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Innovative principal (retired) to tutor all subjects and test prep

I am a retired public and Catholic school principal who has won both Educator of the Year (Diocese of Toledo) and the NCEA Distinguished Principal's Award. As a teacher, I developed an Economics unit that won the Teachers in American Enterprise Award, have taught all 37 of Shakespeare's plays over 14 years of teaching Shakespeare Seminars, and have had notable success recently in working with students who have Aspergers. As a principal, I founded a Montessori preschool, worked as a National... [more]

Algebra 1

For the four months prior to the OAA in 2013, I was the primary math teacher for an autistic 7th grade student who was only on a fifth grade level in math. I taught him all the sixth and seventh grade Ohio indicators between January and May and he achieved an Accelerated score on his Math OAA. I have also worked with a fifth grader in math who improved from an F to a B in math. Recently, I worked with a ninth grader who needed to obtain a passing grade in Algebra I prior to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. His assessments were consistently in the 80-100% range.

Algebra 2

American History

Besides a successful career in education, I have several characteristics which should be of assistance in American History, particularly in the topic of WWII and the aftermath. Before becoming a principal, I attended 2.5 years of law school, which has given me an extensive knowledge of American History and law. In addition, I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (the location of the Manhattan Project, where my father spent his career after being in Army/Air Force Intelligence during the War), which provided a unique education in history, science and world politics. I also authored the staff and parent-student handbooks for my districts for my entire career, wrote numerous successful grant and award applications, was an officer on five boards of directors, and was a founding trustee of two foundations.


I have served as a National Science Foundation consultant for lab-oriented science programs and participated in various trainings for elementary and middle school teachers.


During my professional career, I authored the staff and parent-student handbooks for my districts and wrote many successful grant and award applications for my schools and community organizations. In addition, I published a number of articles and public relations materials over the past forty years. I have edited many papers for my students and my own daughters, who were all successful writers.


In addition to working with students of various ages in math, I previously worked with a seventh grader who was at a fifth grade level in math. I was his primary instructor for four months and we covered two years of Ohio math objectives, enabling him to score at the Accelerated level in math last spring. I have also been involved in many math studies during my career as a principal, including the implementation of several innovative math programs.


I am currently working with two girls in Reading and Language Arts and have worked with students from third grade through college age in all subjects. During my years as a principal, I taught fourth graders in our enrichment and intervention period four times per week. In addition, I taught Shakespearean plays and other literature in our gifted and talented program 1-2 quarters each year. I also directed four plays (Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and a comedic parody of Julius Caesar titled Rinse the Blood Off My Toga) with 6th through 8th graders in conjunction with literature we were studying.


During my 38-year career as a principal, I wrote the parent-student and staff handbooks for my school districts, published a variety of articles, wrote numerous successful grant and award proposals, and designed public relations materials.


During my 38-year career as a principal, I wrote the parent-student and staff handbooks for my school districts, as well as authoring numerous successful award and grant applications. In addition, I served as a grant reviewer for various state and federal grants and was part of a twelve member state committee that reviewed over 600 15-page applications in order to select the Ohio Teacher in Space representative.


My original degree was in social psychology from Northwestern University. My master's degree and Educational Specialist Certification included additional psychology and counseling classes. However, my 38 years as an award-winning principal working with students, staff and parents on a daily basis certainly developed my skills well beyond classroom studies.

SAT Math

World History



SAT Reading

While test preparation has not been my primary focus, I have had success in helping several students prepare successfully for various standardized tests. In addition, for 38 years, I wrote the staff and parent-student handbooks for my districts, wrote numerous successful grant and award proposals, developed various public relations materials, and wrote/revised constitutions and bylaws for several organizations. My mathematics knowledge enabled me to develop and maintain multiple budgets annually and use algebraic formulas to develop tuition structures for multiple-child families in two of my schools.

Physical Science

I trained as a National Science Foundation consultant for lab science programs, specifically ISCS and SCIS. I implemented both programs in two schools and re-trained teachers in several districts that were having difficulty with implementation. In addition, I judged at District Science Fair at Ashland University for ten years, where my students received more Superior ratings than every other school in north central Ohio.



ACT Reading

I have worked with two high school grads in preparing for college English, a college student in taking college English, and helped one student pass his GED. In addition, while a principal, I taught Shakespeare seminars for 14 years and directed four plays with students.

ACT English

I have helped students prepare for college English, increase their college English grades, and pass the GED. In addition, I have taught all 37 Shakespearean plays and works of other British and American playwrights, as well directing four plays in my academic career.

ACT Math

ACT Science

While I have not focused primarily on test prep in my tutoring, I served as a National Science Foundation consultant for many years, implementing notable science programs such as ISCS, SCIS, and MACOS. In that capacity, I trained many teachers in the strategies necessary to implement lab-based science programs and activities.

Elementary Math

Besides tutoring students in grades 3-8 in math, I served on math program review teams and was involved in implementing several individualized and Best Practice math programs in my schools. In 2013, I was the primary instructor for an autistic seventh grader who was on the fifth grade level in math. During four months of instruction, we covered all the sixth and seventh grade Ohio math objectives and he scored at the Accelerated level on the Ohio Achievement Assessment. One of my other math students improved from a B to an A and another from an F to a B.

