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Hi, my name is Micah and I look forward to the opportunity of bringing my years of educational experience to your tutoring needs. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself. I have worked for many years with students from different age levels and across many different areas of interest. I completed my B.A. at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2007, where I graduated summa cum laude. During college, I worked as a writing tutor for students seeking to help with a variety of diffe... [more]

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Good study skills are foundational to academic success. Unfortunately, many students have limited success because they never mastered these skills. Many students assume that they are either born intelligent, or not. They don't realize that intelligence must be earned with hard work. The following are general guidelines that I use and teach to my students. Regardless of the specific subject, a student can succeed in a course if they keep the following things in mind. 1) Consistency: Cramming is a bad way to approach the material. It is much more effective to spend 30 minutes every day studying algebra than to spend 5 hours once a week. This way your brain has time to organize the material in a meaningful way. 2) Take notes: writing is very important to the learning process because it requires the student to take what s/he has heard or read, process it, and put it in their own words. Translating information into your own words aids with mastery of the material. Additionally, note-taking provides a helpful study guide for upcoming exams. 3) Discipline: Academic success requires self-control, such as knowing when to turn the TV off and go study. It is often tempting to blame one's failures on lack of innate intelligence, rather than on a misguided work ethic. But with consistent hard work, it is possible to master even the most difficult material.


I have taken one undergraduate and two graduate level classes in formal logic, as well as having taught my own class in logic at the university level. Teaching and grading the homework and exams from my own logic class provided ample opportunities to tutor students.