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Daniel C.


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Digital artist who loves to learn and help others!

I am a unique mix of a creative and technical personality, an artist with a very logical and analytical approach to life and learning. I have both a B.S. and technical training as well, but the tools I treasure are the experiences I have had. Learning HOW to learn something for myself, and learning by doing, have been my greatest teaching and learning development opportunities. I have been able to share that with many others in the past, of all ages. I understand how each person has a natural... [more]

General Computer

I grew up with computers starting in the 80s, and have worked in programming in software development, as well as graphic design technology and working in desktop publishing. More importantly, I currently teach and train people who do not understand technology, and I have the patience and experience working with all ages and learning styles! Currently I teach and train an advanced technical course in Nolensville Tennessee, and I can help you find the right services, software, and help you to connect your devices in your home or small office.

Adobe Photoshop

A professional Adobe Photoshop artist, designer, and photo editor, since 1998, I still work in Photoshop nearly every day. As a creative professional, I enjoy teaching beginners who want to promote a business on social media, and intermediate users who will use Photoshop to create high quality content or edit their photos, and I help develop experts. Become a power user in Adobe Photoshop, with tips and shortcuts, and a deep understanding of the most powerful tools you need. Each training is customized to the needs, skill level, and learning style of the student.

Adobe Illustrator

An Adobe Illustrator Expert - I work in Illustrator every week editing vector files and PDFs and creating logos and tracing illustrated artwork. My earliest experience with with vector illustration began with one of the first vector tools, Gem Draw - which later was adapted into the Corel Suite. I can help you to transition from Corel to Adobe for more professional and faster illustration and editing workflow. Teaching creative and technical use of Adobe Illustrator as part of a graphic design workflow, these tools and skills also carry over to Photoshop and InDesign, as well as other Adobe creative products.

Special Needs

As a camp counselor and camp director at New England Frontier Camp for 8 years, I worked with children with various levels of distraction and learning disability. Highly functioning individuals with Downs Syndrome and many and children on medication for disorders such as Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit. I worked with them teaching water sports such as swimming and canoeing. I involved them in question answer sessions involving reading and answering questions designed for self improvement and self evaluation, such as Bible study times, and also skills classes, such as fire building and archery, which involved learning the skill as well as knowledge tests.

Adobe InDesign

I started using InDesign professionally in its earliest phase, publishing small journals and creating online graphics and PDF documents to share. Working for several publishers integrating Adobe InDesign to replace the former QuarkXpress workflow. I am still a daily user of InDesign as my favorite tool for designing documents and writing and sending large format images to print. You will enjoy the powerful expert tools you will learn, and each lesson is custom adapted to your skill level, ability and speed of learning, and personal style.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing support is a significant part of my current full-time Creative Services position which I've held since 2006. I am a trained graphic designer, but continually am called on to offer support for basic users in desktop publishing. I understand the need for everyone to be able to improve their level of communication design using the tools they have at hand, and I frequently am called upon to train professionals in understanding basic principles of publishing from alignment, placement, scaling and quality of images, to preparing files for print and getting what you expect from the printer, either a desktop printer or professional printer. I also can help people understand the basics of finding and using images, including copyright issues related to images found on the internet.


I've been a computer technician since the early days of computers, and I naturally speak the language of computers. Not everyone has to be technical or experienced to really learn the ease and efficiency of a Macintosh computer, iPad, iPhone or similar device. They are designed with the user in mind, and the user can quickly learn what the computer can do, and is designed to do. My broad experience helps when someone is transitioning over to the Mac world from Microsoft PCs, or from Android devices.


As a home educating parent to currently 5 homeschool children, we know how it is to think differently and see home education as an opportunity for children to develop their own creative learning, with specific guidance. I specialize in helping children to explore areas commonly referred to as "STEAM," (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). My experience is in leading groups to explore Electronics, Robotics, Graphic Design, Computer Skills, Website Programming, Photography, Videography, Online Business, Marketing, Publishing. Working with individuals or groups, I encourage building teams, projects, and planing toward specific goals and overlapping skills that prepare young people for a modern work environment and creative leadership.