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Molly A.


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Molly's Tutoring, specializing in reading and language arts

I am a certified teacher in elementary education, special education, and early childhood education. Though I specialize in reading and language arts, I also tutor in math, social studies and geography, and elementary science, and teach guitar and piano. I am experienced in working with people with special needs, especially learning disabilities and autism. I have 9 years' teaching experience in special education in public schools, as well as 4 years' teaching experience in private schools in ... [more]










I am highly qualified in the area of mathematics, and have tutored many students in math. I have also taught English as a second language in a volunteer setting to adults, including reading and grammar. I have a generic certificate in teaching special education to all ages, and have taught in this setting, which includes teaching people that need more support in all subjects. I am also seeking a Master's degree in teaching reading.


Elementary Math


I have been playing guitar for over forty years, since I was a senior in high school. I have taught guitar (at a private school in Houston and to individuals), and have played guitar in worship teams in Corpus Christi and Coppell, Texas, and in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I write music, and play guitar on a regular basis. My style is more in the acoustic area. I use various commercial materials and my own materials when teaching guitar.


I am a certified elementary, early childhood, and mild-moderate special education teacher. I have taught reading, which involves phonics, to kindergarten through third grade children in private school and tutoring settings. I have also taken courses toward a master's degree in curriculum and instruction in reading (elementary focus).


I taught piano to children a number of years ago. I play piano, having taken 8 years of lessons, and have significant knowledge of theory, playing in different keys, and teaching basic to intermediate piano.

Study Skills

I have 13 years' teaching experience, along with many more years as a substitute teacher. I am a college graduate, and have had to learn study skills, and I believe I am qualified to teach in this area. One of my fields of education is special education, and I have worked with students with ADHD, helping them with study skills.

Special Needs

I am a certified teacher in elementary education, special education, and early childhood education. I have experience teaching special needs students as a special education teacher. I have worked with children with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual deficiencies, and other disabilities. I have nine years' experience as a special education teacher, and I have taught 3rd and 4th grades and kindergarten. I have also tutored children in reading and math after school at the Tulsa Dream Center. I am studying to get a masters in reading instruction in order to become a reading specialist. I have home-schooled a child in all subjects.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I am a certified teacher in special education in the states of Oklahoma and Texas, and I have worked in the classroom with students with autism spectrum disorders for seven years. I have worked with high-functioning as well as low-functioning students. I have specific training from T.E.A.C.C.H. in North Carolina (a week-long all-day training) in working with students with autism and autism spectrum disorders.