Saida B.

Saida B.


Dearborn, MI 48126

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$45 per hour.

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Expertise and passion

I am a current math and physics teacher and a part-time college professor. I consider myself an expert in what I teach and tutor and care that my students achieve success. As I tutor I also counsel my students on their education choices. My experience in tutoring started since I was in high school where I was peer tutoring my closest friends. We were studying in groups but I was the group leader in explaining the concepts when they did not get them. I was a great help to them to achieve succe... [more]

Algebra 1

I am a math teacher in high school and college.

Algebra 2

I have a Michigan Certificate in math and physics and I am also an engineer.


I am already qualified to teach calculus in high school and college.


I am Certified in math and physics


I am an engineer and certified on physics.


I taught pre algebra in middle school. I am certified in math.


I am certified in math.


I already taught trigonometry in college.

SAT Math

I teach an SAT preparation class and did a workshop on it, including SAT Math.


I took the test and also have 3 graduate degrees that have intensive math.


I have experience tutoring other students.


ACT Math

I teach high school students full time and I have taught an ACT prep class.

Linear Algebra

I have a doctorate in electrical engineering and my master's was in control systems, which uses linear algebra extensively. I have taken the class myself in the math department at MSU and in the electrical engineering department 6 at MSU. I have also tutored the subject before and I am very strong in it.


I have used matlab when I was finishing my dissertation for my Ph.d in electrical engineering. Also I tutored my son in using Matlab in his calculus 1 class. If it is for calculus it is pretty simple to use but students have to know how to solve problems before inputting the information so the problem is not the software as much as it is knowing calculus itself.