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David Y.


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Professional Tutor with over 47 years experience

Children's education is a parental responsibility. Most parents strive to gear their children so that they have the best chance for success in adulthood. This requires exposure of the student to numerous aspects of life including basic, core and elective education. Schools, teachers and tutors may be part of the solution, or they may be part of a problem. I am part of the solution. Teaching is a difficult and time-intensive profession. Teachers must not only understand the subject matt... [more]

Algebra 1

I have nearly 50 years of experience teaching concepts, including Algebra 1.

Algebra 2

I have nearly 50 years of experience teaching concepts and understand thoroughly the requirements for the understanding of this subject as well as the necessary pre-requisites for advancing to pre-calculus and calculus.




General Computer


I have nearly 50 years of experience teaching concepts. Geometry, being the mathematics of logic and not merely shapes, require a thorough understanding of concepts which most students ignore. These concepts, definitions, postulates and other rules must be learned and not memorized. I am expert at conveying understanding.






SAT Math



Physical Science







ACT English

ACT Math

I have helped dozens of students achieve perfect 36 scores on ACT Math and hundreds of 32+ and SAT 700+.

ACT Science

I have nearly 50 years of experience teaching concepts in all core sciences and have taught a large number of students the fundamentals necessary to prepare for the ACT science section.

Elementary Math

I have nearly 50 years of experience teaching concepts at the critical level of learning elementary math. Fundamentals must be mastered. Rote learning of procedures and calculator usage do not promote learning.

Elementary Science

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a professional full-time tutor with 45 years experience in teaching at various levels. I hold three earned doctorates among my qualifications, and am a specialist in developmental intelligence. I tutor students from elementary school through post-graduate studies. My approach is conceptual in nature; therefore, I am able to explain and teach the fundamentals of every subject.

Study Skills

I have been teaching at various levels since 1968. I am a specialist in developmental intelligence with doctorates in mathematics, genetic biochemistry, and social psychology. I approach teaching from a conceptual, not a procedural, standpoint.

Computer Science

I have been teaching/tutoring since 1968 at various established universities, colleges, help groups, etc. I am also the CEO of a company involved in software, hardware and computer security. I have also taught computer classes in the past.


I have been teaching and/or tutoring since 1968. I have 3 earned doctorates, among them one in social psychology which, as you probably know, requires extensive studies in not only social, but also in various other psychological studies and research. I have also had a number of learning-disabled students under my tutelage including those diagnosed with various forms of dyslexia. Although I have chosen not to hold a clinical practice, I am quite familiar with the theory and practice of dealing with those afflicted with this difficulty.


I have 3 doctorates and have been teaching/tutoring at various levels since 1968. I have already taken your qualification tests for the areas covered by Praxis I and Praxis II. I have had, and currently have, students who are in undergraduate, graduate and even one post-graduate studies.


I have been a professional teacher/tutor since 1968. I have three earned doctorates and have experience teaching all core subjects at all levels. I am well-versed in academic test preparation including, but not limited to, ACT, SAT, GRE, ASVAB, GED, TOEFL, LSAT, MSAT, Praxis, etc.