Elementary Science

I served as a National Science Foundation Consultant and implemented several NSF science programs in my years as a principal. As a teacher, I taught the NSF program Intermediate Science Curriculum Study, an individualized lab program that paved the way for innovative science education.

Elementary (K-6th)

I was an elementary principal for 38 years and supervised math programs through Algebra I, including teaching math and reading during our daily intervention period. I have also tutored an autistic student in math and reading, covering all sixth and seventh grade Ohio Indicators.

Study Skills

I was a principal for 38 years and participated in thousands of intervention meetings, focusing on developing academic and/or behavioral plans, many of which involved coaching students on developing their study skills. I have been part of the follow up on the majority of those intervention plans and, in some cases, operated as the primary case manager for the plan. In that capacity, I met with students on a weekly basis to review their progress and help establish strategies that would promote more effective study habits. I set up processes and forms that enabled students to become more self-directed and assisted them in evaluating their success.

Special Needs

As a principal for 38 years in Ohio, I started the largest Catholic School special education program in Ohio, serving 62 students with four teachers, a reading specialist, a speech pathologist, a psychologist, and an occupational therapist. In my last district, I was principal of 3 buildings (over a 17 year period) with special education percentages as high as 24% of the student body. I was an active member of all my schools' intervention assistance team and participated in thousands of intervention plans and IEP's in my 38 years as a principal. During the past year, I have tutored and/or developed the program for three Aspergers students, an autistic student and a dyslexic student. They have consistently improved their grades and the student for whom I developed the program and tutored scored Accelerated on the Ohio Achievement Assessment in Reading and Math.


I was an elementary/middle school principal for 38 years. My schools included anywhere from 10%-24% special education students and another 5% or more with ADHD. I was part of my Intervention Assistance Teams for all 38 years, meeting one or more times per week to develop academic and/or behavioral assistance plans for a hundred or more students per year. In addition, principals are the team leaders for all 504 Plans, which frequently are written due to ADD or ADHD. I facilitated 5-15 504 Plans per year, developing strategies and collecting data on all goals and objectives written in the plan. I have also attended numerous seminars on ADD/ADHD, including the Learning and Brain Conference at Harvard University, where I participated in several sessions with some of the leading ADD/ADHD medical and psychological experts in the country. I also have had training in Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Procedures for impulsivity, stress inoculation and anger management.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I was a principal of high percentage special education population schools for 38 years. I attended many intervention meetings for autistic students and participated in developing plans with many experts so that those students could be successful. During the past year, I tutored four autistic students, including developing the entire academic program for one student, who subsequently earned Accelerated scores in both math and reading on the Ohio Academic Assessments last May.


I have been tutoring students for the HSPT at a local tutoring center for the past year. In addition, I have tutored an 8th grader for the SSAT in the past. I am a retired elementary and middle school principal, trained in the Effective Schools Model, the Comer School Development Model, and the Stiggins' Assessment for Learning Model. I spent 23 years as a principal of a K-8 or 7-8 buildings, where preparation for Catholic and public high schools was a priority.


I have been an elementary and middle school principal for 38 years in schools that included up to 25% special education population. I initiated the largest Catholic School special education program in Ohio in 1976. While principal I completed significant professional reading and observation in the area of dyslexia, including having all my intervention teachers trained in the Orton-Gillingham method. I was an active member of my schools' intervention assistance teams for my entire 38 years as a principal and participated in the writing of thousands of intervention plans for students with academic difficulties.

Criminal Justice

I have 76 semester hours of Law School at University of Illinois and University of Cincinnati. While at U. of Illinois, I clerked for the Attorney General's office doing research to prosecute absentee landlords. While principal, I authored both student and staff handbooks for my school district, incorporating annual policy and legal changes into pertaining to each handbook.

Social Studies

I have been an elementary/middle school principal for 38 years, supervising dozens of social studies teachers and participating in curriculum development. I am also trained in the NSF primary source social studies program Man, A Course of Study, which I taught for two years and conducted a research study on the results. I also co-developed an Economics unit which won the Teachers in American Enterprise Award for the state of Ohio. I am well-read in social and political issues and frequently communicate with my state and national representatives on important issues.

Common Core

I was a public school principal for 17 years in a high poverty urban school district. I implemented the Effective Schools Model, Rick Stiggins' Assessment for Learning Model and the Comer School Development Model in order to facilitate my students' success on the Ohio Achievement Test/Common Core Objectives in Reading, Math and Science. My elementary school became the only Excellent Rated School on the Ohio School Report Card in my district's history, and my middle school improved from Academic Emergency to Continuous Improvement in just 2 years before I retired. In addition, I have tutored many students on the Ohio Common Core Objectives, including an autistic student with six diagnoses, who scored at the Accelerated level on both the 7th grade Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics test, the first time in four years that he had passed the OAT, after I worked with him for only four months. For three years after I retired, I continued to be part of a team testing 2600 elementary students twice per year in order to assess their progress on the Common Core Standards.