and have tutored in psychology since then. I completed doctoral coursework in health psychology 2004.



General Education tests an individual's knowledge of basic secondary (high school) education concepts. I have found that the Public Library is one of the prime places conducive to learning. I have helped many youth, as well as adults, including those of foreign language (Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian), to learn to read, write, and grasp general subject knowledge while introducing them to public libraries.

SAT Reading

I have three adult children who passed their college preparation tests with high scores, then went on to graduate from the College of William and Mary. I also helped another Wm & Mary student during her junior/senior year, as well as a Governors School of Richmond student with his high school graduation requirements.

SAT Writing


Elementary Math

I have reared 3 children of my own, helping them with their school homework. My son is now an independent financial advisor, one daughter graduated math major and works at State Farm hdqtrs in IL, and my other daughter is a math specialist in the public school system in Charlottesville, VA. Additionally, I have tutored students in 2nd - 4th grades in the VA Public Schools, in study skills, math, and reading. When a student in elementary, middle, and high school, I scored highest in math in our region in the Iowa Basic Skills testing.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught in Pre Schools (which I directed from 1984-1992) and K-College students in Public/Private Schools. Tutoring has included students in public libraries and class settings. My tutoring (2002-2009) included grades K-3 in Newport News, VA and Charles City County 2nd grade. I was also substitute teacher in middle school and kindergarten in Charlottesville, VA. I assist students in study skills, reading, writing, history, nutrition, psychology, and sociology (grief therapy). I am especially effective with K-3 and Middle School children.


I have tutored K-College in reading and writing. Most of my tutoring during the 7 years with University Instructors involved K-2 grades individual and small class modes. We concentrated on "sounding out" words to read properly, as well as memorizing the exceptions. Then I taught students to write simple sentences using the reading words with which they had become familiar. Rewards were smiles, hugs, and stars on a chart. My own three children graduated highschool with honors due to their abilities to read and write well.

Study Skills

I have many years of experience in teaching others the study skills I have found to be successful. I was employed by my alma mater MBC as adjunct professor 8 years (1999-2008). I served as tutor with University Instructors 7 years (2002-2009), and have tutored privately since 2009.

Special Needs

I completed doctorate work in health psychology, combining my expertise in: 1) child development workshops, 2) teaching college child psychology, 3) CEUs in Special Education, 4) tutoring K-3 public school students and 5) licensed professional counseling. Additionally, my granddaughter, though gifted in art, during her K-6 years was diagnosed ADHD. I was successful in assisting her with her school work by: 1) helping her to organize her study materials, 2) insisting on short term focus by relating school material to other activities she enjoyed, 3) making study as fun as possible, and 4) consistently finishing tasks that were started, while making it clear to her what SHE had accomplished so that she could feel pride and develop self-respect.

Social Studies

My BA minor (1991) was Human Services, during which I completed social studies courses, then graduate courses in social studies in my MA Education/Counseling curricula (1995), as well as in my doctorate health psychology coursework (2004).


My doctorate was Health Psychology, which coursework was completed in 2002. It ascertained the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. I had also completed a Nutrition course in the Nursing Curriculum in the 1990s and shortly thereafter became Coordinator of the USDA Child Care Food Program which involved my own personal training in nutrition. In turn, I was required to teach nutrition to the child care providers whom I supervised. I have had continuing education and advise others in nutrition since leaving that "healthy" job. My best student referral is a College of Wm & Mary junior/senior gymnast whom I assisted in her kinesthetic/ nutrition courses.