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Ph.D. Career Educator & Business Leader -- Fostering Success in You!

As an educator and leader, I have over 30 years of leadership, education, and research experience in K-12, undergraduate, graduate university, and government programs. My experience and competencies include traditional and distance learning programs, curriculum development, and working with students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, including international students studying in the United States. My K-12 focus areas include Social Studies and working with Special Education students, ... [more]

American History

Bachelor of Arts degree in History, 1980. Taught Social Studies (American History, Civics, Economics) for 4 years at the high school level.



Microsoft Excel

I teach the Microsoft courses, level 1, 2, & 3, for Excel 2010/2013/2016 in adult education. I have also been developing and using Excel worksheets and workbooks for over 15 years. I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.

European History

Microsoft Word

I teach the Microsoft courses, level 1, 2, & 3, for Word 2010/2013/2016 in adult education. I have also been using application-based word processing for nearly 30 years, including Peachtext, Wordstar, WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word 97 through 2016/365. I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.


Microsoft PowerPoint

I teach the Microsoft courses, level 1 & 2 for PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016 in adult education. I have been developing computer graphics with applications for over 25 years, including Harvard Graphics and then PowerPoint. I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.


B.A. in History, 1980. Taught Social Studies at the high school level for 4 years. M.S. in Strategic Studies and International Affairs, 2006. As Assistant Professor in for a graduate degree program: Taught 5 years of Global Security Affairs, 4 years as instructor for international student program, 5 years instructing international regional & cultural studies, 4 years directing culture and language program.

Government & Politics

B.A. in History, 1980. Courses in Government. Taught Social Studies at the high school level for 4 years. M.S. in Strategic Studies and International Affairs, 2006.


World History

I received my B.A. in History in 1980 and my M.S. in Strategic Studies and International Affairs in 2006. As Assistant Professor for a graduate degree program, I taught 5 years of Global Security Affairs, and have 4 years experience directing an international culture and language program. I am a published author on Iranian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman, and European history.


I completed two 3-credit hour courses in quantitative statistical analysis at the doctoral level with a grade of "A" in both courses. I utilized SPSS for statistical analyses in my dissertation, for which I also received a resounding approval and overall "A."

Physical Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science



Elementary (K-6th)

I hold a standard elementary teaching certificate from the State of Illinois (1983 to present, renewing in 2016) and a standard special education certificate from Illinois (1983 to present, renewing in 2016). I have taught in K, 5, 6, Jr Hi, and HS environments.

Study Skills

I have been in education and training for over 35 years, teaching students from Kindergarten through graduate university levels. Study skills were an integral part of the K-12 curricula. In the university setting, I ran a program that focused on study skills, writing improvement, and collaborative group study. In the professional skills line of courses that I currently teach, the curricula include courses in Time Management, Effective Writing, Effective Organizational Skills (manual and online-assisted), and Study Skills & Information Management. Historically, my students have excelled once completing courses or programs, well above average performance when compared to their peers. I continue to hold teacher certifications in elementary education, secondary education, and special education.

Special Needs

I hold current teaching certificates for LD and MMR, ages 3-21. My teaching certificates are current since 1983 and due for renewal in 2016.

Career Development

I have spent the past two years coaching career development, job/career searching, and personal presence & marketing. I currently teach a course in career development and conduct seminars for nonprofit organizations on the subject, including workshops to transition theory into practice and actionable steps.


I am Director of Marketing for a Phoenix-area company. I teach courses on social media marketing, job searching with social media, and am a certified Social Marketing Manager. I work with web design, event development and promotions, designing funnels for B2B and B2C lead generation, and have an average 25% conversion rate from promotions and nearly 70% conversion rate from events. I have been involved in marketing and PR for over 35 years in various capacities. I am a regularly sought after speaker on business and personal marketing at organizations around the Phoenix area.

Microsoft Access

I teach the Microsoft courses, level 1, 2, & 3, for Access 2010/2013/2016 in adult education. I have also been developing and using relational databases for over 15 years with MS Access (and other relational database programs when required). I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.

Microsoft Outlook

I currently teach level 1 & 2 courses in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016, certified by Microsoft, using course materials contracted through a national licensed Microsoft course curriculum company. 18 years of experience using Outlook in both personal and professional settings. I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.

Microsoft Windows

I teach a course in MS Windows 7 and one in MS Windows 8, using Microsoft-approved curricula. I have been using MS Windows since it came on a single 3.5" disk instead of running from a hard drive. I have used various versions of MS Windows since it first hit the market, in both personal and professional settings.

Social Studies

I hold a current teaching certificate in social studies. My certificate has been current since 1980 and is due for renewal in 2016.

Microsoft Publisher

I have been a Microsoft Office Specialist since 1999. In many of my previous positions, I used Microsoft Publisher to design and transmit newsletters, fliers, and other printed material with graphic design components. These materials were distributed among organizations in both the private and public sectors with great success in meeting program goals.

Microsoft Project

I am a certified instructor teaching Microsoft Project 2010/2013/2016, both standard and professional versions. I teach for consumer students as well as corporate contracts. I teach the course for consumer students as part of a three-part Project Management Fundamentals program. The frequency with which I tech the subject is typically twice each month, although some months are more because of teaching corporate classes at the requesting company's location on their equipment and with their version of the software. I have been using and teaching MS Project since 2003. I also use MS Project to manage our company's projects, including instructor training and certifications. I am a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert.

Political Science

I hold a Master's Degree in political science (emphasis in International Affairs). I taught for 5 years as an Assistant Professor in an executive graduate degree program, including courses in National Security & Decision Making (focused on American Federal Government processes, policy, and interagency operations, including theory, practice, and examination of alternatives), Regional Studies (focused on how international governments interact, including comparative governments, historical foundations, and current issues), and a Foundations course (focused on theory and how government derives policy, including examination of political theory that forms the basis for government establishment and policy). I also taught Civics at the high school level for three years prior to gaining my Master's Degree. I have experience in both US government and in working with foreign governments with various organizational and philosophical styles.

Project Management

I have been doing project management for over 30 years in both the public and private sectors. I am certified in Project Management, SCRUM, ITIL v3(2011), Six Sigma, and Microsoft Project. I am certified to teach Project Management, Microsoft Project, SCRUM, and ITIL and have been doing so for over two years at my current training company. I am working on my Six Sigma Black Belt currently with a completion date set for this fall.


As a certified teacher for over 35 years, I have supported homeschooling for students from first grade through high school. I worked with my own children to accelerate their school completion during high school, enabling them to focus on their future careers. I have a 100% record of success with providing knowledge, understanding, and applications in multiple subjects that put students above the level of most of their peers.