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I have a BA in English from the University of Miami. I have worked for more than two decades as a journalist and news consultant in cities all over the country. I have worked as a reporter, writer, editor and manager. Now I work as a freelance tutor of English and Study Skills for middle and high school students. I love helping young people understand new concepts and ideas in ways which help them grow and develop into accomplished adults. When I work with students individually, I do not... [more]

American History


Vocabulary is fuel to drive a young mind toward clarity of thought, pride of understanding and ease of communication. It need not be taught separately from reading, writing and literature, but introduced smoothly as an adjunct of those pursuits. Mastery of vocabulary comes not from memorizing lists of words, but from using words in sentences which clarify the nuances of meaning.


Education can not be pursued without a fine understanding of reading. My intent is to equip my students with the tools to read at a level and an ease which will serve them throughout their education and life. Reading should not be drudgery. Reading should result in a joy of comprehension, learning and clarity of thinking. I always aim to help my students to achieve that end.


Writing is the heart of the study of English. My hope for my students is always that they can communicate through writing in ways that express exactly what they mean, think, believe, hope and understand. That skill is basic to their ability to achieve with ease in any subject, at any level. A student unable to demonstrate superb writing skills, will find academic success to be elusive. For my students that is not acceptable.


Communication of ideas, thoughts, concepts and life roles makes up most of do in life. When prepared properly in English concepts a student can rise to heights perhaps never imagined. My goal is always to elevate a student's talent in such communication and thereby light up a path to success.


What better way to expand a young mind than to introduce the student to literature of many different kinds. Thousands of writers, philosophers, reporters and thinkers have written stories examining every concept and intrigue of human life. A student ignores this treasure trove of mind expansion at his or her peril. Once the purpose of literature is understood, the study becomes a joy, not a toil.

World History

I have been a journalist for 30 years. You cannot report on events in the modern world without an extensive knowledge of what came before on the world stage. I have studied world history from the beginning of my college education until the present time. My specialty is European and Middle Eastern history from the 1500's to the present time.


Proofreading is often an ignored concept in the teaching of English. How else might we understand how correct our thoughts and ideas are stated, but by expert proofreading? It is not a difficult concept to master, but it is crucial to create clear written communication.

SAT Reading

Reading is the art of understanding the world around us and how it influences our life and the lives of others. Reading teaches students that imagination can be the driver of viewing others as they really are, and through that gained intelligence can show them how they can express themselves in writing, verbally and influentially. Many students in today's math and science driven school curricula don't read and don't understand how doing so can help ease them into maturity and excellence.

SAT Writing

As an award-winning journalist for decades, and I am passionate about telling stories. I helped many young, less-experienced people find the magic in the words to create a compelling story. In literature, imagination plays a much larger role in storytelling. For young people it opens their hearts to the thoughts,needs and desires of others. Then they can express themselves capably in their writing.

ACT Reading

ACT English

I am an English major from the University of Miami. I have spent most of my life writing or helping or supervising the writing of others. In addition to freelance writing,I work as a freelance editor, copywriter and proofreader. I am of course, an avid reader of literature, popular fiction, historical fiction, poetry, history and social sciences. I find many of today's students have difficulty with reading comprehension sometimes because the importance of English has not been instilled. At other times the situation is a result of the child's imagination not being inspired by the literature assigned to be read or written about. I believe the wonder of one on one teaching is a more intimate acquaintance with a student, allowing the opportunity to discover what can set alight his/her imagination and subsequent joy of learning. I spent many years in newsrooms instilling such enthusiasm for the task in the writing of numerous reporters, producer and editors. The joy of working with young minds is that the fondness of learning, understanding, and enthusiasm for English skills is nascent and can be shaped and honed with excellent results.

Study Skills

I have always been a highly-organized individual. Studying calls for strong organizational skills, concentration, and designated study times. During a long career as a journalist, deadlines arose many times a day. To meet them I had to be organized, disciplined and practiced at dealing with stress. I teach that kind of discipline and organization to the students I tutor. Often, a student is bewildered by having to study for several subjects. Also homework varies from day to day and subject to subject. For some students, this leads to confusion, frustration and stress. Organizing study time and methods will help deal with these problems, using three principles: ? Divide the study tasks into individual units. ? Complete one subject before moving to the next task. ? Give yourself credit for accomplishments. I find that this method removes study-anxiety, and allows the student to more easily complete the work. As a journalism consultant, I taught many young people these skills as they sought to produce a newscast, or report a story. Often I found that making a diary of how we spend our time completing a task, i.e. producing a newscast, we find tasks that could be eliminated or shortened. Looking back at the diary gives us a road map for what is ahead, a method with which to complete all of the tasks. Being organized reduces stress, relieves pressure and gives us clarity about the task at hand. I use the same method to start my students on an organized, stress-reduced regimen for study. It works! It can work for you!